The 2022 Ford GT LM Edition Is The Best Way To Pay Tribute To Fords Flagship Hypercar

In this video I go over the final heritage edition of this legendary 2nd gen Ford GT. If this is truly the final Ford GT to be made from this generation then I am sure going to miss it, this body design is still probably one of the best looking cars in the world and I believe this was Ford’s first true “hypercar” when it came out in 2017.

What’s going on guys and welcome back to the channel now you saw the title and the thumbnail today and yes uh ford is releasing yet another heritage edition of this generation of the ford gt it feels like they’ve released just so many in the past couple years uh but i think that this is actually going to be the very last special edition very last heritage edition

And overall just very last 4gt at least of this generation that will ever be made now that is what is being claimed in today’s article that we’re going to look at by motor trend i’ll leave that article linked down in the description below if you want to go to i have like a read yourself and you know go into some more of the details that i’m not going to be talking

About in today’s video uh but yeah who knows i guess this is officially the end of the 4gt i don’t know if anything has actually been confirmed or denied from ford themselves yet uh but before we get into today’s video definitely be sure to leave a like comment subscribe if you’re new if you’re not and you’ve already been subscribed click that little bell icon to

Actually turn on post notifications and get notified every time that i do post a new video as a smaller automotive youtuber who does post new content every single day it would definitely mean the world to me if you were to subscribe again it’s absolutely free and does help me out a ton but anyways without wasting any more uh time today we’re going to be looking at

This new ford gt lm edition lm standing for le mans and this heritage edition is actually kind of unique because a lot of the heritage traditions have obviously been call backs to like the original gts of the 60s and like the 66 winning or 66 le mans winning gt some of the other ones i think i did a video on another heritage edition i forgot which one it was but

I did that one a while back it’ll be linked on top of the video right now but yeah like pretty much all their heritage editions i can’t think of a single heritage edition that ford made for this gt that wasn’t a call back to the 60s however this lm edition this le mans edition is actually a direct callback to the 2016 le mans winning uh ford gt so that is kind of

Cool uh it’s kind of funny to think that you know i guess 2016 is like now old which it’s not but uh it still is pretty cool to see ford actually paying homage to that pretty legendary win because again ford had at the time ford wasn’t in le mans for like literally decades on decades i don’t know the exact year mark off the top of my head but they basically said

Hey we’re going to go back into them on and we’re going to win which is essentially what they did uh in the 60s if you’ve ever watched ford versus rar you kind of know what i’m talking about well yeah they repeated themselves in 2016 and everyone called them crazy again and said that there’s no way you could do it again in the 21st century blah blah blah blah but

Ford went ahead and essentially just re uh did history and rewrote his history in 2016. so that definitely makes that car extremely special and also makes this final special edition or heritage edition of this 4gt pretty special as well but anyways going ahead and looking at this article now we have a couple pictures that i’m going to show you guys of this lm

Edition now obviously all these are renderings i don’t know if ford has actually went ahead and made one since now this picture is actually from 2016 which you can probably tell you don’t need me to say that but this 4gt actually does have the carbon wheels on it which is an incredible spec i think it actually is a like 30 something thousand dollar option which

Is pretty ridiculous but again if you have the money to go ahead and buy a ford gt i don’t necessarily think you’re sweating that much over you know thirty thousand dollar wheels now also actually the um this reminds me the 2019 ford gt that i did a review on i’ll leave that review linked on top of the video right now however i do have to warn you guys that that

Video is from 2020 which was actually the year that i started doing youtube videos so it wasn’t really to the best quality i think i was filming with like my phone and my gopro at the time so i didn’t have like a proper camera and setup and everything uh but still a phenomenal car and probably the coolest car that i actually got to film on the channel to this date

Like i unfortunately wasn’t able to drive it because you know let’s be real it’s a ford gt as i’m not gonna blame the owner for not letting me uh you know drive his over seven figure plus however much it costs uh ford gt but it was really like it was a humbling experience to uh you know be able to film it for you guys sit in the driver’s seat and do a little ride

Along with him but anyways going back to this lm edition uh this also has the same exact carbon wheels that i saw on that ford gt and then looking at the silhouette nothing’s really changed aesthetically the color combination is again paying homage to the 2016 winning le mans or the 2016 le mans winning uh ford gt not the 1966 one now moving on to this badge i don’t

