The all New 2019 Mercedes AMG G63 G-Wagon – Review

Introducing the all new 2019 Mercedes AMG G63 G WAGON! This mammoth of an SUV is ours for a hands on review. We take it on an extensive road test throughout Sydney Australia. It’s white, it’s high and it reminds us of Jurassic Park. Now let’s get our safari on and take this 4.0 litre Bi-Turbo V8 that pumps out a whopping 430 kw and 850Nm of torque for a blast that will leave smiles on our face for days. This is sheer elegance, beauty & power all packed into one German SUV muscle package that simply leaves a statement imprinted on our mind. Oh-And-Yes, we give it a timed 0-100km/h launch right at the end.

When you think of a car that makes a statement nothing does it better than the new 2019 mercedes-benz g63 amg this is the new g wagon absolutely refined from the new headlights completely led at the front before they used to be an led strip down here now it’s all in one with that new head design the blinkers up here on top similar to what they were but they’re

A lot cleaner now so you don’t see anymore screwdriver holes on the top when you move over to the side it’s a lot more slimline there everything’s molded into the panels on the car the rims are 22 inch up front and at the rear when you look at the new door panels the gaps are a lot narrower so not as big as they used to be before which stickers underneath used

To protrude when you come over to the back what you realize is this car is slightly longer and wider than the previous generation and with this now it’s a lot cleaner looking before we had this tower light strip the brake light behind the rear glass now it’s very slim its inbuilt into the actual panel then the wife a used to come down from the top now the wiper

Is hidden behind the wheel here the spare wheel and what’s even better is when you gets to put the reverse camera on the camera used to be up here so this thing used to protrude so you couldn’t really see the car behind you now the camera is down there and it’s hidden it pops out when you go into reverse mode little subtle changes but then exactly the changes

That ask g63 owners were craving for we were screaming out because these cars were so safari like so prehistoric it reminds you of jurassic park but now they’ve revised that an updated that new multimedia new design everything works a lot better it drives a lot better it’s a smoother ride and it still retains a v8 biturbo 4 liter 430 kilowatts 850 millimeters

Of talk to 0 to 100 in 4.5 seconds making it quicker than the range rover svr so this is it the mercedes-benz g63 let’s jump in and see what the multimedia functions are like all right let’s start with the interior now we’ve got this new design quilted seats so leather seats and you can also respect him with a two-tone color so this guy here has a red stitching

In the red in maze here on the seat a completely different design the old car had smaller patterns now we’ve got larger quilted patterns into the seat and what’s also cool with all the carbon-fiber features if you look closely at this carbon fiber is that this carbon fiber has red inlays in it such a completely different standard carbon fiber like the previous

Generation everything on the dash has been revised from the new multimedia interface to the aircon unit to all the new controls and everything being metallic so it’s all metal here so you can press these buttons it feels like something that’s good quality and what’s even better is a new iwc clock in the – that’s cool so if you have an i wc watch unfortunately i

Don’t this suits you i know there’s so many fans out there that love them but now let’s talk about the new features on the display now this navigation looks like it’s ten inches wide its massive most cars have only a 7 inch screen and they’re usually a touchscreen but i don’t believe this is but what we do have is a mouse and a knob that we can play around and

Move things around so you can basically adjust things as you like as if it’s a touchscreen but really it’s not there are so many other features though not just this navigation if you look beyond all that when you go to the screen here you can adjust all the screen functions on the car you can go between sports screens sport display it changes the rev counter

Everything changes it’s more like our lamborghini used to make these sort of styles i think it first started with lamborghini where you can actually adjust your tft display and another feature that i realize that this car doesn’t have is heads up display so none of that because right now the dash is still narrow and thin like the previous generation but one

Big butt is there’s a lot more legroom a lot more space for adults who someone like me over six foot and away a fair bit i used to hit my elbow all the time on the door when driving the g63 the previous generation car whereas with this i don’t have that problem and i don’t feel as squished up in the front here especially at your passenger when they sit in here

There’s a plenty more space and with the seats behind there’s a lot more room here to put in a child seat which is an added bonus you need that because with cars nowadays everything’s become very spacious and that’s pretty much what you need you can’t have a modern-day car where it’s so narrow especially a car that’s this size and this price two hundred and

Seventy-five thousand dollars drive away it really has to fulfill the desire of actually spending so much money to buy a car so luxurious and now what merck has done is that provided us with a vehicle that has so much luxury in it that it looks a lot more elegant and luxurious compared to the previous generation a lot more refined a lot smoother the finishes

Are absolutely amazing everything’s got metal on it everywhere on the steering wheel on the dash and on the doors but another but you could say is that these windows switches and a few other switches have still remained plastic so i haven’t upgraded them like the s-class but it’s not a deal-breaker this is a new design key as you can see and it’s a keyless

