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The 2024 Chevy Equinox EV Is GMs New Affordable Long Range EV CUV

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With around 250-300 miles of range, your choice of FWD or AWD, and likely the $7500 federal tax credit,. the Equinox EV might be the most important EV coming to America in 2023. Yep, 2023, that’s the only bummer.

Hey everybody today i’m out at the detroit auto show taking a look at the all-new chevy equinox ev this is the first of two very exciting electric vehicles coming up from general motors soon i actually really should say three because we’re gonna be getting an equinox ev a blazer ev and a silverado eevee in very very short order this is going to be really important for

Ev adoption in the us because this is going to start around 30 000 give you approximately 250 miles of all electric range and it’s going to come with pretty quick charging 11.5 kilowatts charging standard ac level two 150 kilowatts dc fast charging that’s not the fastest in the segment but it’s pretty decent compared with most of the competition at this price point

And then really interestingly the upper end trims are going to give you the option of a 19.2 kilowatt on-board charger now as its name implies this is about the same size as the chevy equinox gasoline version it is a little bit longer a little bit lower and a little bit wider but really interesting twist crazy wide tires this model which is not the new rs which

Is the sporty trim this is just an lt trim this one has 275 width tires on really wide wheels these are pretty wide tires and even the base version of the equinox is going to get 255 with tires let me know what you think about this two-tone color scheme going on here i think it really works in blue i want to see what it looks like in other colors now if you get

The rs version the front grille is gonna change a little bit it’s gonna be blacked out we’re gonna get some extra blacked out accessories around the vehicle you can see that aerodynamics is really important for any ev so we get a sort of pinched in greenhouse much flatter siding and then pop in and outdoor handles i’m not allowed to touch the door handles myself

We’re gonna have to ask someone to open the vehicle but we will take a look inside also we have some pretty aerodynamic roof rails right there an aerodynamic spoiler at here on the back and fans of windshield wipers rejoice because there is a windshield wiper right there on the back as you’d expect we have full led tail lights back here in a really distinctive

Design that wraps right from one side all the way across to the other and then we have that chevy logo right there in the middle lots of aerodynamic treatment going on to this lower portion the rear portion of the vehicle as well shiny black plastic with some sparkly bits right in there back up camera in that section right there and this particular trim is the

All-wheel drive model so we get equinox all-wheel drive and the three little boris basically indicating this is the electric equinox now let’s move around towards the front of the vehicle as you’d expect charging happens behind door number one right in front of the driver’s door there are two different battery packs available the small battery pack is going to give

You a front wheel drive vehicle 210 horsepower approximately 250 miles of range so this is right in the same neighborhood as the chevy bolt that it is spiritually replacing even though this is considerably larger and more comfortable than that chevy bolt if you want more range you’ll be able to get about 300 miles of range with the big battery pack and up to 290

Horsepower in that model but the drivetrain systems in the equinox are going to be a little bit different than in the upcoming blazer ev that’s going to be available with rear wheel drive this one is going to be front wheel drive or all-wheel drive so all models are always going to have a motor right there under the hood and that’s the big reason that this is not

Going to feature any kind of storage under that hood so no frunk no front trunk whatever you want to call it no place to store your bags your chargers or your goodies that’s all going to happen in the rear speaking of that storage area back here you’ll find about 27 or more cubic feet of storage space official details are just a little bit floating in the air right

Now this is approximately the same kind of cargo storage capacity that you’ll find in a regular gasoline equinox but it is a little bit smaller than some of the gasoline competition in this segment now if you fold down the second row seats then you’ll get nearly 60 cubic feet of storage space approximately 57 is what they’re saying right now now it does appear that

There’s going to be a multi-stage little cargo divider right up here cargo cover i guess you’d say right there and a multi-stage cargo load floor but no word on anything like spare tires or anything like that i don’t expect to find one in the equinox cv on the inside we have a really futuristic design especially considering the current generation equinox and the

