The 2023 Lexus RX Family Is The Start Of A Bold New Electrified Chapter For Lexus

The #LexusRX has been completely redesigned for 2023. We had an opportunity to spend a day with the #RX350, #RX350h, #RX450h +, and finally the flagship #RX500h #FSportPerformance. #Lexus offers of choice between a base 2.4L turbo gas-only engine to 3 different #Hybrid options.

Hey everybody today you joined me out in beautiful santa maria california with the entire 2023 lexus rx family this vehicle has been completely redesigned this year it’s now in its fifth generation and as you can see i have two of the models here however lexus brought out the entire rx family so in this video we’re actually going to go over every model in more detail

We’re going to show you guys everything from the base rx 350 which is the hybrid right here all the way to this rx 500 f sport performance so let’s get into it so i want to make it clear that there is an embargo on driving impressions and some specs of the vehicle until september 9th at 6 a.m eastern standard time so i’m going to tell you about as much as i can

Because this is our first time seeing this car in person lexus revealed it back in may but sadly we missed that program because we were sick so now that we have all of the models here let’s go ahead and start with the exterior walk around because seeing these cars in person for the first time completely different versus seeing it in pictures some cars photograph

Pretty well and then they look so like uh in person however i will say that the new rx has a design that really uh mimics what you guys expect from an rx remember this is literally the best-selling luxury vehicle in america it’s been like that uh for over two decades although it technically lost the crown to the tesla model 3 if you guys would consider that a

Luxury oriented vehicle now the two vehicles that i’m showing you here we’re going to show you also a 350 and a 450 450h plus that’s the plug-in hybrid that lexus has been kind of tight-lipped about these two models here are kind of the two electrified halo versions with the halo actually being more this copper crest rx 500 hf sport performance i know that is

A tongue twisting word but this is the new flagship of the rx family you can see the styling of this model is quite controversial especially when lexus first revealed the vehicle the first thing you’re going to notice at the front is the new spindle body grille now obviously they’ve introduced that hourglass spindle grill for quite some time but there’s this new

Portion here where this is kind of like it’s fully upright the grill along with this kind of painted area here that kind of creates almost like a nose a big nose the f sport model as you can see this sport performance has the intricate l’s with the black painted uh areas it’s got the full led headlights by leds are standard this model here has the optional triple

Beam full leds and then the export performance also adds kind of more black accents here on the lower portion there’s still a silver painted area here on the front splitter you have led fog lights along with some functional air intake vents i can’t technically tell you what i think of the styling but let me know in the comments below if you guys like the design the

Copper crest color is certainly a very sparkly color out here in the sunlight that’s a factual thing here i’m not talking about my driving or my impressions on how the vehicle’s styling is but you will notice this vehicle sits a lot lower and wider versus the previous generation now over here this model here is the rx 350h so this is technically a new model as well

Along with the 500h this model is the hybrid version that you also find in the nx350h it also shares a powertrain with the toyota highlander hybrid the toyota rav4 hybrid and what that basically means is uh 246 horsepower which i’ll get under the hood and i’ll talk about that later but we have three electric motors standard all-wheel drive the rear styling of the

Rx you can see has some of the newer elements of uh lexus’s design signature you have that full light blade that’s kind of going across the vehicle it spells lexus here at the back this is the non-f sport version so as you can see it’s got less of an aggressive rear splitter it’s got that rx350h badge and then you can see here no visible exhaust tips it’s overall

You can see very uh distinctive but also it looks like an rx and that’s kind of what lexus was going with with this new generation i want you to follow me over here to the side profile because i want to talk about the wheels now first of all in terms of the overall length before we get to the wheels this vehicle is the exact same size at 192.5 inches long the l

Has been dropped because lexus uh said that sales weren’t really great it had a terrible third row anyways there should be a model that replaces that that’s going to have a new name that will be their full three row luxury crossover that will be coming to market very soon we don’t have a name for that yet but its wheelbase has been stretched by about 2.4 inches

So at 112.2 inch long wheelbase lexus basically pushed the wheels out and gave us more interior space however i don’t have interior figures just yet and then you can take your pick between either a 19 inch wheel or go up to a 21 inch wheel you can see this is the 21 inch wheel that you get on the nx 350h this is the premium plus model so it’s one notch below the

