The 2022 UX 250H is the Lexus for Young People

Special thanks to Zach at Toyota USA for the press loan! The UX was a pleasant car to be in, but I don’t think it would be my first pick in this segment. Here’s why!

When lexis introduced the ux back in 2019 they targeted it towards young people and as a young person myself let’s see if the 2022 lexus ux250h is a car that i would consider if i wasn’t an enthusiast so yes this is a 2022 lexus ux 250h and this one is the luxury trim so you could get three different trims there’s the base f sport and luxury this one as it sits

Here is right around forty three thousand dollars and it is fully loaded it has almost every option that you could get on the ux250h but forty three thousand dollars is pretty steep this was also the car that kind of pointed lexus into the direction that they’re going with their design language right now so it has that big spindle grill full led headlights because

This one is an upper trim level it has the triple beam led headlights which are very nice at night this one is sitting on 18 inch alloys that you can get on the luxury trim but other models will have different wheels like the f sport and the base ux 250 but you can see how small this is this goes against the mercedes gla the bmw x1 all those sub compact luxury

Well near luxury well no luxury crossovers and lexus says this is more of an suv but i mean just look at it it’s just a slightly taller hatchback and you can really see that in the trunk so for the ux you can choose two flavors you could choose a non-hybrid ux which uses the corolla hatchbacks engine it’s the two liter four-cylinder makes about 170 horsepower or

This 2-liter gasoline and electric powertrain well this is also known as a hybrid this one actually works quite well over the week i’ve been getting about 39 mpg combined it does not make a lot of power alexis says 181 horsepower but i have not found anywhere anywhere a torque figure but i know it’s going to be under 200 pound feet the gas engine powers the front

Wheels and uses a cvt but it’s a different cvt from the normal ux and the corolla hatchback that use that direct shift cvt that has that physical first gear and then the rest of it is a cvt i’ll talk about how that c dvt works a little bit later but in terms of the all-wheel drive system i consider this strictly an on-road car i feel like if you throw this against

Any type of obstacle you’ll see that it’s primarily front wheel drive the rear wheels are powered by an electric motor that doesn’t give it that much power you do notice it in you know the rain i’m curious to see how this would do in snow but this is not any type of soft rotor or off-roader maybe i can get a wheel up in the air no no at least the car looks cool

Huh oh yeah well i mean i did get a wheel up in the air you know i can rock the car back and forth but i want to see if i could get some wheels spinning so i have the front wheel up in the ear let’s see if it’ll do it i mean like the traction control works but that’s the hardest stuff that this car will probably do because this is the luxury version of this

Car you have a hands-free power tailgate that works pretty quickly but it does not show you a lot of room 21.7 cubic feet behind the second row it’s a 60 40 split second row and you get 40 cubic feet behind the first row but this isn’t really that much i know it’s a sub compact there is some space underneath uh you know a nice amount of room i don’t know why

They didn’t just make the floor a little bit lower because the lift over height is quite high i know this is the hybrid but um they could they could they could do better they could do a little bit better as far as towing is concerned you should not tow with this car but lexus says you could tow a thousand 85 pounds with your ux 250h this is the first time i’ve

Gotten in the back of this for being the cheaper lexus this still feels very well built this driver’s seat does an easy exit thing so this isn’t accurate but i’m still not that bad this is probably all the way back and i have an inch of legroom foot room is okay headroom pretty decent but the car does kind of go in at an angle which is interesting but i’m pretty

Comfortable i could sit back here they you know there are three seat belts in the back but this is really a four-seater for you know actual adults there are some creature comforts back here there’s two air vents but no third climate control and then there’s two usb type-c ports that’s nice that it’s usb type-c also an armrest with two cup holders but the armrest

Is soft comfortable i could sit back here on a road trip and be totally fine but that’s a problem with this car it’s so small you this is really only for two people and their luggage not four people and their luggage but enough dilly dallying let’s get in the front seat so if you’re a young adult like me you’d want something techy and comfortable and you know

Ergonomically correct since i got this car a few days ago i really have come to like it it’s just a sweet place to be and it looks cool and like there’s blue on the dash the seats i’ll talk about those it’s a white with a blue and it’s perforated leather it’s very soft very comfortable leather these seats are heated and cooled the steering wheel is lexus’s three

Spoke leather wrap wheel i really like it i’ve liked it since it came out on the es and on this car it’s thick the leather is soft it has some stitch in it this one does not have paddle shifters but you know other lexuses that are sportier have paddle shifters and let me talk about the gauges they’re not fully digital but most of it is digital you have a digital

Well in sport mode it’s a tachometer but in eco and normal it’s just a power meter there’s also a heads-up display which actually comes in handy all the time right now it’s showing the compass what gear i’m in so if i’m in driver park the speed i’m going and then also the same power bar that’s on the gauges something else that i like about this heads-up display

Is that it shows the music when i’m changing it which is very handy so i don’t have to look at my phone or look at the center screen but speaking about that center screen it’s a 10.3 inch display it uses lexus’s track pad which i you know it’s i’ve gotten used to it if you own one of these you’ll probably get used to it but it’s not that great to use if you’re

