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The 2022 Honda Passport Trailsport is a Sporty-ish, Smaller Pilot | Review

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This week I review the 2022 Honda Passport Trailsport from a daily driving perspective. It’s a great, large SUV perfect for hauling small families and all their gear.

All right so setting off in the 2022 honda passport trail sport as you can see here on the seat in this bronze embroidered headrest it’s very nice all right let’s take it out and go for a drive this gear selector is so funky and i’ve got to say right off the bat i am not a fan i don’t get it it takes up so much space there’s a million buttons it’s not easy to

Like just look it’s just not it’s not like intuitive to really use you have to like look down and anyway i don’t know why it has to take up this massive space down here by the cup holders i feel like they could have just integrated something on the dash or just a traditional stock or i don’t know i’m not a fan of the the gear selector buttons but your mileage may

Vary you might like here we go 280 horsepower 3.5 liter v6 going up this hill and it’s okay it’s fine it’s good you know it has enough power uh to get you where you’re going on the trails for your trail sport so the passport is basically a pilot that’s had the end chopped off and it’s been lifted especially here in the trail sport you’ve got fender flares smaller

Wheels larger more aggressive trail sporty tires from firestone interestingly enough i don’t remember the last time i saw firestone tires on a vehicle but that’s what honda’s gone with here the trail sport trim this one tops out at about 50 almost 52 000 which to be honest with you i’m pretty surprised that it costs that much there’s not there’s a lot of uh tech

And luxury features that are i think missing for that price point there’s no 360 camera no ventilated seats no heads up display just to give you a sampling of some of the top features i think that are missing here for the price but you do get something that’s a little more capable off-road a little more rugged you know if you’re hitting some light trails with your

Hiking or camping gear or whatever then you’re probably going to find a lot to like here with the passport trail sport and it looks pretty cool like honda’s done an awesome job with the redesign on the exterior especially the front end i think looks awesome the front grille looks cool i like the trail sport badge like it kind of gives it a more emotional appeal

And uh yeah it’s been a nice week with this passport trail sport i’ve i’ve driven it a lot i’ve put 230 miles on this thing and uh it’s been really enjoyable so one thing i wish it did have that would maybe make it feel a little more suv-ish and less like its odyssey counterpart would be just to have a center or a taller larger center console for your arm rest

These arm rests are comfortable and they’re fine but at the same time they do feel a little flimsy and your arm just kind of hangs off the side there and if you want to hold hands with your spouse or whoever’s with you you know it’s kind of hard to like reach over there the one thing about this car that has really surprised me is how wide it is like this i

Feel like this this feels like immensely wide to me our kia telluride which isn’t like a direct competitor but it’s not that far off it’s definitely not this wide this is like surprisingly wide and like this the windshield i don’t remember the last time i was in a car with the windshield that was like so big and uh so it feel it feels very like wide and girthy

In here i don’t know if i can even say that but it feels that way but it’s very spacious so handles it handles well like it’s pretty responsive it also has a traditional parking brake where you just push down with your foot i haven’t outside of like the trucks i’ve been and i haven’t i haven’t seen one of those in a long time uh one thing to be aware of i’m just

Kind of like rapid firing here so the one thing to be aware of too is if you hit this economy mode this eco mode over here with this green button it will really cut down your power and it will really cut down your air conditioning output and so on those hot days when you want maximum air conditioning make sure that the eco mode is not engaged because i was first

Driving this i was like holy cow the air conditioning is terrible and the power is horrible and then i pressed that button and it went off ego mode and it was a lot better but just to be aware on those hot days you’re going to want that eco mode off so here it is the 2022 honda passport trail sport as you can see there on the front grill trail sport which means

You have the cool one you have the off-road one you’ve got the one that can go on trails and have lots of fun it’s got a nice side profile it definitely looks more rugged than the pilot and overall i think it has a nice shape white wouldn’t be my color i think i’d put it in something a little more interesting but here’s your trail sport badge very cool your

Firestone tires which kind of just makes me chuckle i just haven’t seen firestone’s in forever i wasn’t even sure if they were still making firestone tires there you have it again 52 000. and whether that is worth it is going to totally be up to you so coming in and looking at the interior these seats are very comfortable they’re nice and soft and squishy i like