Luxury you can see it’s wrapped in a 235 50 series tire it’s a bridgestone all-season tire the wheels i actually think they look good with the two-tone look especially with this matador red color i want to show you guys the rx 500hf sport performance though because the wheels on this version definitely don’t look like they belong on an rx i mean this looks more

Akin to an is-500f sport performance but these are a matte black 21-inch wheel you can see this wheel design is exclusive to the f-sport performance that you get on this model and then you also are going to notice the brakes these are upgraded by 2.5 inches in diameter it’s over 15.4 inches in diameter it’s got a six piston caliper at the front six piston caliper

On an rx remember this vehicle used to just be classified as a mommy crossover but this is bringing some serious heat some serious performance to kind of back up the look and the name you can see the f-sport performance also has a unique f-sport badge where it’s got a black accented background it’s got more body colored trim along the lower part of the side splitter

It’s got black painted side mirrors over here that’s how you know this is an f sport performance along with black window trim black roof rails you can get a panel roof on basically all the trims it’s like an extra charge all the standard sunroofs are just going to be that standard roof and then you can see here that signature floating roof design here is still

Carried over it’s one of the things that lexus has been doing on the rx for a year so they wanted to include that for the new generation and then on at the back here i want to show you guys really quickly what the 500h looks like with the f-sport package you can see unlike the regular hybrid that’s a non-f sport which you can’t get as an f-sport this has a much

More aggressive rear diffuser although i will say a lot of these vents appear to be non-functional but it does make for a more aggressive look there’s a rx 500h direct4 badge which the direct4 which we’ll talk about under the hood means that it’s got a much stronger rear electric motor now i do want to show you guys the cargo area really quick we’ll just focus on

This model here lexus doesn’t have final figures just yet but the old rx had one of the bigger cargo areas in the segment i’m going to estimate maybe just over 40 cubic feet you fold them down it might expand it out to just under 80 cubic feet it’s a fairly good size uh cargo area and then underneath here there you can see there is a temporary spare tire looks

Like uh with a jack and whatnot no underfloor storage because that’s where the spare tire goes but overall obviously the two-row model remains a very practical car so lexus is really known for their really fancy interiors and this is my first time seeing the new rx on the inside so i’m going to show you guys all the different touch points and the style of this

Interior this one here is macadamia so it’s got the light color leather and it’s got really looking seats and bamboo trim now getting inside you can see it has that step in height and i have to say if you guys have been in the new nx this is going to feel pretty familiar because you have the same dashboard layout you have a 14 inch display over here this is the

Optional screen and it’s got a 7-inch display over here as i get in and shut the door the door has a pretty sounding thunk so impressions oops that’s an impression didn’t say that can you like i mean i can beep it maybe yeah what can i have we’re gonna have some beeps in here okay yeah it’s fun the door sounds like a door closing because i’m not supposed to talk

About impressions but um looking at the rest of this cabin here you can see this is the newer steering wheel that we first saw on the lexus lx and the nx there’s this really interesting display over here this is for the traffic jam assist apparently this is a new safety feature that’s part of the lexus safety system 3.0 it allows you to basically go hands-free

At speeds below 25 miles an hour which is and then the rest of this interior you can see you’ve got the bamboo wood over here you’ve got some stitching along the dashboard there’s some piano black plastic trim along the entire you know infotainment area which uh some of you have said in the nx you don’t particularly like that look and then over here on the center

Console you can see there is more of that bamboo wood there’s a digital shifter over here or electronic shifter and then you can see here wireless phone charging pad a little bit more storage there’s four usb charging ports right here uh which is definitely and then you can see over here cup holders uh you have a few buttons here for the electronic parking brake

Your drive mode selector this is an interesting thing it’s actually located in the screen so i was expecting lexus to give me a button for that but to get to that you have to go here to vehicle and then go to drive mode you can change between four different drive modes uh which is interesting um although i would have preferred probably a button over here on the

Center stack you can see uh leather covered armrests which is there’s two different ways you can open it you can open it from that way the driver’s side or the passenger side and from the driver’s side so it is pretty they give us both those options and then this model here has the real leather seats on the premium plus they adjust in 10 ways they are also heated

And ventilated with three person memory on this side and then above me here you can see just a standard sunroof you can get a panel roof on most of the trims so that’s a really nice touch if you guys want that feature let me go ahead and hop into the back seats though and show you guys that really quickly as you can see i don’t have legroom figures yet but for

