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The 2024 Chevy Equinox EV Is The New Affordable Benchmark

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What would you consider over an Equinox EV?

Remember when it was super innovative to have a full width led light bar as your tail lights that wasn’t even that long ago but now nothing says i’m at the forefront of automotive design more than full with led light bar on the front but no place does it seem more natural and more at home than the upcoming equinox ev let’s talk about it my name is matt and

Welcome to downshift presented by goodland partners you got a dog definitely needs a hemp collar so check out for that sort of thing link down in the description but i want to talk about the equinox ev i said it before in the silverado video that came out like two hours ago if you haven’t watched that pause this go watch that come back here

If you did watch that you’ll know what i’m about to say because i’m going to say it again there is no better time in the history of the automotive industry to reinvent your brand image to reinvent name plates to bring back old name plates to get a little bit clever with your naming conventions then right now think about what ford did with the lightning it’s

Clever it’s nice it’s just good it’s just good creative what does gm do they have hummer ev they have a silverado ev they have equinox ev and now they’re going to bring the blazer ev just complete lack of creativity you can’t just sprinkle ev at the end of the name of every car that you already sell it’s just boring but one thing that they did get right is the

Price and supposedly when this thing comes out in fall of 2023 again that’s a year and a half away or more it’s gonna come at 30 000 and i mean this is what i want from a chevy this is the problem that i had with the silverado ev it tops out at over 105 000 for an rst and that’s just too much money for a chevy chevy’s supposed to be affordable and this is what

They’re doing with the equinox and probably with the blazer too but we don’t have as much details on that they’re bringing evs to the people they’re making it affordable you can’t get your kia ev6 for 30 000 you can’t get your hyundai ioniq 5 for 30 000 and those are supposed to be the korean brands the cheaper brands chevy’s going to bring it to the people they’re

Going to bring their ultim platform to the people which means that it’ll be the same architecture that underpins over 100 000 vehicles same architecture same technology same battery technology 400 miles of range and i like that chevy doesn’t get diluted with this idea that every ev has to be a million horsepower every ev has to do 0 to 60 in two seconds people 90

Percent of people are just buying something to get them from a to b without breaking that’s what an equinox is supposed to be don’t make it a million dollars by throwing a crapload of power at it give us something that has good range reasonable power nice amenities is comfortable and gets us from a to b that’s what we want and that’s what they’ve given us in this

Equinox ev now full disclosure this news is coming from ces this is not a full debut unlike what we did with the silverado ev that was a full debut and here goes my alarm so i apologize for that but this is not a full debut the equinox ev and the blazer ev will have full debuts coming later on but we do know that they’ll ride on the ultim platform get the full 200

Kilowatt hour battery pack that you get in something like the silverado ev or the hummer ev those are nine eight thousand pound trucks you need a lot of battery to move those things around this is a compact bordering on mid-size suv it’s gonna be a lot lighter a lot smaller and therefore it needs a lot less battery think of the cadillac lyric in this example the

Lyric is a little bit more blazer size so expect the lyric and the blazer to share the same battery size the lyric is coming out with 100 kilowatt hours of battery pack and that’s enough to get it 400 miles of range and that’s really the benchmark that gm is using here expect the equinox a little bit smaller a little bit lighter to come in just under 100 kilowatt

Hours for that battery pack again benchmarking that 400 mile range and again we all say this with the notion that every one of these cars comes with different trims the base trim is going to be a smaller more affordable battery pack maybe your rear wheel drive variant and then you can option up to like an rst or a high country or whatever you can get your equinox

In now but nowadays and that’ll come with the dual motor and that’ll come with more power and that’ll come with more range but it’ll be around that 350 to 400 miles of range so let’s zoom out for a second what chevy’s done here is completely the opposite of what so many other companies have done so many other companies are like look at how fast we can make an ev