Chevy bolt up here we have their latest infotainment software this vehicle is a very very very early prototype so we’re not even allowed to sit inside this particular one but i can show you around you can see it’s a really huge screen right there for the infotainment system and then a big screen for that instrument cluster i’m really excited to see exactly what

The base model looks like apparently the base model is going to get different screens now as you can see on the steering wheel above there this will have super cruise so driver monitoring system supercruise display readout right there on the top of the steering wheel this steering wheel is one of chevy’s newest designs it’s pretty similar to what we find in the

Colorado and the canyon new buttons on the front still controls on the back the dashboard looks pretty expansive because they want to make this very aerodynamic so it’s a really long windshield profile lots of soft touch materials up there and these blue accents are making it to production over here in the center console we have the controls for the climate control

System two cup holders some storage areas right there and this is a multi-level storage area so right under there there’s a tier where you can put smaller bags things like that down there in that storage area now taking a look at the seats it looks like we’re going to get a symmetrical seat design at least in the upper end trims so multi-way power driver and front

Passenger seat two-way adjustable lumbar support here let’s go ahead and see what the back seats look like we’re told to expect very similar kinds of interior volume to the gasoline equinox and it certainly looks like that from this angle looks like legroom is going to be pretty generous headroom it’s a little bit unclear at the moment because it’s really just going

To depend on how low the ceiling really is for the aerodynamic profile as you can see there in that quick shot over we have a pretty flat floor premium materials going on back here in the rear and you can see that chevy has decided to engineer this really aggressive cut in right there for the rear passengers headroom area even though this does have a moon roof now

The moon roof does not appear to open at least it doesn’t in this prototype whether or not that changes for the production model we won’t know exactly for a while but looks like there’s a structural element just above that looks like we also have a padded center armrest with cupholders there usb charge only ports and the availability of rear heated seats i’ve just

Had a quick answer to my last question which is that we will have a power shade and a functionally opening moon roof hallelujah it’s something that we don’t find in very many evs at all currently i’m really excited to see what the equinox ev production numbers are like this is going to be built in mexico so it’s going to qualify for the 7 500 tax credit most likely

When it launches general motors at this point says they’re pretty confident about the sourcing of the materials for the battery pack but we don’t have all of those details yet and remember that the ev tax credit is going to depend on where the battery pack components are sourced from we should know more probably early next year about that particular detail but

General motors is really interested in giving this the tax credit so you can expect that they’re going to figure out some way to make that happen if you live in a colder climate you probably should also put the equinox above something like an ionic 5 or a kia ev6 because this is going to have a standard heat pump rather than an optional heat pump and it’s going to

Be front wheel drive rather than rear wheel drive starting an interesting twist with a lot of electric vehicles that we’ve seen come on the market recently is that they default to rear-wheel drive like a volkswagen id4 etc and that’s not as convenient for people that really have to deal with inclement weather snow ice etc on a regular basis obviously there’s going

To be an all-wheel drive model as well but if you’re looking to save some cash get the extra range and the extra efficiency you can go with the front wheel drive model has that heat pump standard and of course it’s gonna be a little easier in the winter traction situations now what models are gonna be on sale first well according to chevy the rs model is gonna be

The first one on sale so that’s gonna be the higher performing one with the bigger battery pack all the bells and whistles the more expensive model that’s gonna happen in 2023 probably fall of 2023 but they have said that in model year 2024 which will stretch into 2024 all versions are going to be available for sale so you might have a little bit longer to wait

If you want the base version of this it’s going to be probably about 18 months or so until you can actually get your hands on one there isn’t going to be a pre-order process like we’ve seen in other high demand vehicles chevy says that you’ll just go to your dealer you’ll place the order they’re expecting much greater stock of this apparently than we’ve seen out

Of a lot of electric vehicles on sale in the us right now be sure and stay tuned because hopefully we’ll have more information on on sale dates whether or not this will qualify for the full federal tax credit etc but all indications point to this being one of the few evs available in america soon with a low msrp a high range and the availability of that federal

Tax credit see all of you later you

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The 2024 Chevy Equinox EV Is GM's New Affordable Long Range EV CUV By EV Buyers Guide