The 2022 Hyundai Tucson Hybrid Stands Out In A Crowded SUV Segment

The compact SUV segment is the go-to choice for many new car shoppers. If you’re tired of looking at the usual Toyota RAV4 and Honda CR-V, the all-new 2022 #HyundaiTucsonHybrid is a bold new offering that #Hyundai built to question all that is conventional. The #TucsonHybrid also gets up to 38 MPG making it one of the most fuel efficient offerings you can buy. Expect a #HyundaiTucson plug in hybrid to follow later this summer.

About two months ago i was in arizona with hyundai to drive the all-new 2022 hyundai tucson remember the tucson is the company’s compact suv a segment that is the most wanted choice for many american families here because of its just perfect dimensions now of course i was very impressed with the hyundai back then but this week the company has loaned me a 2022 tucson

Hybrid for a week so in this review i’m gonna actually drive the car on my local roads i’m gonna use it the way most people would if they’re actually going to buy a vehicle like this and we’re going to find out has hyundai managed to raise the bar enough on the new tucson to make this vehicle more appealing versus its japanese and american rivals stay tuned to find

Out now in a segment full of so many entries nowadays design is really important for a lot of buyers and this is where hyundai continues to stand out when i first saw this car two months ago i loved it now even after seeing some newer offerings i still think this is one of the most attractive and interesting looking vehicles that you can find especially in this

Price range now sensuous sportiness is the design theme with this new tucson and it has a lot of interesting geometric shapes in the side profile in the wheels and the front grille and the rear this vehicle is also significantly larger versus the previous generation around 182 inches long and just looking at it from every angle here this is the hybrid model in

Limited grade in shimmering silver metallics so this is probably not my first color choice but even in this rather bland color i’m very impressed with how this vehicle looks the front end of course is going to grab your attention the moment you see this car coming at you in your review mira you have this interesting uh unique hyundai grille with these led running

Lights that very much blend into the actual geometric shapes of the grille i also like how the hyundai logo here is kind of it’s black chrome the led turn signal is also cleverly hidden and you have these projector led headlights which are included on this limited grade model hyundai also offers the tucson in gas hybrid plug-in hybrid variants and there’s also

An end line but the end line i would skip because it just is an appearance package it doesn’t actually give you any more performance gains now looking at the wheels you can see 19 inch wheels are included on the limited wrapped in 235 55 series tires all-wheel drive versions of the tucson’s have roughly around 8.3 inches of ground clearance an inch more versus

The front wheel drive versions and like so many other vehicles you can get this vehicle with a massive panoramic sunroof i like the roof rails which are kind of the more aerodynamic flush design and you can see interesting design theme here with the metal bar that kind of goes from the front of the vehicle all the way down to the rear and the rear tail lights

Are also equally interesting on this vehicle you can see hyundai did a very controversial thing here with the logo which is kind of like this smooth area where it has kind of like this plexiglas cover over the actual logo i like the led tail lights although the turn signal itself is not an led it’s just an incandescent i think hyundai should have kind of given

Us that little detail there’s more parametric shapes in the actual rear lower area of the bumper and this one here even though it’s a hybrid you don’t have to make any sacrifices to the cargo area hyundai says you get around 38 cubic feet of space with the seats up this is only a two row vehicle this floor here is adjustable so you can actually move this onto

Two levels right now it’s in the lower position which gives you more space fold down the second row seats and hyundai says you can get a maximum of 80 cubic feet which is more than what you’re going to find in the rav4 crv even the forester which typically was the tops in the segment now a tech feature that you will not find on any of the tucson’s competitors

Is hyundai’s smart park feature basically on this limited version you take the key fob and you activate the remote start which the vehicle is a hybrid so you’re not going to be able to tell that it’s actually on because there’s no traditional starter noise push this button here you can see it actually creates a fake noise to let you know passer buyers know that

The vehicle is moving via the smart park feature and this basically allows you to extricate your tucson out of tight parking spots let’s say somebody kind of blocked you in or in your type parking garage the vehicle will basically move forward and back it uses the sensors everywhere you’ve seen me show you this feature on some genesis vehicles it’s really nice

