The 2022 GMC Sierra Denali Ultimate Is A Much Improved Luxury Truck

When it comes to luxury trucks, GMC has always enjoyed strong sales with the #SierraDenali. The new version that came out in 2019 looked great on the outside, but the interior really lacked the premium and modern feel we wanted. For 2022, that gets fixed with the #GMCSierraDenaliUltimate. The #SierraDenaliUltimate has a redesigned interior with modern LCD that add up to 40″ of total screen real estate. It goes on sale this spring and should top out around $80k.

About three years ago gmc introduced the completely redesigned sierra it was one of my favorites for its attractive styling however for 2022 gmc is introducing a completely revised sierra i’m here at the 2022 chicago auto show let’s take a first look now one of the biggest changes that gmc made was to the interior it really needed it but before we go inside the

Truck i want to show you guys some of the small changes that the company made to the exterior this particular one that i’m showing you is a new trim level it’s called the gmc sierra denali ultimate so this sits at the very top of the trim hierarchy and you can really tell this truck means business on the outside i especially like this kind of color combination

With the new front fascia you can see the new grille is a little bit larger this year it has a little bit more chrome although the chrome is kind of blacked out which i really like and it’s kind of going with that trend of blacking out stuff you can see the gmc logo is also blacked out as opposed to it being red and you can see the headlights if you squint at them

They are slightly different this year you can see this denali ultimate has an led turning turn signal led daytime running lights uh you have led low and high beams and then led fog lights down here at the lower front fascia let me know in the comment section below if you guys like the styling of this new truck really you need to put the old one side by side with

A new one to see all of the changes now underneath the hood you still have a choice of i believe four different power trains however gmc made a couple of key updates to some of the powertrains the 2.7 liter four-cylinder turbo engine now makes 20 more torque this year has the same horsepower but now it makes 420 pound-feet of torque the diesel engine which is an

Inline-six turbo diesel now has the same power uh but it’ll tow 4000 pounds more so it’ll total maximum of thirteen thousand and three hundred pounds this model here i believe tows around nine thousand pounds this one here also comes standard with the 6.2 liter v8 naturally aspirated v8 that makes about 420 horsepower now looking at the side profile you can see uh

The truck still obviously is available in several different configurations this is the one that most people buy it’s the crew cab with the shorter five and a half foot bed uh the denali ultimate version also has this badge here on the side that says 6.2 ultimate to show people that you have the most powerful engine and the most highest trim level and then the wheels

Check out these wheels guys these are a 22 inch wheel wrapped in a 275 50 width tire you can see with the denali ultimate you have these unique black finish wheels it looks good especially with this dark gray exterior along the cladding here you can see is pretty minimal but the truck itself if you guys gonna go for the new at4x trim this one here obviously is more

Of a street oriented truck the at4x version which gmc doesn’t have here to show you is actually kind of based off of the new silverado zr2 it adds those multimatic shocks which they technically pulled from the silverado or from the colorado zr2 but that’s a different view that’s the most off-road capable version of the truck this is again the more street-oriented

Model now looking at the back you can see this is where i struggled to find really any changes it didn’t really need any changes the sierra has always been my favorite looking truck out of all the half ton competitors you can see the led the led tail lights mimic the c shape here with the led daytime or led turn signal right here and then you can see the rear bumper

This has the multi-pro tailgate design where you can open up this tailgate in several different ways but most of you are just going to use it normally you can see this one already has the spray and bed liner you can also pop up this like partition over here which lets you create like a little small bed extender uh where it only has like a half extender but overall

Um the rear styling looks pretty similar but let me show you guys the interior because that’s really where the big story is for 2022. so outside this truck already looked good so gmc didn’t need to make too many changes however the inside is really where chevy and gmc were struggling against new competitors the old interior was just so old looking it had cheap

Materials it had really small displays it really wasn’t befitting of the denali badge now as you can see in this denali ultimate this interior has a certain wow factor i mean the thing that you’re going to notice the most are the new displays you have a 13.4 inch display here which obviously it’s a touchscreen it has a piano black plastic border around it uh with

An actual volume knob a home button here and then you have a 12.3 inch fully digital display here which if you guys remember the pre-refresh mall the interior just looked like it came out of a truck from 10 years ago and then gmc also offers a 15-inch heads-up display as well along with a rear-view camera mirror so there’s a total of 40 inches of screen real estate

In this truck 40 inches obviously is when you add all the screens together but this finally competes head-on it can go toe-to-toe of course with the new tundra’s interior which has a 14-inch display the new rams interior the new f-150s interior and i think gmc did a fantastic job there are a couple of key details here in the denali ultimate trim that i want to talk

About you can see the dash has this beautiful kind of stitched leather material with the genuine stitching here you have genuine aluminum trim real wood this wood actually comes from indonesia it even has mount denali kind of engraved in the actual wood which looks fantastic it also has this really nice low gloss look you have more real leather stitching over here

