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The 2022 Honda Accord Hybrid is a Potent Way to Offset your Race Car.

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Welcome to our 2022 Honda Accord Hybrid Touring review! With a 2.0L vtec inline 4 under the hood working with an electric assisted powertrain, does the Accord Hybrid manage to bridge the gap between the Accords of yesterday and the EVs of tomorrow? Let’s find out.

What’s up you guys welcome back to the channel here in front of me is trust me i’m gonna try my best to get as excited as i possibly can for this video but in front of me today is a 2022 honda accord hybrid touring so as you guys can see by these actually really nice 19 inch wheels these are probably the nicest factory oem modern honda wheels that i’ve ever seen

I’ll say that please let me know in the comments what you guys think but this is the touring model of the hybrid so it does come with these 19s i’m gonna take you guys for a quick drive today just a quick pov drive and show you guys what the accord hybrid is all about now i know this isn’t normally what i drive on the channel and of course coming up i do have a

Few very exciting cars lined up to drive and to hopefully talk to some of the owners and the builds behind them but until then if you are looking for a daily driver especially and this is actually pretty much the main reason i have this car this week is because honda canada was kind enough to give me the keys and uh offer the gas savings to me for about seven days

Uh so i’ve been enjoying not spending a whole lot of money on gas it is here in front of us in this platinum pearl white which is pretty white in most lighting conditions here it definitely has like that pearls starting to come through and of course down between the wheels on the bottom of the doors you can see this line that really in the shadows here you begin

To see a little bit more it’s a nice line i really actually enjoy this line there is an optional kind of arrow kit it’s what they call it i mean it’s an accord hybrid i don’t know how many people are actually going to option the aero kit for this um but i’ll show you guys around a few of the details and we’ll go for a drive so it does have a naturally aspirated

2-liter inline-four under the hood with vtec but as we’ll come to find out it actually doesn’t really matter too much because it’s paired with a cvt so as with all modern subarus and most modern hondas you’re getting that cvt of course because fuel economy is absolutely the number one goal of this vehicle i think there’s an animal in the bushes over there we’ll

See if it comes out and attacks me um so the gasoline motor is putting out 143 horsepower and the electric motor is putting out 181 now you’d think that would be over 300 horsepower combined but the actual combined rating is 212 horsepower and then the combined torque rating is 232 pound-feet of torque so this does fall exactly pretty much in the middle of the

Accord lineup uh in terms of power and torque the sport 2.0 here in canada and the touring 2.0 comes with this same engine but with a turbo and then of course the base cars come with the 1.5 liter with the turbo also paired with a cvt and fuel economy so the standard cars get a combined 33 32 or 33 miles per gallon and then this here in canada the accord hybrid

Touring is rated at 5.5 liters per hundred kilometers which works out to about 47 miles per gallon got a cool uh blue hybrid logo there just in case you forget so let’s get in we’ll go for a drive it does have this uh not real wood absolutely not real wood but nonetheless it’s an accord hybrid so the normal accord starts at thirty three thousand six hundred

And seventy dollars canadian and the hybrid starts at thirty seven thousand three hundred and seventy dollars canadian so there is almost a four thousand 000 difference between the standard accord and the hybrid but as you guys could just see by the specs of the fuel economy alone might actually be worth it for you i’ve spent almost nothing maybe 30 dollars

This entire week six days of driving many kilometers and we’ll look at the stats when we get in there do have these leather seats here there’s quite a bit of leather in the accord hybrid very comfortable car i love the one tone interior nice and simple classy going for that kind of minimalist but still upscale interior which i can enjoy hondas are the best at

Just giving you a simple no surprises experience and of course that’s what you’re getting with most hybrids but here in the accord it’s it’s just everything kind of comes together nicely go ahead and start it up ah yes you may notice the tire pressure’s low warning i did check the pressures uh the other day that came up and uh and two of the tires were low i

Filled them up uh back to factory spec and the tire pressure warning still came up so just ignore that when we go for a drive now the touring model comes with a few things that the standard hybrid does not come with and that is uh you do not get this heated steering wheel here you don’t get adaptive suspension with the standard car the touring car does have

Adaptive suspension so down here if we wanted to go into sport mode which comes up on the dash uh then it does continuously read the road beneath the wheels and it just gives you a little bit more of a sport kind of ride the dampers just kind of firm up a little bit but for now we’ll keep it in normal mode as you guys can see immediately on the left here we

