The 2023 RAM 2500 HD REBEL Is Here Its No Ford Tremor But It Has A Cummins

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Welcome back to the channel man guys we got some exciting stuff happening in the hd segment so ford as you know just announced that they were redesigning their forge super duty i will do a video on that stay tuned i just i’m still getting my thoughts together right there’s a lot of stuff i’m not understanding so before i do a video i just want to do a little bit

More research and bring you guys a good video but apart from that i did do a video in the new gm refresh check that out but we’re going to talk today about the 2023 ram rebel really excited about this the hd segment for off-roading seems to be really popular uh power wagon was the first one in the market that truck’s been around for years decades really and it’s

Really opened the door for people who do want to use your truck for not just towing but going off-road as well and the rebel’s supposed to fill a void in the ram line up here because the power wagon is a purpose-built truck and with that being said this is the perfect time for ram to really stay ahead of the marketplace in the past ram did not have a truck that

Could compete with the trimmer because as i mentioned power wagon only had a towing capacity of 10 000 pounds they reduced the gross field coin rating therefore the truck was lighter than its counterparts but the problem was you couldn’t tow as much so this rebel is going to fill that void and it should compete well we’ll see let’s get into the video and if you are

Original subscribe to my channel as you guys know i love my rv i did not buy a house in case you’re wondering this is actually an airbnb absolutely beautiful we’re out here in utah my parents were coming into town to visit me and my wife and my kids and so they actually got this and now i want a house now so here’s what car and driver had to say about the new rebel

Hd ram can’t get enough of off-roaders in its lineup of trucks so it’s adding in another terrain stomping model in the form of a heavy duty version of the popular rebel trim set to go on sale by the end of the year at a starting price of 68 940 the 2020 ram 2500 rebel will sit alongside the 2500 power wagon with which it shares similar road hogging dimensions now

They did not widen this truck just so you guys know the power wagon is not widen either i know that the trx has a wider stance compared to like the rebel and the other ram trucks but just want to make that clear real quickly but of course pavement is only one place one can expect to see the ram 2500 rebel this massive hunk of steel comes with plenty of off-roading

Gear straight from the factory including a limited slip rear differential with an electronic locker 20 inch wheels on 33 inch off-road tires and a set of protective skid plates now as you know those skid plates are probably the same ones they’ve been using to protect the fuel tank and the transfer case and also to protect your ego in the case you mess up your

Truck going off-road now here’s the good news if you do find yourself in a tricky spot there’s an available 12 000 pound winch that mounts on the truck’s front bumper now here’s some not so great news the standard engine is a 410 horsepower 6.4 liter v8 but unlike the power wagon the 2500 rebel can also be ordered with a six seven cummins the diesel engine makes

370 horsepower 850 pound-feet of torque it’s far more than that of the gasoline v8 which is rated for just 429 pound-feet and don’t expect ram to raise the gvwr for this truck so you can actually have a decent payload with the diesel obviously heavy duty trucks are best used for towing and the rebel 2500 certainly can tug a lot the maximum towing capacity is 16

870 pounds and the truck’s payload is rated for about 3140 pounds the interior can be outfitted with a bench or bucket seats up front but they are cross seating locks you out of the fanciest leather upholstery that is only available on the bucket seats an optional 12-inch digital gauge display can be reconfigured to show a dizzying number of menus all of which are

Intended to give the driver a customized view whatever information is most pertinent to the task at hand look for the 2500 rebel to hit deal lots where it will fit right in among ramp’s other off-road models including the 2500 power wagon the 1500 trx and the 1500 rebel in the fourth quarter of 2022. so it’s not a lot of information on the rebel with current drivers

So far but all things considered good information limited slip rear uh electronic locking and 33 inch tires off-road tired at that i think they’re going to be working on an 18 inch wheel too so hopefully hopefully they do provide a 35 inch tire option that would be amazing if they did that now 20 inch wheel i know how ram is it is a new design wheel so hopefully

They were smart enough to make it 20 by eight and a half because 20 by 8 is not wide enough for trucks if you want to go 35 by 12 and a half obviously you can get them to fit on eight wide wheel is not recommended and obviously it could change the characteristics of how your truck handles and if you’re towing that may not be a good thing which is why i still went

