The 2022 Hyundai Elantra N-Line Is A Sporty Compact Sedan for 7,050

What’s going on car family??! Let’s check out the Hyundai Elantra N-Line , this has a more sporty edge over the standard model.

What’s going on car family i’m ben wayne thank you for joining me in another video today we are testing out the 2022 hyundai elantra n line so this is the end line variant of the elantra not the full-on n but the n-line so what this essentially is is a vehicle that would be a great starter vehicle for someone who’s just getting into the market or another vehicle

For someone who spent all their money on a high performance vehicle like a ct5 the blackwing and doesn’t want to drive that car every day so this is coming in at an extremely reasonable price point which is something we haven’t had on the channel in a while so base price for this one is around five thousand eight hundred dollars as shown this is just a little

Over twenty six thousand dollars so it’s quite the affordable vehicle now before we get into the design i wanna talk to you about the benefits that are coming with this vehicle such as the five five-year bumper-to-bumper new car warranty you also have a 10-year powertrain warranty 10-year 100 000 miles whichever comes first and then you have three years of

Free complimentary maintenance and then five years of roadside assistance that comes included with this as well so that’s a lot to take in when you look at the price point you’re covered in case anything goes wrong and then of course you know it gives you complete peace of mind if you’re buying this for your first vehicle so that’s something to consider now

Talking about the styling a little bit this car features quite a bit of angles you know it’s not everybody’s cup of tea some people might like it some people may be okay with it it’s in that price point in that bracket where this isn’t a car that’s just designed specifically for car people this is an economy car something you go to purchase to drive back and

Forth to work or something that you want good gas mileage on something that won’t be too much of an expense so design wise you know car people aren’t really going to be focused on that here now it does have a ton of angles like i said up front you do have led daytime running lamps with projector headlamps as well you have an inline front fascia with black

Accents i think that breaks up the red quite a bit now underneath the hood what you’re getting is a 1.6 liter four-cylinder turbocharged power plant that’s going to put out about 201 horsepower 195 pound-feet of torque and that’s connected to a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission series 0-60 times are going to be around you know the 7 second range around 7.1

Seconds or so so it’s not the fastest thing out but you know it gets the job done specifically for its price point as well so i’ll floor it now and you know it does pick up it has some get up and go there and that’s decent enough for anybody who’s looking to get into just a commuter car or you know something that’s their first car something that’s affordable

So as far as the power i don’t feel like it’s lacking it’s adequate enough for the average person now coming over to the side profile we do have gloss black accents around the window surrounds and side view mirrors which provide a nice sporty look to it looks great with the 18-inch wheels that this vehicle comes optioned with as well now behind the front wheel

Sits 12-inch rotors up front for decent stopping power again this is the end line variance you’re going to see a little bit of upgrades when compared to the base model as well but overall the side profile of the vehicle you know it’s a typical sedan it does have some unique lines on the side profile there’s some lines going upwards diagonally across the car

Which kind of makes it look almost a little bit like it was inspired by an origami so that’s interesting coming towards the rear you have led everything so you have led tail lamps of course and then you know that roof line comes down into the trunk lid which is typical of what you find on hyundai sedans you do have an inline rear fascia as well so it’s going

To look a little bit more sporty than the basic elantra now i mentioned this vehicle is something that is extremely efficient when it comes to the price point this would be a cost-effective vehicle to purchase i got to talk to you guys about the fuel economy so the fuel economy for the city is about 28 miles per gallon highway you’re looking at 36 miles per

Gallon i’ve had this vehicle for about a week and i’ve driven it quite a bit and i haven’t even hit half a tank i’m you know i have a ways to go on that so that’s something that you know if you have a daily commute if you’re not working from home you have a daily commute that is a major plus especially with the fuel prices that you’re getting these days now

That are just absolutely outrageous now as far as usability is concerned looking at that cargo capacity you’re looking at about 14.2 cubic feet of storage which is average for a sedan in this range so the practicality is there right in terms of the power the fuel efficiency the cargo capacity and then of course four doors this is the sedan you can see four

People so let’s make our way to the interior and the ride quality so i’ve had this car for quite a bit again i’ve had it for about a week the overall interior ride is fairly smooth now i will say that there’s a little bit of road noise that gets in here you know it’s not the quietest ride that i’ve ever had but it’s also not the loudest so with that being

Said you know i would give average ratings there it’s not something that you would ever notice unless you’re somebody who’s purposely listening out for road noise you know it’s not too loud if you want to have a conversation in here you can without screaming let me floor it so the acceleration is definitely there and just like that you know we’re up to 60

So it’s not a slouch it delivers now the seats uh the seats are okay these are finished in cloth they do feature three levels of heating they’re comfortable enough for you to take a long road trip in if you want to get this as a road trip vehicle as well now the seats do feature since it’s the end line spec they’re done in black cloth and do feature contrast