Have on the left here we have the battery gauge which this is not a plug-in hybrid so it does not require you to ever plug it in or charge and this will continuously go up and down based on your regen braking how much you’re charging the battery and of course you see that ev symbol down there that signifies that we are using zero gasoline so right now it’s the

Electric motors that are powering the vehicle and of course this is this is actually a fresh car we’ve got 846 kilometers on this accord i’m going to put the screen up here the honda link touch screen which is very responsive nice and simple uh this it’s at a bit of an odd angle i don’t know why it’s just not straight normal it just kind of looks like it’s

Tacked onto the dash i’m not the biggest fan but we will put up the power flow on the dash here so you guys can see as well i really hope you guys can see the heads-up display here you only get that on the touring model then a few leather surfaces you get a wireless hotspot you get android auto and apple carplay and a few other things you also get wireless

Charging which is in fact in there so as you guys can see right now 75 kilometers an hour uh we’ll put cruise control on which does have radar cruise control and of course lane keep assist so it will keep you in your lane if you wanted to do that for you uh so right now because we are within this blue section of the the attack over here we are effectively only

Drawing torque from the gasoline motor right now and then we are using that to also charge the battery so you can see the green flow here that’s heading down towards the battery and charging the battery some corners coming up put it in sport mode which does firm up those dampers like i said and because it’s a cvt it will just keep the revs right up there

Five or six thousand rpm i actually can’t tell because it doesn’t have a proper tack but it will just hold it up there i don’t know um it’s not often if you buy one of these cars that you’re going to be going full throttle all the time but i always get a laugh out of the cvt world and the kind of sounds that you get from it it just sounds so it sounds very

Much like an appliance when you’re just flooring it like that and you just have a hum a constant hum doesn’t sound very uh efficient to me although it still kind of is and of course it does have vtec but you’re not getting any pronounced kick of course because there aren’t any gears so and as we come to a slow we have these paddle shifters on the sides of

The steering wheel here that controls your regen braking so i hit it a few times there on the left side and that gives us more aggressive regen braking so the battery was charging as we were coming to a stop there not a stop slow down felt like a stop after fourth full throttle it’s not a slow car 232 pound-feet of torque not bad at all it’s the i mean the

Way the torque rolls on is incredibly smooth it if it wasn’t for the noise of the gasoline engine it feels like from a throttle pedal perspective it feels like an ev i’ve driven enough evs now to to become kind of accustomed to that constant roll-on of torque that no dip in torque that an ev motor gives you and that’s exactly what you feel 100 of the time in

The accord hybrid if it wasn’t for the noise which is fantastic it’s just just instant torque great throttle response there is a little bit of a delay if it’s not expecting you i feel like to go you know 50 throttle or more the electric motor you can feel is there immediately but then it does take as you guys can see the gasoline motor a second to kind of

Catch up i’ll do that again from about 50 kilometers an hour actually quite a bit of a delay there so it’s kind of it’s almost transferring it gives you the full beams from the electric motor immediately and then it it does take a second for the gas motor to come in it’s smooth but it does take a second to give you the full torque and then as you can see if

We’re just cruising slight downhill 65 kilometers an hour and we’re using no gasoline now so we are in full ev mode and because we actually do have quite a bit of battery left more than half it’ll cruise in ev for quite a while like if you go down a big hill and you fill up the battery and then you’re on just a flat level surface maybe going 80 kilometers an

Hour or about 50 miles an hour it’ll stay in ev mode for a long time almost a kilometer i’ve seen i’m just guessing but down a straightaway on flat ground going about 50 miles an hour and ever since the end of that hill yes we are just in ev mode as you guys can see only drawing torque from the batteries right now so with the touring version you also get sirius

Xm satellite radio if that’s your thing of course like i mentioned the black leather interiors only on the touring model what you also get is heated rear seats which is a huge plus if you’re regularly going to be having passengers sit back there and then of course those quite awesome 19-inch wheels i really think though that’s probably the best part about this

Car from my perspective at least if you guys know me you know what i’m the the kind of cars i generally drive but these wheels are just great this was not what i was expecting from the accord hybrid it rides really nice it’s incredibly comfortable it does have great seat controls here adjustable lumbar and everything like that you’ve got your uh thigh portion of