With a 295 65 20 on my ram because it’s a 20 by 8 inch wheel but um what else the digital cluster is optional which i think a lot of people will probably like that especially there have been some claims that there’s issues with the uconnect 5. and so i don’t blame people for potentially skipping that option if they don’t have to get that i didn’t like the aspect

Of having to go to bucket seats to get leather you can get leather on the laramie six passenger but on this truck you can’t i don’t know about that one i think that they should have just given you option for leather seats for six passengers or two and one thing i did not see in the press release is the 3500s having this rebel uh option so we’ll have to wait and

See if they add that but for now the last thing i’ll say is i love the fact that they’re giving it a winch it’s probably gonna be the same one that comes on the power wagons 12 000 pound capacity i don’t believe it’ll probably come on the cummins option trucks only or will be available for the cummins option trucks i should say only because where they put the

Winch at that’s pretty much where the air feeds through to go to the intercooler so that possibly could uh make that not available for the comments so apart from that i like everything that i see i want to sit down because i’m about to give my thoughts on this thing i love the fact that ram optioned the new hds with the rebel trim package absolutely amazing and

I will reserve my feelings until i look at one and then build one online but i don’t see the fact that you can get it on the 3500 that was very very silly hopefully hopefully they changed that another thing is i was hoping they would allow this to be available for the long bed now obviously most people buying long beds don’t ever intend to go off-road it’s too

Long of a truck but it’s still a good option to have because half the time is just for looks anyways no one’s really taking a uh truck off-road like this i mean most people who have power wagons they might but even then like they’re probably just going over letting more or less so i really was hoping that they would offer it on the long bits because ford doesn’t

Offer the trimmer on long beds that way they can maybe add a little bit of market share too because some guys would like to have the rear uh limit slip the locker in the rear and have the off-road tires from the factory and obviously hopefully those tires would have the capacity to you know handle the payload if it was a 3500 but nevertheless i guess the 2500 is

Fine but i wish they would raise the payload capacity which they would have to raise the gross field coin rating as an option not saying they have to do that for all of them but hey if you’re ordering a truck and you want a 2500 and you still want the rebel package because you can’t get in the 3500 wouldn’t it be nice to still be able to you know maybe get like

A 11 and 5 gvwr until you can at least hold a small fifth wheel i think that ram should definitely consider that for the next redesign the other issue i have with this you know 2023 model year ram is for just redesign their hd which they call the super duty and then gm just refresh theirs gm added a 10-speed transmission behind their 6.6 liter gas which is all

They needed to do and four just added yet another gas engine a 6.8 liter and they still have the 73 which they’ve updated to be even better so ram is going to have their hands full nothing wrong with that 64 hemi it’s a great engine that transmission behind it really good i mean i would like to have seen them even say that they’re going to take mds off of it but

I think ford did better with the trimmer i think having it on the 350 250 and then obviously having it on any trim level you want from platinum all the way down to xlt really good idea and i wish they would have just added a long bit option for this it’s just a really in my opinion it’s just for the aesthetics of a truck to have the off-road tires from the factory

For some people buying 2 000 worth of tires for a brand new truck is a lot so having it already done up for you is how some people want it but that’s just my pet peeve i mean hey who am i i just bought the ram 3500 because i told fifth wheel and i would have liked to see more from this rebel but it’s really cool that they offer it um you know how ram does their

Level packages you will be able to have a lot of features available as you saw that uh 12 inch cluster that’s going to be all digitized it was gonna be really cool but at the same time it’s gonna be really expensive so we’ll see how everything shakes out you did see the mirrors the mirrors look a little bit better i watched tfl earlier today and they got closer

To them and they don’t look terrible but i just wish they would have done more but again i’m gonna this is my last time maybe my second last time doing a video it’s bad mouthing ram a little bit i might be bad mouth just a little bit i’m just being honest here it’s not even bad mouthing it’s just i expect more from a great company that’s all so i hope this video

Was helpful be sure to subscribe to the channel and i will hopefully do some more updates on the ram 2023s they come out and as i see them see you guys soon foreign

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The 2023 RAM 2500 HD REBEL Is Here! It's No Ford Tremor But It Has A Cummins By JB Reviews