To see hyundai including it on even a tucson now getting inside the car you can see let me just briefly show you the interior if you guys want to see a more in-depth interior review make sure you click on the link in the description where you can watch my first tucson video this is the black interior you get with its full leather in the limited model you can see

The limited gives you all of the tech features that you could possibly want stepping in it has a really nice easy step in height and you can see the tech in this car is very very impressive when i shut the door nice solid sounding thunk as soon as you put your foot on the brake the vehicle gets out of its auto park mode and it basically turns on i don’t even have

To hit the start button which is right here when it’s in its remote start mode now just like in the first video that i did this interior feels very roomy it’s full of so much tech i mean look at this 10.25 inch screen here which includes android auto and carplay it is wired so you have to actually plug in your phone if you guys go for the smaller screen in some

Hyundai models hyundai kia models you actually get wireless carplay but this however does not give you the wireless feature but you can see there’s the carplay which looks fantastic i love how it’s a full screen design i love this 10 and a quarter inch screen that’s hoodless for the instrument panel which this actually changes the way it looks based on your drive

Mode this looks way better versus what you’re going to find in this current crv and rav4 materials are also soft touch on the dash you have this interesting fabric material here soft touch soft touch here you have two person memory of heated and cooled seats window controls also feel nice and solid only the front windows are automatic one touch which hyundai could

Have made it one touch on all four uh def uh buttons over here for your power liftgate your stability control off and the steering wheel you can see it’s a nice size it fits nicely in your hands it’s a tilt telescoping design which offers a good amount of adjustability and the horn it sounds pretty good it’s pretty much what i expect in a vehicle in this segment

Doesn’t sound too puny which is nice down here you can see wireless phone charger dual zone climate control your heated and cooled seats like i said right here you have a heated steering wheel there’s a lock switch here or button for the four wheel drive system push this button here you can see it gives you the full 360 top-down camera with excellent resolution so

Nothing really to complain about there electronic shifter here for the six-speed auto drive mode selector right there really deep center console storage so plenty of storage in this vehicle with two big cup holders over here which is nice seats are also comfortable and supportive although the leather could be a little bit softer the cooled function works really

Well i did find that some of my colleagues were complaining that this kind of hits them in the shoulder blades so kind of try this out make sure it’s okay for you and above me you can see big panoramic sunroof and you also have led lighting on this limited grade which also includes a nice little power retractable shade in case you guys are trying to get away from

The sun but overall interior of the front seats really really nice full of tech but you do need to get the limited grade to get all this stuff which isn’t necessarily available on the lower trims same thing is true for the back seat where the tucson has 41 inches of legroom back here which is a couple inches more than even the crv and forester and way more than

The rav4 more than the rogue this is probably the most spacious second row that i’m seeing in the segment the second row themselves also have a recline feature so you can actually recline the seat forward and back which is nice they fold down 60 40 of course and when you get back here and adjust the seat back angle you can see leg room back here is just massive

I love the fact that you also get two level heated seats back here material quality is hard touch plastic which unlike the front seat they did skimp a little bit there but you can see there’s rear seat air vents two usb ports a nice little armrest here that folds down and you get two map pockets so overall one of the biggest back seats in the segment if you guys

Plan on actually putting car seats back here this is the one that i’d recommend because of all the space and all the features that hyundai gives you on this trim now two months ago when hyundai had me out in tucson arizona to drive the new tucson i really didn’t have too much time with it so i asked hyundai for the car for a week so i could really get a proper

Test of the fuel economy do a 0-60 uh performance test on it because i drove the gas engine and of course the hybrid model back-to-back the hybrid version is just so much better so i asked hyundai of course to send me the hybrid model because i believe this is the one that you want to get it’s going to be the one to choose because it’s not that much more expensive

Versus the gas only version of this car the hybrid offers about 30 better fuel economy similar increases in power way more torque i mean 258 pound-feet of torque and unlike the rav4 and crv this has a traditional stepped automatic so if you’re looking for that type of driving experience this is the one you’re going to get now two months ago i didn’t i wasn’t able