The seat can go up and down as needed and you get seat memory with the touring version you don’t get this with the standard honda accord hybrid so that’s kind of disappointing if you have you know two drivers that are normally driving the vehicle you might want that but other than that it drives it drives phenomenal the fuel savings are quite a bit further above

What you get in a standard accord and for that alone for that alone it it i mean that extra four thousand dollars you’re paying for this over the standard accord you’ll make that up so quickly with today’s gas prices you will make that up so incredibly fast and the 19 inch wheels as well here just it just completes the look to me it’s it’s a no-brainer over the

Standard cord and this does have more torque than the standard model as well so it’s not just efficiency here you’re getting a quicker car that’s way more efficient right and you never have to plug it in that’s huge some people will look at hybrids in 2022 and be like hey why are you making hybrids just make an eevee and then if you want to make your performance

Enthusiast cars all gasoline do that uh i was of that mindset honestly until i drove the bmw 530e plug-in hybrid which a little bit cumbersome you have to plug that one in obviously and this one here which is a just a normal hybrid it actually makes a lot of sense you never have to think about plugging it in one thing i do need to mention is because this isn’t a

All-out ev the regen braking that i mentioned on the paddle shifters here you have to reset it every time you’re slowing down or coming to a stop like in a kona ev or a mazda mx-30 or a tesla i’ve only driven i drove the original p85d like six years ago and that was the only tesla i’ve driven even up until today but from what i can remember and all other evs i’ve

Driven when you set your regen braking for your drive it will stay in that setting for the entire drive so that you’ll get you can either have a more traditional like rolling function when you come off of the gas pedal not the gas pedal well here it’s a gas pedal but when you come off the throttle pedal uh it’ll just continue to coast very minor uh charging

With the regen braking and it won’t slow down very quick or you can set it like we will hear with the paddles set it to max it’ll slow down a lot quicker in effect saving your brakes right but here in the accord hybrid you have to set this every time so i won’t touch the paddle shifters as you guys can see the arrows just disappeared we we were in max regen

Mode and now i let go of the throttle and we’re coasting fairly normally and then when i go to hit the left paddle we have to go back into max regen mode so you do have to play with the paddles a lot more than you would i mean 100x more than you would in a normal ev if you want to really take full advantage of the regen braking so that’s something that that’s

A downside of a hybrid versus the just an all-out ev i don’t know why that is why they couldn’t keep the the setting for the regen if you guys know or maybe i’ll reach out to honda and see what they say i don’t know if that’s an end from an engineering standpoint if there’s something blocking you from doing that because there is also a gasoline motor but that’s

By far i mean the biggest gripe that i have with this car if not the only one other than that it’s it’s very competent it’s i was just about to say fun to drive it’s absolutely not fun to drive but it gets the job done it’s incredibly comfortable it looks great and it’s a honda so it should be reliable if you have any comments or questions let me know in the

Comments below thank you guys so much for watching this has been worlds untraveled if you haven’t subscribed already hit that subscribe button and notification bell if you want to see what i’m driving on a regular basis i promise i have more exciting stuff coming up if you guys missed it recently i drove my buddy jerry’s single turbo 600 horsepower mark iv supra

I drove well in the driveway right now i have the veloster and dual clutch so that those videos will be coming soon and then of course i drove friend of the show mike’s land cruiser which went through an incredible transformation over the last year so you guys might find that one interesting too so thanks guys for watching hope you enjoy your weekend and uh oh

Actually before i say we’ll see you soon i do want this is like a kind of a proud moment we’ll go to the trip computer here we’ll see what the fuel economy was on the past trips uh i’m assuming so these are the past three trips um and i started my trip when i picked up the car so the past three were 146 kilometers this person got i’m assuming these are three

Different journalists or maybe there’s two here because this one’s really short 146.9 kilometers this person drove and they got an average of 6.9 liters per 100 kilometers this person drove 72 kilometers got an average of 6.3 i’ve driven a lot 362 kilometers i’ve spent about 40 dollars in gas for those 362 kilometers and i’ve got the best average look at that

By almost a full liter 5.7 liters per 100 kilometers and i i’ve also done a few full throttle pulls so i don’t know what i’m doing right i don’t know if i’m just driving on more boring straight roads like this but uh and the climate control is all down here you also get ventilated seats with the touring model i forgot to mention but the climate control is all

Physical buttons very standard honda keep doing this honda please i i love this it’s very simple and it it’s a known quantity anyways hopefully you guys enjoyed the video and we’ll see you soon

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