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The new 2022 Lincoln Navigator is here. Get an exclusive insider’s look at all the exciting updates as we speak to the Lincoln experts behind the vehicle at our reveal in New York.

Hello everyone and thank you so much for joining us for this special youtube premiere of the 2022 lincoln navigator my name is darian and i have the good fortune to work as a lincoln product specialist which means i get exclusive behind the scenes access to see many of the gorgeous new lincoln vehicles before the public and today i am absolutely thrilled to

Finally give you an exclusive first look at the 2022 lincoln navigator joining me today are some of the designers and influencers who really helped bring this masterpiece to life please welcome laura clark navigator brand manager marcia salzberg our senior color and materials designer and mike kipley who is navigator’s chief engineer now some of our followers have

Already submitted questions they would like to know on the 2022 lincoln navigator so let’s dig in and dish out the updates okay so the first question is on everyone’s mind is what is new on the 2022 lincoln navigator we made our flagship navigator even better sync 4 with our constellation design theme and over-the-air software updates makes the navigator even

More effortless to own to take the stress out of driving we now have our available active buy hands-free driving tech on the interiors we have two all-new black label themes exclusive to the lincoln navigator central park and invitation and my personal favorite available heated vented massaging seats in the second row so lincoln is about prioritizing wellness how

Does the new lincoln navigator help you stay calm and energized on the road there are so many features that make this vehicle an amazing sanctuary to help you relax and rejuvenate the new 2022 lincoln navigator is the first in its class to introduce available massaging seats in the second row in addition to the first row these multi-contour seats are heated and

Ventilated and come with active motion which allows you to customize your back massage through five different modes in three different levels of intensity and for listening pleasure the new available revel altima 3d audio system now has 28 speakers that are strategically placed around the cabin to create an immersive experience with settings that let you optimize

Every file from music to podcast and even an audio book or meditation on the call map if you feel like stopping to take a breather i also know this is a big family vehicle obviously so tell me what features are the kids going to absolutely love in this new model well darien i don’t know if you know but i’m from a big family so i grew up in these kind of vehicles

With this new vehicle we really thought about how to offer first class travel to all passengers a new available rear digital touchscreen display lets second row passengers adjust a number of settings including those massage seats we talked about and tri-zone climate control which helps everyone keep comfortable but the number one thing i think the kids will love

Is the lincoln play in-car entertainment the system puts two 10.1 inch touchscreens on the back of each front row seat so rear passengers can play games listen to music stream video and more you can stream wirelessly or preload content with 16 gigs of built-in storage on each display and how has the navigator changed its look from 2021 to 2022 tell me about the

New design the navigator has always had a bold presence so we kept what people loved about the beauty and the stance then played with sculpting the front and back end with more dynamic design lines up front we added the new chrome signature grille which is elevated on the lincoln black label models and even reshaped the badge the available led headlamps have a

Unique geometric shape and a hidden detail but what i really love is what we’ve dumped the tail lamps introducing a new 3d look and a sleek sunrise animation sequence that greets you with the lincoln embrace and when you step inside the front cabin has been reimagined bringing in the ethos of quiet flight through soothing horizontal lines and natural ergonomic

Design here’s something fun and simple our followers want to know what new colors are available on the 2022 lincoln navigator great question on the standard and reserve models we’re introducing ocean drive blue and starlight gray both are really stunning new takes on classic exterior color choices for 2022 our interior colors are all new including sandstone

Onyx and onyx with roast accent and then of course we have some new materials and colors featured in our lincoln black label themes yes tell me all about the new black label themes that are being introduced on the 2022 lincoln navigator and what inspired them well the first theme is called central park which is about capturing the feeling of finding sanctuary

In the city a balance between serene nature and a bustling metropolis the exterior color is a manhattan green and it’s this beautiful deep earthy tone that really sparkles in the sunlight the interior features genuine open pour walnut wood inlays that offer an element of warmth adorned with laser etching patterns that mimic the scenic pathways inside central park

The rich urban green leather seats feature a perforation that resembles the surrounding skyline so really everything comes together nicely our second theme which is called invitation was inspired by the idea of hosting family and friends in a beautiful home for an intimate evening the exterior paint color is called chroma caviar and it’s a lovely hue of dark