Somebody my height five foot seven i can get pretty back here and in terms of uh features there is a fairly good amount you can see heated and ventilated seats which i wasn’t expecting two usb charging ports rear seat air vents storage pockets not a flat floor over here but there’s also an armrest here that gives you two cup holders and these seats also do offer a

Recline function so obviously i don’t have final legroom figures yet but the rx has always been a really great family car just as long as you don’t need a third row because you can’t get that on this new generation so kicking off the powertrain scene this is where things are going to get a little bit long and a little bit complicated so have a seat and grab some

Popcorn because i’m going to start off the new powertrains for the rx with this model here this is the rx350 so there’s no h there’s no additional badging this means you have a new 2.4 liter turbocharged direct injection four-cylinder this is replacing the old v6 remember the previous generation had a v6 as its only power trains even the hybridized model uh this

Makes 275 horsepower and 317 pound-feet of torque now if you’re keeping score this has about 20 less horsepower than the v6 but nearly 50 more pound-feet of torque when you’re talking about the two-row model so that’s a nice healthy increase in torque it all goes out through an 8-speed automatic transmission front or all-wheel drive is going to be an option now i

Don’t have fuel economy as of this filming but you can watch that you can find out that later when you come back after the embargo lifts but performance lexus says 0-6 issue around should be around 7.2 seconds for the all-wheel drive version 7.5 if you guys go for the front-wheel drive model but let me go ahead and close the hood show you guys really quickly this

Model here this is a grayson water 350 all-wheel drive with the f sport handling package so that basically means you have the f sport specific grille uh you have the intricate l’s over here you have this kind of horseshoe shaped trim which is painted in silver you’ll see on the aft sport performance it’s actually painted in black and then this model here also has

The triple beam full led headlights which give it a little bit more of a distinctive sportier look and then around the side profile here you can see um the wheels on this model are unique to the f-sport handling package which means you have these 21 inch gloss black wheels they’re riding on two 35 50 series tires this is a goodyear eagle touring tire you can see

The brakes are also upgraded on the f-sport handling model to give you a 15 and a half inch rotor with a six piston caliper which is really really impressive the f-sport badge over here has a white background you still have a black painted side mirror here and then you can see chrome trim along the window trim which i prefer the black a blacked out look which you

Can still get on the handling or the performance model now you can see here the floating roof remains and while i try not to trip over these rocks over here looking at the rear of the vehicle you can see the f-sport handling also gives you a more aggressive sporty rear bumper with some faux vents and then you can see here rx 350 all-wheel drive badge not a single

F-sport badge here but you do have that new signature light blade now even though lexus expects this to be the volume i suspect most of you are probably going to go for the model that i’m going to show you after this vehicle so while the turbocharged rx350 should be sufficient for most people i imagine some consumers are going to want to go electrified which is why

The rx350h exists this is a new model this year and it essentially combines the same powertrain that we find from the nx350h and the toyota rav4 hybrid so we have a two and a half liter four-cylinder naturally aspirated that runs on the atkinson cycle it makes 246 horsepower combined now combined means that you’ve got two electric motors in the front and one motor

At the back powering the rear axle so there’s no physical connection between the engine and the rear drive shaft like there is in the uh rx 350 gas only model lexus did say that you probably can expect around 190 horsepower from the gas engine alone so the electric powertrain adds a good amount of punch up to 246 and 233 this also has an ecvt that’s very typical

With a lot of toyota lexus powertrains it’s going to make the powertrain very efficient i don’t have fuel economy figures just yet as of this filming come back on september 9th where i will be able to share that information for you the beauty about the nx350 or the rx350h is all-wheel drive is standard that’s an extra charge when you guys go for the uh regular

Gas only version so that’s one of the reasons why you want to go for this lexus also claims performance should be pretty similar which is one of the reasons why you want to go for this because acceleration will be similar and fuel economy will be much better but i want to walk you over here to show you the flagship of the rx family now this is the rx 500 h f sport

Performance i have to say that slowly because i’ll trip myself up if i don’t say it slowly but this essentially is a lot of firsts for lexus as a brand not just the rx family this combines the 2.4 liter turbocharged engine that we got from the rx350 with a separate e-axle at the back which is a separate motor and generator lexus claims that this combination is

Going to be good for up to 367 horsepower that’s the most powerful that we’ve ever seen from an rx and torque they’re saying is 406 pound feet now uh the the interesting part about this combination is instead of a cvt it uses a six-speed automatic transmission that six-speed auto lexus says they chose in order to get the best performance because that model there