Know if it is this specific badge or not uh but there’s something special about it which i will talk about uh later on in the video so definitely be sure to stick around now these are a couple other pictures from uh 2016 and uh yeah that’s pretty much it that they have in their like little gallery here but moving on it again says how it’s you know a celebration

Of the 1966 and 2016 pudding finish podium finishes at the 24 hours of le mans however again this this car is actually more inspired by the 2016 winning card not necessarily the 1966 one now i found this kind of ironic because in this section of the article i’m not like throwing hate at this writer from motor trend or anything but right here he basically directly

Says that the final 2022 for gt alarm edition supercars aren’t going to come with any le mans winning performance and then he goes on and lists the power output from the three and a half liter twin turbo ecoboost v6 now what’s pretty ironic is that i don’t know if it was down tune to 600 or 500 or 550 but the gt that actually won le mans in 2016 was extremely down

Tuned from the actual like public owned gts that you see today uh all the public own gts again make that like 660 horsepower uh mark i don’t know if this special edition is a little bit of a bump in power but i think for some reason i’m remembering 660 to be associated with like the stock numbers from like a regular kind of plain jane or i guess if you could call

It plain jane a second gen 4 gt however again in uh 2016 le mans it actually made less power because all the cars obviously have to compete with the same power out output and there’s different regulations and stuff that you need to abide by uh but yeah i just i find that kind of ironic now also actually looking at this edition does have a kind of minor mechanical

Upgrade in it that is the titanium dual exit 8 exhaust system with a cyclone design inside of the exhaust tips i i don’t really know i actually believe looking back now that the 4gt does have a titanium exhaust option so i think you can actually get it for gt spec’d out potentially with the same exact exhaust exhaust that they’re talking about in this article but

I do not think that it comes standard so you get the upgraded exhaust with this as well you still have those 20 inch carbon wheels which they kind of go on to talk about now uh probably the coolest thing about this specific like edition of the ford gt and i’m trying to find it now but yeah so right here uh they’re only going to be making 20 of these 2022 4g tlm

Editions um but what makes them so cool is that the number 69 car so one of the four gts in the 26r so the third placing uh ford gt in the 2016 a le mans run all the badges from these 20 le mans edition 4gts are actually going to be 3d printed from ground down shaving of that the third placing for gt’s engine crankshaft so i think that that’s pretty cool um it

Also goes on to state that if that’s the face of the racing gt’s crankshaft it makes you wonder what happened to the rest of the car i don’t know what happened to the third place finishing gt but i’m almost certain that the 2016 first place winning gt uh was or is actually on display at the uh ford museum and factory in dearborn michigan which you could like go do

A tour at unfortunately i haven’t done that so i don’t know if that’s completely true or not correct me if i’m wrong down in the comments below uh but yeah i’m pretty sure that the the first place one is actually on display there but yeah i mean that’s really cool obviously when it comes like these special editions and everything even if if you’re talking about

Like everything from like these hyper cars like these four gts or you know paganis or koenigseggs or you know high-end ferraris and lamborghinis down to just like regular cars like i don’t know a heritage or special edition like civic or something it is always really cool to see like the manufacturer put in just a little bit extra effort now when it comes to this

Uh this is like not just a little bit extra effort this is actually like really really neat i’m pretty sure this has been done in the past again let me know down in the comments if you guys know any examples off the top of your head uh but yeah i just think that that’s really awesome to literally have that little piece of history in your car if you are lucky enough

To own one of 20 of these lm editions being made in this model year but yeah that’s pretty much just gonna be it uh with ford again making 20 of these units they’re all hand built so they all make or they all take an incredible amount of time to actually make so who knows if you know ford is actually going to make more gts or if this is officially it and they’re

Definitely going to call it quits after this a little addition because i’m pretty sure again ford kind of went back on their word and they said the same thing like a couple special edition or heritage editions ago but yeah that’s pretty much it for me today let me know your thoughts and comments down below of this new lm edition and also again the article will

Be actually linked in the description below if you want to go check out motor trends article for yourself and dive a little bit deeper into the research from this new lm edition for gt but like always thank you guys so much for the continued support you guys know what to do if you haven’t already definitely be sure to leave a like comment subscribe all that stuff

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The 2022 Ford GT LM Edition Is The Best Way To Pay Tribute To Ford's Flagship Hypercar! By Ant’s Car Reviews