Along with that aluminum trim it kind of all flows onto the actual door panel here where there’s only one area where there’s a hard touch plastic over here but you’re not gonna be touching that so over here you can see more leather more of that indonesian wood over here with i love with i love about the door panels are these um stitching here that you find on the

Door armrest pads they just have a nice high quality feel it really could belong in a cadillac this interior is that nice now in terms of the steering wheel you can see it’s a power tilt and telescoping design the steering wheel actually looks like it hasn’t really changed from the pre-refresh model it didn’t really need to but there are no paddle shifters on the

Wheel you can see this is for the super cruise because this vehicle is available with supercruise standard on the denali ultimate optional on other trims this is the hands-free highway driving that i’ve tested out in several cadillac models so i’ll be looking forward to driving this truck later this year and then over here on the center display it has things like

Wireless apple carplay and android auto of course it offers a full 360 camera the graphics just look phenomenal this looks a lot better versus the previous generation let’s pull up the cameras here and see what that looks like you can see several different views it’ll show you exactly where the tires are so you don’t curb the vehicle or show you a front camera

It has several different toe views and whatnot so this is all very modern and this is expect exactly what i expect from a vehicle with this kind of price you can see the navigation display is google which is cool although we are in an auto show environment so i’m not entirely sure this is going to work properly but this should include things like over-the-air

Updates and it has a really bright and crystal clear screen so i really like what gmc has done here i’m looking forward to testing this out a little bit more thoroughly now you can see opening that up there is a secondary glove box there in addition to the main glove box here so it offers a lot of storage space which is nice the controls over here you can see you

Have your heated and ventilated seats heated steering wheel i like how there are hard buttons here for the dual zone climate control there’s your lane departure stuff you can actually open and slide the rear window back there by using this little button over here which is pretty nice the shifter you can see is electronic it controls the 10-speed automatic uh but

It also depends on which engine you get you can see there’s a lot more storage over here wireless phone charging pad then you can see in the center console here you can see mount denali is still kind of engraved or embossed into that which you can also see echoed on the seats you can see there’s a denali ultimate badge here with more of that embossed mount denali

Into the actual seat with this kind of contrasting piping and stitching these seats also feel very comfortable and supportive so i like the fact that this now has a luxury interior to go with the luxury price tag now the one thing i do want to criticize above me i do love how you have this kind of micro suede with led interior accents but if you’re looking for

A pano roof gmc still doesn’t do that for some reason now you can get that on a lot of competitors including the new tundra but sadly it’s not here so hopefully they’ll add that when whenever customers continue to ask gmc to do that feature now hopping into the back seat of the new gmc sierra first of all when you open the door the power deploying running boards

Pop out to help shorter people like myself get into the truck but once you open the door and get back here gmc said they actually added a couple inches more legroom back here which really just made this an already big truck even more spacious now at five foot seven i’m not very tall but i can easily get comfortable back here which is nice the floor is basically

Completely flat which is great um for setting three people across you have heated back seats back here you have rear seat vents you have two usb charging ports this also flips up of course to reveal some storage under there if you guys want to hide stuff under underneath the actual seat back which is nice and neat pushing back that back down you can see it’s so

Wide in this truck you can easily fit three people across there are there’s an armor here that folds down gives you two cupholders you still have of course that mount denali embossed into the actual seat which really gives it a nice you know upscale look i love the fact that gmc is kind of sweating the details and then because there is no panel roof i’m noticing

There’s a huge bump up here so for those of you who are taller this is going to give you that extra bit of headroom there’s also that power sliding rear window that i mentioned earlier from the front seat so the back seat is pretty much on par with a lot of the competitors the only thing i’m noticing it’s missing no power retractable or manual shades here which i’m

Surprised they don’t have but you can see lots of high quality materials from the full leather the real wood that you find in the back seat so gmc really didn’t skimp back here my only criticism is just a piano roof they need to seriously consider offering that feature but regardless you guys are probably want to know the price of this vehicle gmc already announced

That the truck starts at like 33 000 for the base version it’s gonna go all the way up to about 81 grand for this one that i’m sitting here eighty one thousand dollars is definitely expensive but i’d argue that it’s about the same price as something like the new tundra capstone the f-150 limited and if you go for the laramie longhorns of the ram 1500 these are just

Getting expensive vehicles but with all the tech all the space on the luxury you kind of have to pay for all that stuff and if you really want the ultimate version it certainly looks like it may be worthy of the denali ultimate name if you’re looking to purchase this truck they are heading to your local gmc dealers later on this spring and as i mentioned earlier

Pricing has already been announced for redline reviews here at the 2022 chicago auto show i’m sophian bay you

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The 2022 GMC Sierra Denali Ultimate Is A Much Improved Luxury Truck By Redline Reviews