Gray the invitation interior includes black venetian leather with a pergola inspired seat perforation and it’s accented with black and brandy stitching that is just visually delicious this theme features the kaya wood trim open core with a laser etched motif that complements the pergola perforation and overall it really draws in high-end interior design cues to

Reflect an elegant atmosphere any other available design upgrades for drivers who want more custom style of course the available lincoln black label special edition package this includes monochromatic accents a two-tone roof with gloss black rails the available monochromatic package is offered on reserve models in pristine white ceramic pearl and infinite black

Beyond intentional design the lincoln navigator really helps you bring the comforts of home on the road even integrating tech like lincoln and alexa into the vehicle tell me what are some of your favorite features that keep you connected or make life more convenient yeah the new 2022 lincoln navigator is the first vehicle to introduce the intuitive and effortless

Sync 4 system holistically across all screens it’s basically an intelligent digital assistant that can connect to your phone it learns your navigation routes and provides shortcuts to make your experience easier plus it has lincoln enhance providing over-the-air software updates so you always have access to the latest technology in the digital owner’s manual

Makes finding information about your navigator easier than ever what really makes it all such a gorgeous experience is the lincoln constellation interface design especially displayed on the new 13.2 inch center touchscreen the colors the thoughtful response to the human touch the fluid animations provide a calming aesthetic and interactive experience the 2022

Lincoln navigator is introducing to the lincoln family the available active glide driver assist technology this is a big step towards autonomous vehicles how does this innovative new feature work active glide is an available hands-free highway driving feature that lets you drive hands-free eyes on you can use it when driving on sections of pre-qualified divided

Highways called hands-free blue zones which currently make up nearly 130 000 miles of road throughout all 50 united states and canada when you engage the feature you can safely take your hands off the wheel relax them in your lap take a sip of water a camera above the steering wheel tracks your eye position make sure you’re still engaged and when the blue zone

Ends or your attention is needed the system will alert you to resume control of the steering wheel what other driver assist features can we expect drivers looking for the confidence and the assistance of technologies like this will not be disappointed the new 2022 navigator offers more standard and available drivers technologies than any other large luxury suv

Our system has been upgraded with four unique suites of driver assist features standard on the vehicle is lincoln co-pilot 360 2.0 with updated versions and packages of vision drive and towing examples of specific features include intersection assist it’s a new feature which uses camera and radar technology to detect and prevent you from entering cross traffic

We also offer active park assist 2.0 introduces side sensing capability very simple way to maneuver in and out of parking spots both parallel and perpendicular all at the simple touch of a button so incredibly impressive now what’s under the hood 3.5 liter twin turbo v6 and the new navigator is a proven engine that provides a blend of power and refinement our

Clients need with 440 horsepower 510 pound-feet of torque truly delivers effortless power it’s also equipped with five curated drive modes to customize your drive to your mood or the road conditions and a further build on the driving experience is adaptive suspension with available road preview it works for the front camera to evaluate monitor the road ahead

When an oncoming bump in the road is detected the system will prepare the suspension to help lessen the impact from both the vehicle and improve your comfort so lastly let’s talk about space most people shopping for an suv this size are looking to travel with a lot of cargo you know passengers pets shopping bags luggage towing vehicles so how does the lincoln

Navigator accommodate living large the lincoln navigator is the perfect vehicle for this in the cargo area in the back of the vehicle we have a tiered cargo management system with a four-way partition that lets you organize storage and shelving in this cargo space for your items and those of your occupants and with roof rack crossbars you can strap accessories

Large equipment to the top of your vehicle as far as towing the lincoln navigator can tow up to 8 700 pounds so it could pull something like cabin cruiser boat no problem and with our available heavy duty trailer tow package towing is easier than ever we’ve added the technology to enable our trailer reverse guidance which uses high resolution cameras provides

Multiple views along with steering guidance and backing up and maneuvering the trailer the technology works with pro trailer backup assist 2.0 to make backing up a boat or a trailer as effortless as turning a dial well i know i cannot wait to get into the new 2022 lincoln navigator and take it for a drive once it hits showrooms early next year thank you so much

Marcia laura and mike for giving us an insider view of the latest evolution of lincoln’s flagship suv and for everyone watching thank you so much for joining us and make sure to check out all the new content around the 2022 lincoln navigator and sign up to get updates at you

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