Power, Durability, and Flexibility: The latest edition of GMC’s heavy duty truck has everything you need to handle the job, no matter how big.

Hey guys greg simmons here at dave sinclair buick gmc in st louis missouri today i’m going to be doing a walk around on a 2022 3500 sierra sle trim level so today i’m going to be going over the sle trim level so it’s the entry level of the trims you have sle 84 slt and then the denali so today i’m going to be going over the features that are available with this

Trim level and some of the options that were added to this truck all right so up front here uh on the sle you’re gonna have the chrome grille along with the chrome bumpers up front here uh then you’re gonna have the black trim right down here with the black tow hooks a couple of more things you’re going to have up here this one does have the fog lights down here

Which are leds and you’re going to have the led running lights right up here as well and so on this truck comes standard with the 18 inch wheel and tires that come on this are about 33 inches right up top here you do have the led marker lamps right here as well that way the people see it coming and right here on the mirrors as well you’re gonna have the leds

Right here uh this one does have the manual uh tow mirrors here so you pull that out if you’re towing something extra long um and if you need to fold it in push it right here and then coming back a little further uh you do have the passive entry on this one so that click will unlock the door for you you don’t have to take the fob out of your pocket and on this

Truck in particular this one has the new 6.6 liter v8 gas motor and this one will give you 401 horsepower along with 464 pound-feet of torque and then coming to the side here on the hds they have this new side step so if you don’t have to go all the way around to the back to get something just right up in here reach in makes it super easy you also have the corner

Bumper steps on these as well then coming around to the back uh they just made it standard on the sle models that you have the new multi-pro tailgate so two buttons right here this bottom button that’ll drop the whole gate you got your normal tailgate uh flip this up right here got a load stopper then you hit that top button drops it down and one you can reach

A little further in there into the bed flip this down you have your step as well and then right on the inside pull this up you got a handle to help you get up in there that’ll really come in handy with the heavy duty trucks this one has that fifth wheel prep package so say you’re hooking up a gooseneck a fifth wheel uh this is gonna come in handy hopping up in

There uh has the holes pre-cut in there set up so if you’re hauling something heavy you’re it is also pre-wired for the four pin and seven pin hookups right on the inside here uh so it makes hooking up that trailer even easier you also have the led lights on the insides of the bed here so if you are hooking up at night or you just need to see something in that bed

You can flip the lights on from inside the cab it also has a couple lights on top of the cab there as well in these new trucks you’re also equipped with 12 uh hookup points back here you gotta strap something down uh makes it a little easier if you gotta throw something in there and take it with you all hd’s do come standard with the receiver back here along

With your trailering provisions four pin and seven pin hookups right here it does have leds right here if you do need a little light as well so coming into the truck here so you have your lights set up right down here um bed lights fog lights and then this one set has the auto lights to come on turn on the running lights and everything like that going right up

Here for the four wheel drive you got your two high four high and four low and then as you move up this knob you have your tow haul mode then everything’s gonna pop up here then you have off-road mode and a normal mode just for regular driving and then moving over to the steering wheel you have your cruise control set up right here this one also does have a heated

Steering wheel really nice in the winter time then coming over here your bluetooth answer the phone hang it up and these buttons right here will scroll through a bunch of info on your truck so it’ll tell you anything and everything you need to know about it right up there so then coming over to the infotainment center uh you have apple carplay and android auto

To use those you just plug your phone in right down here click if you have an apple or an android it’ll pull your whole phone screen right up here one nice thing if you are hooking up a trailer you have this trailer lights app it’ll go through cycle through all your lights checklist for you so you can do it by yourself and don’t need anybody to help um one other

Thing you’re going to have your back up camera so this will come in handy especially when you’re hooking up a trailer press that will line you right up to it come in handy right there then you have your climate control right down here so this one has dual climate zone control so the passenger and the driver can control their own click sync the driver controls

Everything another nice feature this one does have heated seats down here for both sides as well moving down here drop your tailgate from inside get your hazards traction control and this one is equipped with the trailer brake controller as well so this truck in particular is equipped with a bench seat so uh this flips down works as a center console you have some

Storage right in here a couple cup holders if you have another person riding along with you just pull this up turns into a seat another nice thing you have some extra storage right down here as well which is really nice then if you want to put it back down there’s a tab right on the side pull that you got your center console back well that concludes today’s video

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The 2022 GMC SIERRA 3500 REGULAR CAB | GMC’s WORKHORSE By Greg Semanisin