To test out a 0-60 performance for this car so i’m going to be able to do that now and i’m curious because this car with its 226 horsepower 258 pound-feet of torque should make for a very very potent accelerating vehicle for the segment and on my first run going slightly downhill i actually got 0-60 in 6.6 seconds that is a lot faster than i anticipated uh

And i actually had a slightly slow reaction time now granted we were going downhill slightly there was like a two percent downhill grade so i’ll retry that test again just to see what i can get on a more level surface i don’t believe the car is that quick it is a quick car but probably not that fast so let’s try it one more time brake torquing it doesn’t really

Do much all right this time on more level ground i got 6.76 seconds which is honestly pretty fast considering uh what this vehicle is meant to do this is just meant to be a commuter car that happens to get 37 miles to the gallon which will get into the fuel economy over my week’s worth of testing in just a moment but i am pretty pleased with the acceleration of

This car it definitely feels faster than the last crv hybrid that i drove i would really have to drive the rav4 hybrid back to back way better than the escape hybrid the escape hybrid feels like a slowpoke in comparison and really with this kind of power this is enough power for most people in the segment i mean the car itself is such a beautiful looking car on

The outside i really liked it when i first saw it in arizona now that i’ve had it for a week i’ve noticed people they stare at this car all the time the outside just looks fantastic with those geometric shapes the way that the integrated or the drls are kind of hiding in the grille of the vehicle the parametric jewels that light up when they turn on the um led

Turn signals as well uh the led projector headlights you got on this limited model even in this shimmering silver which is probably not the color that i would go for it’s a little bit too bland um this car stands out now hyundai does make an inline version of this car but i’d skip the end line because it’s just an appearance package you still get the base two and

A half liter four which i felt to be a little underpowered kind of the way that the rav4 feels underpowered if you guys go for the base engine so just like the toyota the hybrid’s the model that you want to go for because it just offers so much more for not that much more money and you get way better gas mileage in this vehicle which is what’s going to be very

Very important for a lot of shoppers all right i’m going gonna take that run because my reaction time was perfect there and i got six point eight seven seconds so just under seven seconds for a car like this is pretty potent uh and i believe it’s quicker than a rav4 hybrid which toyota rates at around the low seven second mark um so even though the six-speed auto

Does kind of hold it back in terms of shifting very slowly this car probably could have better performance if it was a cvt but you know cvts aren’t the transmission of choice of course for enthusiasts but nobody as an enthusiast you’re not going to really buy this car unless hyundai comes out with an end version of this vehicle which i don’t know if they’re going

To the plug-in hybrid model is the one i’m really interested to drive that’s coming in the next couple of months it’s supposed to be going on sale this summer so it should be out any day now really now driving this car in sport mode obviously is going to give you the most fun but what about if you’re just driving it normally like a commuter car and this is where

I noticed that the tucson the new one really shines here because hyundai has really outdone themselves here in terms of refinement this new car is around six inches larger than the old one the wheelbase has been stretched around three and a half inches it is a significantly more substantial feeling car on the inside on the outside when you’re driving this vehicle

You get a sense that you’re driving a vehicle that just feels like it was well engineered uh the level of tech in this vehicle the way that the vehicle rides the ride quality is just so compliant yet it also has a sporty feel to it which is nice because hyundai’s typically don’t have that feel i love the way the steering wheel feels the responsiveness of it the

Compliance of the suspension um just the quietness of the interior as well there’s very little road wind noise the engine doesn’t drone around because it’s not a cvt and it has a surprising amount of electric assistance even though this is not the plug-in hybrid model this car will coast around on electric power alone easily very easily honestly and it surprises

Me how you know i put this vehicle into drive and just get out of my neighborhood and it can stay in all electric mode until i get out into the main road which is unheard of you can’t i have found that trying to do that in its competiting competing vehicles doesn’t necessarily give you the same kind of electric only punch and it doesn’t it’s not able to sustain