Red stitching throughout and of course do feature the n stitched into the back of the seats as well now i will say it’s starting to heat up a lot in georgia and in terms of absorbing the heat you know the claw seats aren’t bad you know once you kick on the ac i notice they cool down fairly rapidly so it’s not going to be some scorching hot leather in this

Vehicle which could be another plus depending on who you ask at the top of the dash done in injection molded material it does feature an eight inch touchscreen infotainment system wireless apple carplay and wireless android auto i like to see that i am done plugging up my phone to the car to get apple carplay that’s so annoying so we’ve got the wireless apple

Carplay going that’s a nice feature as well the infotainment touchscreen is nice and responsive as you would expect it’s lightning fast just like a smartphone so i like that as well coming further down you do have air conditioning vents controls for your hazard and physical controls for your air conditioning system as well and i will point out that you do have

A good use of physical buttons on the infotainment screen on either side as well so you do have a volume knob not everything it’s just forcing you to use the touchscreen and i think that’s amazing you know a lot of people might call that a small feature but if you have ever test driven a car where everything is on the touchscreen it’s quite distracting and it’s

Also really not the safest thing you know i’ve tested you know like the new s-class everything on that is on the touch screen it is too focused on you know overuse of the touchscreen and that’s not something that you will encounter in this vehicle door panels themselves are done in the injection molded material also feature that black cloth material with red

Contrast stitching as well of course you have controls for all your windows and your door handles are done in silver now when it comes to rear seating you do have a decent amount of space for a midsize sedan so again that’s more than adequate you can seat five people comfortably in here you know maybe four people and squeeze somebody in the middle of the rear

Seat um to get that usability out of this vehicle now since this does have an all-black interior i do like how they did throw in the sunroof in here of course it opens and closes like you would expect i’m not going to demonstrate that because i have my gopro attached to it but the sunroof does do a good job of letting that light into this dark interior you

Know that’s one thing about vehicles with a dark interior for me personally there has to be some natural light coming in by the form of a panoramic roof or a sunroof overall the handling in this vehicle it’s it’s it’s pretty smooth i do like the way it handles it’s extremely comfortable the dual clutch transmission isn’t jerky whatsoever it’s nice and smooth

Transition into the throttle there and then i hit the brakes the brakes are nice and responsive as well i really like that it’s amazing how much better a sedan from today handles than a sedan from you know let’s say 10 15 years ago um it feels sporty and it goes right where you want it to go you know it gives you a sense of confidence that you weren’t

Getting in sedans of yesteryear if that makes any sense and give this biker some space here now in terms of safety features this vehicle does feature rear cross traffic assist so when you’re backing out of your driveway and you have a neighbor blasting through your neighborhood it’s going to alert you of that it does feature the lane follow assist there’s a

Button here on the steering wheel you just press that and it kind of guides the car within the lanes of course you can’t just let go fully but you know it does help with that you also have blind spot monitoring so all the safety features that you could want in a vehicle this caliber are present so like i said if you have a teenager or you know a new driver or

Even somebody who already has a nice car that they don’t want to put a whole bunch of miles on this vehicle does feature all those safety features that you would want to be in a vehicle to fill that slot and it does have enough get up and go so that way when you’re trying to cut into traffic or merging to the highway you know you’re not worried about not being

Able to keep up with the pace of traffic so in terms of styling you know it looks a little wonky you know it might not be for everybody but the practicality is definitely there and this is definitely a great first car for people to look at in terms of the interior the overall layout is nice i’m really digging the eight inch touchscreen display system the gear

Selector done in black leather with the red accents and of course you have two cup holders here some storage behind the center console here as well everything feels nice in this vehicle you know the steering wheel feels good in your hands it’s also done in the black leather with the red contrast stitching the buttons on the steering wheel themselves they’re

Not overwhelming you know exactly what everything is supposed to do you know behind the steering wheel you do have the traditional gauge you know no fancy thin film transistor display that would have been cool to see but this particular model does feature the analog gauges which are nice and easy to read you know a nice change in pace from being forced to

Take all this technology in if you like the old-school gauges so that’s my thoughts on the elantra end line you guys let me know in the comment section what you think about this vehicle is this something that you would consider for a first car do you know somebody who could just use a practical vehicle cars are getting expensive these days i just named all

Those features and this is under 27 000 right so i think there’s something to be said about still having affordable vehicles on the market and plus you have all those features i mentioned five-year bumper-to-bumper warranty 10-year 100 000 mile powertrain warranty three years of complementary maintenance the fuel economy is insane so those are all factors to

Consider when you’re looking at a car like this one so again let me know what you guys think in the comments section please remember to like share and subscribe to my youtube channel and until next time i’m ben wayne the automotive reviewer that youtube deserves

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The 2022 Hyundai Elantra N-Line Is A Sporty Compact Sedan for $27,050!!! By Ben Wayne