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The 2022 Mercedes-AMG EQS 53 is a Roller Coaster with Massaging Seats (POV Drive Review)

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Hey crew i’ve got the key to this 22 mercedes amg  eqs 53 4matic plus a lot of letters and numbers   to tell you you’re looking at the range-topping  all-electric sedan from mercedes and we are going   to take it for a drive but first let’s check out  how it looks on the inside and outside on the   exterior not a ton to tell

You’re looking at the  amg version but you do have the panamericana style   right here a lot of black loss treatment   for the corner vents which are of course fake   you’ve got that digital light and the light bar  running across the top of the grill this paint   job is called cardinal red it’s got a metallic 

Flake on the paint surface getting to the side   big upgrade here compared to that 450 i showed  you guys with those what were they 19 inch wheels   you got black on the inside and then a brushed   in michelin pilot sport tires 275 section   front and rear the only downside to this cool  wheel design is that they kind

Of cover up   painted in gold here those will be fun to tap   around the windows and then that lower portion   there and man the wheels really help the profile  this vehicle still think the fun the front is   funky even on the amg model but the profile looks  so much better with wheels getting to the back   my

Favorite view on the eqs i like that light  bar running across the till you now have a more   pronounced trunk lip spoiler here and you get an  amg specific diffuser down low with these six fins   in the gloss black treatment now despite these  aerodynamic changes which actually introduce drag   it still has a drag coefficient

Of 0.23 which  is excellent narrowly worse than the 450 at 0.20   let’s check out that interior opening up   and looking inside we have the exclusive black  nappa leather on this model yes real leather   the difference perforations look great the   seat designs but the stitching also looks better  than the seashell

In the 450 you still have your   poofy pillows there’s gray and black in the door  panels with carbon fiber trim that’s beautiful   burmester speaker covers in metal stepping in   we’ll find suede on the pillars and headliner with  your two sunroofs and a standard on the amg model   from three defined screens that right

One is not   on because no one’s sitting in that passenger  seat four zone climate control is standard on   this model with the rear seat comfort package  you get a tablet for these rear passengers and   wireless smartphone charging in here now i am  sitting behind my own seating position at six   feet tall and i’ve

Got plenty of knee room foot  pockets are nice and large the batteries are on   the floor so it does raise up your knee angle  so i don’t have quite the thigh support i would   in like an s-class but my head room is good i  clear the roof not a lot but i do clear the roof   rear doors so you just kind of tap on it  

And i’ll close it the rest of the way in the front  we find heated ventilated and massaging seats   those controls are here on the door that immediate  lighting looking strong even in the sunlight   one of the biggest changes on the amg model  is this thicker perforated at nine and three   and flat bottom wheel design with the

Controllers  that are reconfigurable on the left hand side and   on the right is your drive mode you get a unique  skin on the gauge cluster and infotainment for amg   beautiful inside is wireless smartphone   charging and then down low is tons of storage and  including more deep storage in the center console   yeah

This is a stunning cabin especially  relative to the other evs in the segment i’m   ooh and a very futuristic startup  noise i know that is specific to amg clicking up on the selector here  which i don’t know whether this is  actually useful or not but it is cool these different sound modes with up to nine  the zaniest turning radius is a

Big sedan and  it just just basically pivoted on its rear axle   we have the same 108 kilowatt per hour battery  pack that you get in the 450 and in the 580   580 but now we’re making 629 horsepower   and 700 pound-feet of torque sent to all four  wheels it’s an intelligent all-wheel drive system   at a moment’s notice

And now i say 629 horsepower  but that’s just normally you can in certain times   pound-feet of torque which we will know   now no doubt do at some point during our drive  and have started us out in comfort drive mode   now that already changed it up it gave us the  car sounded which sounded freaking cool   the future’s

Cool guys it’s  official the future is cool the way this car hurtles forward  that is unique to this vehicle relative  i’m turning off recuperation by the way we have  three stages of energy recuperation i’ve got   none right now so when i take my foot off we’re  using all of that aerodynamic sculpting to just   coast along but

We are in an uphill keep that in  mind for the launch that we just did and for these   acceleration blasts if you saw the bmw m240i drive  that i did i’m heading into the same road here and   so it’s gonna be a good time i’m gonna turn back  on the recuperation i’m actually going to go to   strong and that’s going to give us the

Assistance  of every time i take my foot off the throttle   can already tell this is going to be a good time   okay so we’ve got the regen takes a second to  kick in but we do have carbon ceramic brakes   just the instant power out of the corners and  the stability you feel from the rear wheel   the brake pedal feel is

Still funky to me  because it’s doing some of the braking for you   where you would naturally find the pedal   if you were doing all the braking yourself if you  didn’t have braking regeneration so that’s odd   that takes a second to get used to but when you  get into the pedal the stopping power is there   there’s no