It for that long now granted the tucson isn’t without its flaws i mean you have to buy this top trim version to get all of the tech and luxury features that you probably want um if you guys are looking for a heads-up display it is not available on this car which i could probably take it or leave it uh the digital rear view mirror that you can get in the rav4 i

Actually really like that feature not available in the tucson and there’s of course the kia sportage he had just showed off the new sportage in korea i haven’t seen the us version yet as of this filming but i didn’t like the way the sportage looked i actually prefer the way the tucson looks which is a first usually i prefer the way kias look but lately hyundai

Has been killing it with their design language uh and of course this car has gotten a little more expensive over the years that’s kind of you know a given considering the amount of tech and luxury this car now comes with but it’s no surprise to me that the tucson has continued to be a strong seller for hyundai and this should easily become the brand’s top selling

Vehicle in the next couple years they’re selling like hotcakes because it is such a well-rounded car that seriously delivers everything that anyone in this segment is probably looking for and more massive back seat with 40 41 inches of legroom nearly 80 cubic feet of cargo space when the seats are folded it is without a doubt a car that’s going to disrupt the

Segment and i wouldn’t be surprised if hyundai starts seeing their tucson become or taking away some sales crowns from some sales leaders like the mazda cx-5 uh the subaru forester the ford escape the chevrolet equinox i don’t think this is going to take the crown from the crv and the rav4 those two are just the stalwarts in the segment but i wouldn’t be surprised

If this thing outsells even the nissan rogue the rogue is decently good but nissan frustratingly does not offer it with an electrified option which is also curiously missing in the pathfinder the new pathfinder as well but uh this just gets me excited because hyundai has really been doing so many good things lately with their newest products and the tucson is

Going to represent the forefront of that because this is such an important model for them and of course in the us so even after spending a week with the all-new hyundai tucson i am still very impressed with this car there are so many choices out there but the hyundai is going to continue to stand out not only because it offers a design that stands out a lot of

Interior tech but remember hyundai and kia have really been killing it in terms of quality you still have one of the best warranties in the industry and they pack a lot of value into the price tag that they are they ask this vehicle starts at around 25 000 the hybrid model is around 5 000 more this fully optioned limited hybrid is stickering for around 38 900

With destination which is a little bit less expensive than something like a toyota rav4 or a honda crv hybrid or a mazda cx-5 with the turbo engine which is arguably a little bit faster but this is going to get way better gas mileage in my week’s worth of testing i actually averaged around 35 miles to the gallon on the highway that’s pure highway on the city it

Did a little bit a little bit better around 36 mpg because this vehicle will coast around an electric only so often that i sometimes had to double check to make sure i wasn’t driving a plug-in hybrid model because it has a really good electric only range for just being a conventional hybrid the fuel tank is around 7 or 14 and a half gallons which means you can

Go around 500 miles on a full tank 500 miles on a full tank a conventional hybrid this is exactly the reason why i believe that the hybrid version is the one you’re going to want to get for a couple thousand dollars more it’s an easy pick for me if you guys were going to look at the gas version you may as well just kind of look at the hybrid model now last month

Hyundai managed to sell just under 19 000 tucson’s it’s actually the most tucsons they’ve ever sold in america for ever since this car came out it’s still not as much as what honda and toyota does for rav4s and crvs but it is very much nipping at the sails for subaru foresters mazda cx-5s ford escapes even so this is going to be a very popular vehicle it outsold

The kia sportage sister vehicle 2-1 although there is an all-new version of the sportage coming don’t be surprised if you’re going to start seeing more and more of these on your local roads because it is such a well-rounded practical and stylish vehicle and it continues to be my choice if you guys are looking for a compact suv and you want something that’s a

Little bit more conventional more affordable that really does stand out but with all that said i hope you guys have enjoyed my full overview on the 2022 hyundai tucson hybrid if you’re also looking to see the latest cars i’m testing be sure to follow me on instagram at redline underscore reviews like us on facebook and as always guys please keep subscribing to the

Redline reviews youtube channel for all the latest reviews thank you so much for watching i’ll catch you all in the next video you

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