Start and straight to another point the new cupholders are here in the dash so much better previously there was a net that sat here on the passenger side and when the passenger sits in the car their leg always hits that net which only held one cup all right let’s check out the back on your first instance it’s kind of high to get in so if you’re not somebody

Tall they can reach over it’s a little more difficult but there’s a lot more leg space a lot more room here in the back compared to the previous generation and the head space is pretty adequate so six foot one i’m fine plenty of room and what it feels like is that there’s a lot more room for three passengers to sit on the rear and you can also fit that baby

Seat here without having to move the front chair too much forward because if the previous car from our experience you put a baby seat in and that that’s in just chair had to go all the way forward close to the dash but this is a lot better a lot more spacious if i sit into the middle seat it does seem a bit higher than the other two seats here but it’s still

Comfortable you’ll get the job done overall when you look at this car when you’re sitting back here it looks absolutely elegant awesome view of the – alright let’s check out the bird as you can see there’s plenty of room for the luggage and for the bow that’s sitting there for when you purchase this car i just fit and you still have to slam these doors quite

Hard i will summed up this car we’ve gone through it now there’s one thing left to do that’s to take it for a spin the instance that we started driving you can clearly tell this is an easier car to drive it’s a lot lighter lifter steering so definitely a lot more refined than the previous generation takes corners still you feel the body sway around a little

Bit but it feels a lot tighter so in the front we’ve got the suspension now it has traditional normal suspension of springs in the shotgun springs we’re at the back it’s still that leaf suspension for fall driving but around the corners it really does feel a lot more tighter doesn’t feel like the body swinging around so body roll has been mineralized but it’s

Still there clearly it’s a big drive to an suv the car is very comfortable in these seats i’ve got plenty leg space plenty shoulder space and the seats are just flush you have to drive this kind of sport plastic sauce valves open up and it’s loud it can hear the by turbos slightly ever so slightly spooling up but the va that is powerful stuff 850 newton meters

Of torque 430 kilowatts of power zero to 100 in only 4.5 seconds and that exhaust sound that gets excited right now on the highway this is smooth a lot smoother than the previous generation and it still has so much power simply your foot down you just attach the throttle and he just wants to launch we’re in small class this just wants to fly and you can eat

That that’s what makes this car so different to the rest okay it’s $275,000 drive away it’s an expensive suv it’s a statement when you pull up in a car like that it’s hey look at me i’m here in a g63 i’m about to go to jurassic park that’s what he feels like right but they came now with this generation car the new gearbox is a lot more revised it’s smoother

It operates a lot better a lot bigger look at that gear shifts are quick and very very quick this one’s from the wine turbo engine 800 nanometers of torque just throw you back and he just pushes on it’s like endless power in this car although the top speed is pretty much limited to 240 kilometers per hour it’s still an awesome experience if sound performance

Is what you’re all about if this car has it it definitely does we’re on the highway any gear there’s power there that just takes off and launches and the power is just so addictive and i can tell you right now that this car is a watch it drives well it’s comfortable the cd position is absolutely magnificent the front windscreen although it’s still then pretty

Much it doesn’t have that slant but it’s not as flat as a previous one and the windows now have a slice and form so there’s not too much reflection from the cars on the outside to the interior which was a problem in the previous car right now i’m driving in tiptronic and i’m really enjoying they can wish yourself in and out of traffic without any problem in

Gender line that all just put smiles on your face before you know you’d win $100 per hour man i’m really loving this new interior from the jewel display lcd screens at the front to the performance the inch and the inks all sound to the sitting position so up high i’ve got an suv that’s right next to me just about now and i can tell you i’m seating a lot higher

Than the car next to me at least six inches higher this is as high as a track so you’re on top of the world we’re driving this car believe me i can’t stop saying this but it does for s’mores in your face it really a cool feature about this car you don’t have to lift your hands off the steering wheel whatsoever so i’ve got the two screens here with the left

Hand on the steering wheel there’s a touchpad and i can adjust the left-hand screen so i can change everything that’s their display as you can see i can go through the telephone media radio the whole one then for the display screen that’s right in front of me on the cluster viking touch on the right-hand touchpad and i can adjust everything from telephone radio

Navigation the whole lot that is something that you don’t find in many other cars first-time experience that is in this g63 which works so it starts on the road is absolutely amazing it looks spectacular everybody loves the g63 it is a perfect car to cruise around double bay for clothes in sydney or if you’re in la what better than beverly hills in beverly hills

These cars are everywhere everybody’s driving them from celebs to high-rolling rich sisters and the whole everybody loves and adores these cars why it is that perfect statement car and amg has continued a tradition with this new generation 2019 g-wagen and have told us yet again this is the statement car of the year the suv that we all want and what better than the g63 amg you

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The all New 2019 Mercedes AMG G63 G-Wagon – Review By Supercar Advocates