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The 2023 Honda OdysseyBlack Edition

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The 2023 Honda Odyssey

Hey guys so i’m doing a quick video here today to show you guys young pina habagona odyssey for 2023 which is this one here which is the honda odyssey black edition so in the years past you know the hidden smart videos we’ve had the pilot black edition we’ve had the passport in the black edition crv black edition so for 2023 myanmar odyssey now black edition now

For the 2023 model years no um as per honda canada we are almost like completely sold out now 2023 the manga model years daihan narrations as a global inventory shortage you know as you guys are aware the microchip shortage which has affected you in production among a brand new nasa satyan globally and across all brands so with that in mind you know even sahonda

Canada website now especially for this vehicle here in the odyssey very very very limited available in the inventory now with that being said if you are interested in this kind of vehicle here um we can try placing an order for you but it will most likely be a 2024 model now so this one here was a special special order for a client no um as you can see it has your

Frags which is normally indica sakiya so just like all the black edition vehicles now honda as you can see it’s got the nice black exterior you know led headlights and the lino canyon fog lamps so you can see there so it doesn’t have young black edition the badging sahara pan like the other uh vehicles no however you can actually see your badging instead i’m going

To show you guys later so another exclusive with the black edition is always the 19-inch wheels with the alloys and glossy black for the odyssey it’s got the chrome trim which goes really well right with the black non you got your turn signal lights there very nice black contrast no chrome gloss in the wheels no on the actual vehicle itself so youngsha so

As you guys know you know if um or maybe you know you’re familiar with honda vehicles the black edition is pretty much a touring with just extra embellishments so mainly your aesthetic embellishments this one here also has the led tail lights as you can see there the blacked out odyssey badging dito black edition badge so as you can see right right from the very

Back now we got the backup sensors here so i got backup sensors lock up cameras right there so this one here has the kickstart lift gate so all you have to do is go like this it’s going to open up signatures so this is young version honda for the stowaway seats so green china fold down and to bring these up all you have to do is hold it here so as you can see

You know ayansha put that up and there you go really easy like that now so we’re going to do the same thing here 60 40 split one and there you go so you got all this nice cargo space over here so with the black edition the interior is going to be leather with the exclusive red stitching red stitching that is exclusive the black edition trims on the vehicles you

Got a power outlet and electronics a power outlet there now the one thing i am going to point out and it’s a bit unfortunate now is in the years past the touring vacuum which was normally here so unfortunately for 2023 for the black edition vacuum so i do have to point that out you know as a parent myself i like you on vacuum so it sucks doesn’t have it anymore

But anyways moving on power liftgate so let’s close that up it also has young power sliding doors i’m going to show you guys here so just pull this up a little bit like this so on the inside in the man so you can see this is a three seater sagittana however you can actually take the seat off so if you want to turn this into the traditional minivan you can take

The middle seat out para now i’m going to fold the seat forward as you do that you just have to pull this now to go in the back there now so on the back here that’s rob very nice comfortable seats one thing i like with this one here is a family vehicle it has this shade window shade for the third row so i know for some vehicles walaito but there you go so if

You can’t afford young tint and you want that extra shades and i think tint limo tint would look really good extra shade especially if kids are going to be the ones i like this feature here there’s also another power outlet here again for extra charging the headphone jack nato is for the headphones that comes with the vehicle so you do have the option to go wired

Or wireless for the headset and that headset is for the built-in dvd slash media player so if you’re not familiar with the page go i actually demonstrated how this works in the past not for dvds nintendo switch so they brought their nintendo switch we plugged it in here they were able to play with their nintendo switch and in theory right all the game systems that

You may have pretty much success so just bring hdmi cord and my power outlet then game system and you can watch dvds you can watch uh movies you can play video games sir screen and again this is a very family friendly feature and i like with the honda odyssey and you know the honda pilot also has this as well same thing there on the other side now really cool thing

On the other side right it has the usb charging ports i forgot the actual term but anyways you guys know what i mean right if masaelan usb ball then you can charge your devices here as well so it’s really nice same on the other side the sunshade is there as well it’s gotta bring that up and there you go very nice space wise not bad for an adult here in the back

So as i mentioned before i’m five foot ten so even you know still pretty good space still pretty good leg room of course you can’t you can’t stretch young legs small right which is why most of the time the third row seat deto is better suited parasamanga may eat nabata or maybe smaller adults or smaller teenagers but for somebody my size it’s still pretty good