Look we made this supercar and then they sell like five of them because they have to be a million dollars chevy makes it affordable they bring out a full-size pickup truck huge segment huge buying population they bring out a compact crossover suv huge segment huge buying population they’re going to sell a billion of them and they’re going to bring out a mid-size

Suv slightly less buyers than the compact but still a lot smart smart financial decision good on you gm they’re not taking a bunch of risks they’ll pioneer get a lot of data from these big mass market implementations bring it back refine the technology increase range faster charging make the products better smart so let’s talk about this more specifically we talked

About uh the ultim platform that’s going to underpin expect up to 100 kilowatt hours in your top trim equinox let’s say it’s an rst or a fast sporty one you’ll get a dual motor all-wheel drive system you won’t get the tri-motor like you’ll get in the gmc products because that’s the more expensive reserve for gmc that’s how you keep pro keep cost low expect about

500 horsepower expect zero to 60 in about three and a half four seconds maybe even quicker depending on how you spec it but this is the kind of performance and the kind of experience that we’re all going to have access to especially when things start to come down in price like this that’s fantastic again 350 400 miles of range supporting up to 350 kilowatts uh

Fast charging so you can charge in your silverado ev you can do 100 miles of range in 10 minutes so expect something like that in your equinox expect peer-to-peer charging if there’s a completely depleted ev on the side of the road you can plug in and give them a little boost that’s awesome you can also charge things like an inverter like a generator your house

Your power goes out at your house you can plug in your sump pump mine won’t stop running i wish it went out now but you can plug in stuff to go camping to go to a worksite to go and do anything you can do anything with the power inverter on your equinox but i want to stop talking about the battery for a minute and talk about the looks of this thing now again this

Is still over a year out from coming to market but it looks fantastic it’s an aggressive front fascia they pull off the full width led headlights around the side it’s very aggressive you got a wide flared hip you could have a reasonable amount of tire on that rear end so they could come out with a pretty hardcore performance variant to this thing and i wouldn’t

Be mad about that and then around back it still looks expensive they did a nice job with this thing and on the interior it’s much like the same story with the silverado there’s no engine there’s no transmission tunnel eating up cabin space so you’re gonna have a lot more uh room for your feet a lot more room for your knees you can sit lower which means more head

Room that’s all great stuff you’ll have an 11 inch completely digital gauge cluster in your higher trims you’ll have a 17 inch touch screen infotainment system very cadillac same thing you get in a silverado and in something the size of an equinox that’s going to be huge the fact is it’s going to be incredibly nice it looks very good from the renderings provided

They bring some nice upscale materials let’s do away with those scratchy black plastics let’s not do a bunch of piano black it’ll be a very very nice and impressive package especially considering that starting price oh and i almost forgot one of the most compelling things supercruise it’s coming soon again none of these cars i still am not convinced that anything

Is going to be full self-driving for another 30 40 50 years but super cruise is getting pretty close ford blue cruise is pretty good nissan’s pro pilot’s pretty good of course we know tesla’s is good hyundai’s highway driving assist is great you don’t need completely full self-driving for it to be a nice system and super cruise does a great job so a year and a

Half from now i can’t wait to see how they’ve worked out some of the kinks they’ve refined it finessed it and it should be pretty dang good so zooming out let’s think about this thing in terms of the competition now this thing will go up against things like the kia ev6 we talked about the hyundai ioniq 5 the toyota bz4x the subaru version of that thing all of those

Things start at like 40 or more money basically than the equinox ev so if they can deliver on that 30 000 price tag it’s gonna be a very compelling offering and we still don’t have things we’re talking about like 18 months from now so we still don’t have things from mazda from honda from uh dodge we don’t have anything from ford we don’t have an escape right now

So there will be other competitors that come to market here but thirty thousand dollars as a benchmark target price that’s pretty good leave it down in the comments what do you think about this upcoming equinox ev and are you interested i’ll see you later you

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The 2024 Chevy Equinox EV Is The New Affordable Benchmark By Downshift Studios