The All-new 2023 Nissan Ariya | Exterior Interior and Review

2023 Nissan Ariya all-electric crossover: The best of Nissan design, technology, performance and sustainability for a new era

This is the nissan aria nissan’s most innovative thinking to date bold design a lounge-like interior next-gen connectivity and a driving experience that’s both relaxing and thrilling it’s a fully electric crossover as you’ve never seen it before and we get to explore it together now the first thing you’ll see is what nissan calls timeless japanese futurism

It’s simple yet powerfully modern see that linear horizontal flow that cuts through the entire vehicle there’s a fluidity and a symmetry that you’ll find throughout and in the front you’ll find a work of art inspired by the japanese kumiko style of woodwork made modern that detail continues illuminating in arya’s signature light blades and three-dimensional

Tail lights and you’ll find more of it inside first off it’s not about what you see it’s about what you don’t no controls on the dash and the best part no large hump on the floor now look at this aria comes alive the instant you press the start button see how the buttons illuminate and the surfaces activate and remember the kumiko pattern in front well it flows

Throughout the interior as well now let’s talk lighting a bit more with aria it’s more than setting a mood it’s actually telling you something white means manual normal driving turn on pro pilot assist 2.0 the light turns green and you can relax your feet and when it turns blue hands-off driving assistance is enabled and see this those illuminated buttons we saw

Earlier also communicate to you give them a push and you can actually feel it push back just like those haptic buttons on your mobile devices evs are quiet but arya has some additional smart solutions to achieve a sense of silence arya has special laminated glass that absorbs sound helping to create an environment ideal for music phone calls and conversations

And when it comes to conversation you can even have one with arya voice control is designed to let you speak naturally like this hello nissan set the temperature to 72 degrees and just like that you find your comfort zone but voice control doesn’t stop there with available alexa integration you can activate smart home features alexa open the garage alexa turn on

My dining room lights alexa play road trip rock playlist cool huh want to see something else cool a simple push of a button slides the entire console back and forth and check this out a dash tray that emerges at your command instant mobile office complete with remote capabilities this is the nissan aria and it can connect with you in ways you never thought

Possible arya’s dual display offers you a window into a whole new world it has two dynamic 12.3 inch dual screen displays that seamlessly flow along a single horizon but check this out what appears to be one screen is actually two in front of you is a high resolution display wrapped around you for optimal visibility and curved towards you for easy reach is

Your very own digital touch display and the best part both screens work together see now you have detailed directions right in front of you and to keep you connected to the road there’s an intuitive head-up display speed limits hover over the road directions appear at the upcoming turn and pro pilot assist 2.0 allows you to see what the vehicle sees and with

All this connectivity arya gives you another cool way to connect update your aria over the air just like your mobile devices but that’s not all aria is fully integrated into your life all the essential apps are available and ready to go when you are you can get directions make calls and listen to music while staying focused on the road ahead all wirelessly a

Simple slide in place and no more dealing with cables recharge done because arya’s battery sits low in the chassis you have a flat floor for a second row with more than enough space and comfort for five to have a lounge all to themselves got a family adventure in mind aria has more than enough space for all your suitcases and backpacks and still have room

For souvenirs second row and boom you have more than twice the space ready to go for something massive that needs moving or to head to the mountains for a weekend ride but this space also comes with a few hidden tricks arya features nissan’s divide and hide cargo system need to be ready for your daily adventure or secure a few oddball items done intuitive

Intelligence intimate technology and seamless integration arya is more than a fully electric crossover it’s a force of wonder

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The All-new 2023 Nissan Ariya | Exterior Interior and Review By Bariki Berinfo