Just getting into it because i had to i there was a there was a bit of a learning curve i felt a little bit old not understanding everything immediately but it has apple carplay android auto this one has built-in navigation which does work pretty decent but i just like using my google maps you can also adjust the climate control in the infotainment screen but you

Have dual zone climate control and all the hard touch buttons are under that i’m also surprised you get a cd player that’s something that when i was working in dealerships people would complain about cd players going away and i kind of understand it because the music sounds better i also wanted to talk about the audio system in this car it’s not bad but it’s also

I’ve heard better it just doesn’t have that solid sound that you get from the bang and olfsen and even mark levinson systems this one does not have any upgraded audio systems but if i put it in reverse it’s funny the noise the car makes i hope that the mic is picking it up but you have a backup camera now lexus is current backup cameras have always been kind of

Underwhelming the quality is okay you have lines that steer with the wheel on both sides and then you can change the view you have physical buttons for the temperature controls for each seats and you also have a heated steering wheel though this thing gets hot if it was winter time i’d love it underneath all that there’s a 12 volt power outlet two big cup holders

Well they’re you know not huge but they’re a lot better than i’m used to my 2001 gs so old lexus cup holders are tiny the center armrest is also pretty comfortable and it opens both ways which is nice so you know you can share and play a game i’ve had this car for i think three or four days already um i have a full week with it this is my first press car actually

Which is quite cool but the car itself is not that cool i mean that’s not a bad thing it’s a great daily driver i’ve been dailying this i’ve been getting let’s see what my mpg say now let’s see here 39 mpg that’s crazy and i kind of have a heavy foot i don’t drive too crazy i am going to drive a little bit fun now because i’m on a back road which is very nice and

I’m gonna put myself in well i’m in sport now so i’ve enjoyed this car it’s not that fast of course it has a cvt you can kind of control the transmission i’ve actually not used this so let’s see how it is on this back road you can also hear the road noise isn’t that bad the car the engine noise isn’t that loud either let’s see second wow so it feels like nothing

There is no communication that’s kind of why i kind of froze there’s no communication between me the steering wheel and the two front wheels um and that’s not a bad thing i’m just looking at it in an enthusiast mindset the tires like to chirp and this really does feel very front wheel drive i do feel the rear end come out just a little bit but not a lot really and

That’s just because most of the power comes from the front wheels and then this has you know economy based tires since i’m behind some slow poke in an x6m comp come on man go a little bit faster on this back road you have something that’s the ultimate driving experience but in normal mode it’s very smooth i mean the cvt you do know that it’s there it doesn’t fake

Shift which i kind of am okay with the cvt’s fake shifting because it sounds like you’re hurting the car this is a bumpy road and it’s taking the bumps quite well it takes the bumps pretty well thank you tahoe for stopping for the line of like four cars the throttle response isn’t that bad it does drone i mean every cvt is gonna drone that’s why i kind of like the

Cvts that you know fake shift at least because when this is in sport mode and i’m on the highway this thing sounds like i’m going to blow up a blender and then if you punch it it burns rubber i mean not really but it just like has so much power going to the well so much power going to the front wheels it’s funny the traction control light goes off but see that’s why

The rear doesn’t seem to really do much i’m gonna turn off traction control and then put it in sport and let’s see oh i mean it’s not terribly slow like it gets up to speed and at speed i’ll put myself back in normal mode turn traction control off oh the brakes are good this does regen braking which is nice let’s see how it takes off this is like half throttle

It’s not bad this is not going to throw you in your seat at all but this is a good car for mpgs that’s why you get this car it’s luxurious comfortable and reliable i’m gonna get on the highway but i’m not gonna put myself in sport mode because there’s no point but let’s see how it takes this corner oh traction control this is like it’s i mean you can drive it

To have fun but this is not a fun car like it takes corners quite well it’s pretty flat and on the highway if i close the sun visor if i close the sun visor it’s quiet in here and power if i’m passing you know doing higher speeds it’s not bad but it just the engine sounds like a like it sounds like i’m gonna break it and that’s just that’s why i don’t like cvts

But i do get how they’re economical okay let’s see it there’s some torques dear too it does play with like it does mess with the wheel a little bit why are people going so slow makes no sense welcome to my town this is funny people looking at me when i chirp the tires with this but that’s why it’s just very front-wheel drive i’d like to see maybe in the winter

Time how this would do in the snow if the rear wheels actually help it um at all because in the dry it doesn’t feel like it so i don’t know how it would be in slippery conditions the ux 250h is this the car for young people for me because i’m an enthusiast and this car is so numb in a good way it’s not for me but it might be for you because it gets really good

Mpgs i’ve been getting 39 mpg combined with a pretty heavy foot which is surprising for the people that have the vocabulary like me it’s mid it’s not bad it’s not great it’s just mid and that’s kind of what makes this car itself but enough weird observations and weird sentences that don’t make sense i’ll see you in the next video thank you for watching liking

Commenting and subscribing and just all the support you’ve been giving me recently i’ll see you in the next video bye peeps

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