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*The All New 2017 Porsche 718 Cayman S Review*

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This is just a video on the little specs of the 2017 Porsche 718 Cayman S. Thank you to Rizza Porsche of Orland Park, Illinois for letting me use their vehicle.

Hey what’s happening guys lamborghini nine six nine six see here and i bring you guys the 2017 porsche seven one eight came in s this video i saw a cool little unique aspect so they came in and also how the vehicle starts up all right guys let’s get started on the key fob you have the front trunk the rear trunk you have your lock button your unlock button and then

Also you have your panic button on the rear back of the key fob make sure you have the key fob with you and then you just simply grab underneath the door and open up the door inside the car the first thing you know is that everything is wrapped in nice leather even the dash has a nice squishy soft touch material to start the cam and simply have the key fob with

You and then put your foot on the brake and then twist the knob onto the left-hand side wow that’s a beautiful sound right here you kiss your radio and also you have your bluetooth where you can connect your phone and then as well you have your trip where you can see how much gas you have and also the temperature outside and assist at the main menu you have your

Apps and then back at the main menu you have your map where you could show your navigation and where you are located then you have your car which shows you with the information that i showed you before then you have your phone where you can set up your bluetooth the windows are not automatic so you have to press and hold the sterno seems pretty like the seven

One eight came in s has a very nice sleek cool design to it down below on the left hand side of the driver seat you have this lever that you could pull to open up the rear trunk the trunk seems like it has a decent amount of space that you could put items in to pop the front truck all you have to do is pull that little lever and the very front again you use one

Finger to just lift the front trunk the trunk space seems a lot deeper and a little bit bigger than past previous caymans chuckles the front trunk just press on it once and you heard that nice click down below right here you have your little copy all you have to do is put your finger in from the side you could open it up right there right here is where you have

Your sport mode and then you could turn and off your traction control and then you can raise and lower the wing in the back and then you have your auto start on and off button to raise owing i have to do is press this button once and they know raise a wing like this right here you can control your heated and cooled seats and also you can control the airspeed so

Say if you want to try out the temperature let’s turn there you have your panel soldiers i have to do just 50 years this press this you have your park assist then you have your lights and then your garage door display the car does come standard with both surround sound speakers that’s a nice safety feature the lock button is right here all you do is press it

Once and the doors on your walk okay that’ll be a guys for the 2017 seven one eight came and s please like and subscribe and thank you guys for watching

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*The All New 2017 Porsche 718 Cayman S Review!!!* By Christian Haywood