The leather they are perforated which is good my back still does get sweaty i wish they were ventilated and then here are those arm rests they’re adjustable they are they do feel a little flimsy and as you can probably tell it’s a little difficult to reach all the way over you do have this nice large cubby which someone had spilled that wasn’t me was like that when

I got it but big cubby you can put lots of stuff in there bags whatever yeah overall it’s a pretty nice place to spend time and cruise on the freeway so a couple other things just to point out this has such an interesting dash like you have two analog gauges for the fuel and the temperature on the left and right side but then you have this center screen where you

Just have the rpms up there at the top on the sliding scale and then you’ve got the miles per hour and the gear indicator down below and it’s kind of intriguing design it’s not really my favorite uh from being honest with you i think i don’t know it’s just kind of just a weird design and again no head up display here you do have a decently nice screen and it looks

Sharp and the camera looks good but i can show you here here we go put it into reverse just look at the real estate that this takes up it’s just tons of space and your couple those are i just this i feel like could be better design but you have a nice camera looks sharp looks good you can check your different views here there we go straight down that’s pretty

Cool and then back to the standard one you also have a wireless charging pad which works most of the time but it’s also interesting because you still you don’t have wireless apple carplay so you just plug in your phone anyway and it gets charged but you have your traditional cigarette outlet there heated seats nothing ventilated i like these buttons okay it’s

Fine and uh no panoramic sunroof wow can’t talk no panoramic sunroof either you do have these shades in the back which is good and uh considering just how much of a greenhouse i mean i don’t know if you can really get this on camera but holy cow this windshield is so big coming into the rear you have so much cargo space it’s wild like tons and then if you fold

Down that second grille you’ve got even more it’s just amazing press this button lift up on this you have even more space for all your secret treats you don’t want the kids to know about you got your outlet back here you can hit this button the seats will fold down and overall a very spacious place to fit all your family cargo your groceries costco runs whatever

You can think of so there you have it all right so here’s my final impressions as i release the foot parking brake just oh there’s just some funny quirks about this car all right so hit the drive button down here boom and we are off okay so my final thoughts on the 2022 honda passport trail sport this is a lot of money for a passport and uh there’s some things

That are good there’s some things that are drawbacks i think it is a little short on features for the price but if you’re looking for something with a ton of cargo room that’s very practical that you can fit your gear your and your cargo your kit your camping equipment whatever all in the back and have your kids or your passengers comfortable while getting pretty

Decent gas mileage and you can go off of some go on some like mild trails uh this is a pretty cool buy and i think it’s awesome that honda like did this made something interesting out of their out of their passport lineup and said like the passport art was already cool and what i what i mean is just you know made it even more interesting like let’s make this more

Of like a traily off-roadie kind of thing and and so if those things are appealing to you then i think you’re going to find a lot to like here and you should definitely go check one of these out i’ve been doing mostly highway driving and i’ve been averaging 22.8 miles to the gallon i believe this is rated at 19 miles per gallon in the combined driving scenario

And up to 24 on the freeway and so 22.8 mostly freeway that’s about maybe what i’d expect for the amount of i haven’t really done much city driving well i i mean i have but it’s probably been like 70 or 80 percent has been on the highway over the last 230 miles that i’ve been in this thing so not bad fuel economy especially today we got so expensive let’s see how

This thing accelerates yeah i mean it’s great it’s plenty of power for what you’re doing you know 280 horsepower it’s three and a half liter v6 and it’s a honda you know it’s just gonna run there’s no turbo here or anything like that and uh so if you can get over some of like the little quirks about it uh i think you’re gonna be pretty darn happy so huge thanks

To honda for sending this out i’m a huge honda fan as i’ve mentioned in the past i’ve owned many hondas and acuras and so it’s cool to see honda like just doing cool things and uh because they’ve always they’ve always done really interesting things that i’ve that i’ve enjoyed driving and even owning and uh i think the passport trail sport is another very cool

Entry into their lineup so anyway thanks for watching everybody and uh please subscribe comment below let us know if you bought one of these or you’re considering it or if you have any questions i’m happy to chat and we’ll talk to you soon see ya

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The 2022 Honda Passport Trailsport is a Sporty-ish, Smaller Pilot | Review By Jason Bell Cars