So let’s get out of the vehicle and to do this let’s just pull that up so this seat here as you can see lengthwise is adjustable so you can have this one here a little bit more to the front extra legroom and you can also move this back and go tomorrow it’s a nice little lever down here as you can see so space wise let’s take a seat let’s see so again really

Good space for somebody my size no sims power sliding door so you can open and close them from the inside so just like the rear it also has the sun shade built in detail again family needs in mind right you have the sun shade same thing dendito shadito sahokito so in combination with limo tint it’s going to make the vehicle look good stay cool during the summer

And you know extra shade for the kids middle row so since you can take this panel of hunger mo you’re going to notice that both the left and the right side passenger seats has the hand rests which are really nice you just go like that now or paras i can kind of see it now now you know with the hand dress and stuff like that so with the black edition as well

You’re gonna notice aside from the red stitching you’re going to notice the perforated leather seats it’s supposed to help keep the leather cool you know right and of course aside from the dvd player you got your hdmi ports here and usb charging ports over there if you ever want to put your extra stuff here these are also leather so extra pocket here one pocket

Here soya and cha very nice so to get out let’s do this driver’s side not in so you got your power adjustable seats again with the perforated leather interior and the exclusive black edition stitching so going inside just like all the other black edition trim the vehicles you’re going to notice the piano black and piano black trim right with the wood grain

Combination here wood grain black leatherette and piano black the plastic trim here since this is pretty much a touring trim it has all the features now you can find it’s a honda offering so it has the gps it has the backup camera has the push button start it has the heated and cooling seats over there econ mode right so you guys can back up cameron yeah so all

The bells and whistles that you can find in the honda vehicle nandito the dvd slash blu-ray player is down here now the power outlet this one here used to be silicon so honda moved it here and again it’s one of those features that i like knowing actually if you notice there usb charging ports here and of course another power outlet over here now by going back

To scenario if you bring your kids game systems or nintendo switch or whatnot success adapter put the game system here so you know and then they can play their stuff suck my hdmi so this one here also has the hand rest again these are really handy to have muggle drive car here you can along drive so much more comfortable so this one here so you can see if you

Can tell is the wireless charging system so you can charge your phone here depends on the phone case number one car if your phone is enabled for wireless charging you do have a charge pad there dynamo the vehicle comes with two headsets for the dvd player slash media player with a remote and of course extra inputs there’s aux cable input usb input if you want

To put your music or movies a usb stick so yeah glove box of course the usual right there let’s put this on park leather wrap steering wheel heated steering wheel for all of us for all of us who live in western canada who you know may heat the steering wheel so the vehicle has it all the safety features honda right you got your pre-coalition mitigation braking

System you got your rear traffic sensors let’s see if i can show you guys here safety support so as you can see there no zoom camera so road departure mitigation system blind spot monitors let’s turn that on actually collision mitigation braking systems all the safety features young that is the one thing that i don’t you know i miss about the old generation uh

And the lower trims you honda lane watch so it doesn’t have the honda lane watch anymore blind spot monitor in the it’s not even there guys it’s actually here so this part here will light up is so overall a very nice vehicle you know i wasn’t expecting the honda will put out the black edition for the odyssey i was actually hoping they would do a black edition

For the civic or maybe the accord but you know they gave it to the odyssey which again looks nice if you don’t want to drive a standard typical minivan or maybe you like the odyssey but you want you were hoping that it would look a bit more cooler a bit more nicer right then the black edition is definitely a trim that you should consider if big if you can find

One very very limited in supply we the sunroof is there forgot to point that out programmable driver seats and i have a pushbutton built in a remote starter mechanically speaking well unlike baggage a 2022 model 2023 it still runs on the 3.5 liter v6 engine like it’s pretty much the same it just so happens now benign ash and black edition which is you know the

More sleeker more nicer more fancier looking uh not version for our honda vehicles so there you go guys so again if you’re interested in a honda odyssey in the black edition let me know say we have to order this in now price point wise it’s not cheap okay i believe this one here is nothing 60 thousand could be more i don’t have the exact pricing on me and most

Of the time whenever i do these videos i never go into detail surprising because 99 of my clients you know are financing their purchases so of course there’s going to be taxes there’s going to be fees so and of course credit right so that’s why i never go into detail surprising whenever i do these videos i just wanted to show you guys features and to give you

An idea honda odyssey for 2023 which is this one here the black edition

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The 2023 Honda Odyssey◼️Black Edition◼️ By Pinoy Car Talk