Is all about efficiency this model here is all about performance lexus already announced 0-60 5.9 is their estimate versus 7.4 for the regular hybrid and then 7.2 for the nx350 um which again will make it the quickest accelerating rx ever we don’t have fuel economy figures just yet but i will share that for you when our separate video on this vehicle will post on

September 9th so be sure to come back then i don’t have curb weight figures just yet either but i am very much intrigued to drive this so uh uh you guys will have to watch that separate video when we post that on september 9th so moving down the rx family lineup i’m going to show you a model that we are getting here in america but lexus is very tight-lipped on when

We’re actually getting it in america so this model here is actually a european spec rx 450h plus which means this has the same plug-in hybrid powertrain from the nx450h plus and of course the toyota rav4 prime now lexus doesn’t have too much information on this but we’re gonna go ahead and assume it’s got a two and a half liter atkinson cycle four cylinder with

Three electric motors it has the same 18.1 kilowatt hour battery pack now lexus didn’t disclose horsepower or torque figures but this powertrain in the nx makes 304 horsepower it’s paired with an evs ecvt it’s got standard all-wheel drive we don’t know how much range it’s going to give us the nx gives us about 37 miles of pure electric only range so i’m going to

Assume because this is bigger and slightly heavier this should be a little bit less i’m going to go ahead and go on a limb here and guess maybe around 35 miles so this model here should be the one to get for those of you who want to get some electric only range however it no longer qualifies for the federal tax credit because of that new uh law that went into place

Until lexus moves production of this vehicle from japan into north america but quick walk around to show you guys the exterior styling this one here is a luxury trim it looks like painted in eminent white pearl you’ve got the spindle body grille at the front you’ve got the optional triple beam led headlights which i’m not sure what the pricing is yet the this one

Here is not an f sport as you can see so you have more of the luxury styling elements it looks good in this eminent white pearl i think that lexus has done a really great job with making this thing look just like an rx but also making it appear more fresh around the side profile you can see 21 inch wheels riding on 235 50 bridgestone our bridgestone alt all season

Tires it’s a good wheel i like the multiple design spokes you can see body colored mirrors you also have a panoramic glass roof with the silver painted low profile roof rails which is definitely nice and then the charge port is going to be over here on the passenger side at the back now obviously this is a european spec car so as you can see the port is a euro plug

This is not the us spec j1772 i don’t have any charging figures but we know that the one in the nx has a 6.6 kilowatt on-board charger that’s the faster one there’s also a slower 3.3 which should take roughly two and a half hours to charge i’m going to assume this is the same thing now at the back you can see the plug-in hybrid you want to be able to tell it’s a

Plug-in hybrid aside from the badge it’ll say rx450h plus with all-wheel drive it’s standard you have that same light blade with the lexus that’s spelled out at the back it’s a really distinctive looking vehicle and then looking at the cargo area you can see i was expecting the cargo to area to stay the same we don’t have final figures just yet lexus does give

Us some underfloor storage the 12 volt battery should also be back here as well you can see there’s the charge cable in this case a european charge cable the seats still fold down in the 60 40 manor as well so with this new rx lexus pretty much left no stone unturned and you have to admit it is impressive that they are offering so many different power trains on the

Vehicle i’m really excited to get behind the wheel of all of them but remember this is just a first look you be sure to come back on september 9th at 6 a.m eastern standard time we’ll show you guys some full driving impressions with the 500h f sport performance the rx350h the regular 350 and of course the rx450h plus i also don’t have full pricing on this vehicle

Yet that’s something that lexus will announce as we get closer to the on sale date but i can tell you that they will start shipping dealers toward the end of the year because this will be a 2023 model year and these vehicles will either be built in canada or they’ll be built in japan that’s something of course to keep in mind if you guys haven’t uh the plug-in

Hybrid version on your short list which lexus again wasn’t able to share when that model will be coming to the us but until then i hope you guys have enjoyed my very detailed first look on all of the rx models from the 350 all the way up to this 500 hfs for performance if you’re also looking to see the latest cars i’m testing be sure to follow me on instagram at

Redline underscore reviews like us on facebook and as always guys please keep subscribing to the redline reviews youtube channel for all the latest reviews thank you so much for watching i’ll catch you all in the next video you

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