The 2022 VW Taos 4Motion has arrived at Hunt Club Volkswagen

Finally, the wait has come to an end. We have exciting news for you! We have two 2022 VW Taos available for you to test drive. You can now pre-order your brand new 2022 VW TAOS at Ottawa’s favourite VW dealer, Hunt Club Volkswagen. VW Taos will be available in three trim levels Trendline, Comfortline and Highline. To order yours today or for more information on the pricing of 2022 Taos. Visit or call us at 613-521-2300.

Good morning everybody my name is brogan levine i’m standing here outside of hunt club volkswagen on this beautiful monday morning hope everybody is having a great summer this year everything’s opening up everyone’s super excited to be going out and here i have something that hopefully going to make that a little bit better take a look behind me the new 2022

Volkswagen taos no better way to be driving around this summer going up to the cottage going to the campground then in a beautiful car like this it’s an all-new model from volkswagen meant to be a little bit of a smaller model than this lovely tiguan over here and let me just add by the way that’s the tiguan united which is also on sale right now with a really

Really great offer take a look how beautiful that is now we’re here today to focus on the taos now what this vehicle is is a smaller more compact just as beautiful version of the tiguan you’ll see coming here to the back it’s a little bit shorter right beside the tiguan and coming up here not quite as long in the back however it does still have that same width

That same sort of space and cargo that you’re used to with that larger tiguan model now let me take you on the inside so you can see all the features on that now i’m here inside this house and i know what you’re thinking look at this car it’s new it’s updated this new shifter some new design on the inside of the car with the steering wheel and the volkswagen

Logo take a look here at the front one of the more prominent features of this new taus this digital cockpit so it’s a little bit bigger than some of those previous models and let me tell you it really does add to the interior of this car another thing coming out with these new comfort line the leatherette mixed with these suede seats really really looks nice

With these features with the features of this vehicle and the design you know the new design of the mats here everything like that however it’s still gonna come with that same volkswagen comfortability you know the same sort of feel and all those features that you’re used to the features that you love and take a look at this the panoramic sunroof still comes

With a smaller model don’t be fooled volkswagen will never stop with that sunroof now that you’ve had a sneak peek of this all news house we have two in stock right now they’re ready to drive we’re now accepting pre-orders on these lovely new cars so if you have the chance come on down get your opportunity to drive these vehicles before they’re gone because

They’re really exciting and they’re gonna be gone quick so we’ll see you soon

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The 2022 VW Taos 4Motion has arrived at Hunt Club Volkswagen By Hunt Club Volkswagen