The 2022 Toyota GR86 is a True Modern Day AE86 Altezza

For 2022 The GR86 got a substantial revision, close to a ground-up redesign. With updated styling, improve interior design and more power the 86 is better than ever. The engine increases in size slightly upping horsepower to 228-hp, capable of rocketing this light-weight 2,800 pound sports car to 60-mph in a little over five seconds. With close to perfect 50/50 weight distribution the GR86 is one of the best handling cars you can buy and one of the funnest sports car to drive on public roads.

Hello joe here from infiniti of tacoma today i’m going to tell you about this awesome 2022 uh toyota gr 86 one of their sportiest uh and smallest vehicles this little lightweight 2800 pound uh sports car is a true sports car front engine rear wheel drive lightweight amazing performance i’d probably say the uh 86 the gr86 and obviously it’s a brother in the subaru

Brz which is its platform mate and the mazda miata are some of the most fun cars that you can drive on public roads there’s a saying that it’s more fun to drive a uh slower car fast than a faster car slow of course you can get you know plenty of high performance mustangs and camaros corvettes making over 500 horsepower but pushing those cars to the limits on public

Roads can put your license in danger you in danger and other people in danger um and you know obviously being slow as relative this car is not slow 220 horsepower or 0 to 16 and five and a half seconds obviously compared to like a 500 horsepower corvette or mustang it might seem slow but this car is forgiving it’s balanced this is a car that you can push hard on

Public roads you can find a nice curvy road and be rewarded with amazing handling uh this is just a driver’s car this car is designed to be fun but it’s also uh you know relatively affordable to own and to maintain it’s not really complex for exotic components in it you know simple boxer forcing their engine uh brought to you by subaru um so a really cool product

I always love these things i love the way they handle it just puts a smile on your face you find a curvy road uh and open this thing up and it’s just so much fun and it’s also uh this is a great uh daily commuter i’m six foot two i’m very comfortable in this car uh this one has a six-speed out of my transmission with paddle shifters you have a drive mode selector

Sport snow track mode um transmission is very easy to use obviously you can manually shift it here with the plus and minus but most people are probably going to use the paddle shifters it also does great in fully automatic mode nice comfortable supportive seats 2022 is a great year for the gr86 because it isn’t completely redesigned but it got its biggest revision

Uh pretty much ever since it was introduced but anyways uh 2022 a lot of great changes um you get more horsepower the uh previously two liter flat four engine was bored out to 2.4 liters so now uh instead of making around 200 horsepower it makes a little over 220 horsepower uh not very heavy 2800 pound car of twin 20 horsepower this thing scoots long 0 to 60. like

I said five and a half seconds uh nice uh leather up steering wheel you have the gr logo so we have adaptive cruise control uh forward collision warning for an emergency braking we have a dual zone auto climate control rear backup camera uh keyless ignition with push button start this is a clean carfax vehicle from the west coast only 5 201 miles of the time i’m

Making this video so it’s pretty close to near new condition uh pretty much stuck the one aftermarket thing i noticed is this nice performance exhaust definitely opens up that flat 4 inches in here some of that lovely music that engine makes it’s a probably one of the nicer sounding uh four-cylinder engine in my opinion i love flat four engines as i mentioned it

Was uh sourced from subaru subaru in toyota they partnered together with this platform you have the gr86 from toyota and then you have the subaru brz which is its platform buddy decent sized trunk uh then you have that cargo area protector there’s a nice exhaust system it kind of a bluish tinge to it to match the exterior color they did a great job revising the

Brz sorry called it brzda gr86 nice chiseled lines a very beautiful sleek looking vehicle and the 86 name has a lot of nostalgia for toyota they derived that name from the uh toyota ae86 a very popular lightweight compact world drive sports car from the 1980s that vehicle helped to put drifting on the map i was really kind of idolized in the anime series called

Initial d we’re uh that little toyota 88 8086 would race down a curvy road a mountain road in japan and uh it wasn’t as much uh how much horsepower you made uh racing down that road it was a how nimble and how good the driver was how well the vehicle handled and uh the cool thing about that movie or the anime series actually didn’t make a movie too um and what’s

Cool about the a86 is it just was a such a balanced lightweight vehicle that was uh just uh could really in technical tight roads you know keep up and even go faster than you know higher horsepower vehicles like rx-7s and and supras and sylvia’s and stuff like that so really popular series kind of uh you know put the uh 86 on the map and uh you know obviously

Toyota is keeping that uh that theme alive with this product right here and i think it’s a natural evolution to that concept lightweight uh front engine rear-wheel drive vehicle four-cylinder engine big on performance cheap on price there’s a fantastic flat 4 engine very simple uh i love the configuration of a flat force kind of pancake shaped uh so that allows

The hood to be kind of very uh slim increasing visibility you don’t have a big as a bulge in the front hood because of that flat engine design it also helps lower the center of gravity and just makes it a little bit better balanced and also safer in frontal collisions because the pancake design of the engine can push the engine underneath the vehicle in frontal

Collision versus inside the engine compartment due to that design really fantastic engine fantastic car we have complimentary shipping to washington oregon and idaho if you’re a little bit further away we can’t do complementary but we can ship just about anywhere in the country contact us for more details we can get you a shipping quote we’ll work with lots of

Logistics and transportation companies thanks for watching hope to see you soon and have a wonderful day

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The 2022 Toyota GR86 is a True Modern Day AE86 Altezza By INFINITI of Tacoma at Fife