Plow the 4matical wheel drive system  in fractions of a second and then  just out of corners my goodness you do get used to the car pretty quickly and you  and the short story is you  can push it pretty darn well   yeah those brakes when you get on them when you  i want more feel from that  steering that’s what i want   having

Flipped it around and sending it downhill  now we’re not gonna do this vehicle any favors   yeah again the regen takes a second to kick  in so you can’t rely on it to pull you down   have to get into the brake pedal you gotta   down and uh in performance environments   but the side to side movements are  impressive for the

Weight on tap here instead of sloshing over  giving you body roll which   roll is sometimes communication and that’s   on this of having effectively no body roll   but the limits the performance  capability of this eqs amg uphill so i feel it’s only fair that we   oh am i laughing harder than i did the first time  

Vehicle a chance to do its proper launch   and guys that’s an experience that that felt like  i was on a roller coaster and it was actually   mistaking maybe i’m just making this up it felt   like it shook the vehicle a little bit before it  actually launched and along with that sound i feel   like this may be the first vehicle

That has launch  control that actually feels like you’re launching   oh my gosh that’s awesome i’m so glad i did it a  second time that is freaking awesome and the fact   that you could do that so easily just going to  sport plus and then just doing the break gas thing   as people are a little patient with you when  

The light goes green you could do it to just 40  miles per hour or 50 miles per hour mercedes amg   says that with the race start you’ll get to 60  in 3.4 seconds i would be shocked if the average   of just what we did uphill and downhill was not  i like it but it can’t always be fun and games  in the amg eqs you need to drive it

Around   town sometimes so i’m going to take it out of  sport plus which by the way the ride quality   adaptive dampers and the air matic i think it’s   called airmatic air suspension system i don’t know  they’ve got a special marketed name for it but now   we’re in comfort drive mode and while we’re in  cover drive

Mode it might as well address the   range which mercedes amg has not quoted yet for  this vehicle uh they also haven’t announced the   price officially but the range from the 450 plus  was on paper 350 miles real world i got like 400   miles and the i don’t know 580 is like 340 miles  i’m guessing it would be real world like

383.90   so this one even if it’s just a range of like 250  then i think real world you’re looking at over 300   miles of range and that would be very respectable  with the performance that you have on tap   is a really solid sweet spot for most  folks in most environments and i think if   this is pretty sweet the

Seats are super  comfortable you’ve got your heating your   ventilation your massage the quietness of the  cabin now with the sound turned all the way off   this is just serene motoring yeah i’m just going  to rudely interrupt myself for a moment because   after i concluded the video i forgot that i didn’t  do any highway

Traffic so here we are on the   highway i’ve turned off breaking regeneration  so when i take my foot off the throttle   we really do coast like totally coast and i’m  also going to engage the active safety features   you hit the on off button here and you set your  speed and then when i take my hands off the wheel  

Even working with curvatures in the road we also   have things like lane change assist so you just  indicate left and if it’s got a gap it’ll do the   lane change for you and just like on the street  the cabin is so well insulated at highway speeds   it satisfies the luxury requirement just as well  as it does the amg specific

Performance element   they’re calling this the 53 and with mercedes   amg vehicles you look at the history and they’ve  got a 53 and then they’ve got a 63. so if you’re   unsatisfied with the 751 horsepower available to  you at your questionable price 135 i’m estimating   then you’ll probably be satisfied with the 900 

Plus horsepower that we can almost certainly   that out there but let’s back it up what would   135 000 buy you relative to this odd segment of  somewhat premium vehicles this is i would say   full-on luxury within that segment you’ve got the  tesla model s plaid that’s about 131 000 to start   yeah it makes gobs more power

I think it’s like a  thousand and two horsepower or something like that   stupidly quick off the line then you’ve got   the lucid air dream and that one is a hundred and  seventy thousand dollars to start so that would   probably be more lined up with the price that  we can expect for the 63 version of the eqs amg  

That one makes a thousand one hundred and eleven  horsepower it gets to 60 in two and a half seconds   air dream would embarrass this car to 60   on the exterior is the interior of the lucid   air better than this i haven’t spent much time  in that vehicle yet so i can’t really compare   but i can say that the interior of

This car is  phenomenal the hyper screen is really solid the   ride quality is excellent the performance is fun  it’s really really fun not just in a straight line   also in a corner i’m excited about this car i’m  even more excited about getting my face torn off   by a 63 version but the 53s are not always wins in  amg’s

Lineup it’s an absolute win if you ask me in   this lineup well i go i couldn’t even conclude  it i was going to conclude it but then i brain   farted real hard guys if you’ve enjoyed this pov  drive review please like comment and share the   video subscribe to the channel hit that bell to  you

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