The All-New 2023 Toyota Sequoia Is Finally Here

The All-New 2023 Toyota Sequoia Is Finally Here!

Thank you the all-new 2023 toyota sequoia is finally arriving this month the new 2023 toyota sequoia is a complete redesign of the previous generations vehicle making it a larger flashier and more refined full-size suv it shares its greasy bits with a lexus lx full-size luxury suv the newest toyota land cruiser and the toyota tundra pickup because of this the

Sequoia has access to the same updated features as the tundra in lx such as the more powerful and fuel efficient engines in the more luxurious cabin the large new suv from toyota seems like a solid bed on paper but how does it perform in the real world wanna know everything well if yes make sure you stay tuned with us and welcome to tech addicts because for

Today tomorrow it’s only toyota the new sequoia looks just like the new tundra so it’s impossible to mistake it for anything else it is large bold and precisely what most buyers of full-size suvs desire and anti dissipate from such a massive vehicle it’s also fairly tank-like both inside and out with a high belt line stubby windows all around a low feeling

Roof muscular fenders and a massive grille sequoia is available in five trim levels ranging from the base sr5 model to the limited platinum trd pro and capstone premium trim the appearance will either attract you or not but it cannot be ignored personally we find it appealing in a way that is reminiscent of a futuristic off-roader something new in a segment

That hasn’t seen much totally original style in some time gm’s current chevrolet tahoe and suburban and gmc yukon are the most imposing looking vehicles in the segment with their slab sighted streamlined appearance although its grille and headlights have been modified for aerodynamics the ford expedition’s appearance is substantially unchanged he would love to

Know that it also has got some smooth moves the sequoia has the performance to be rated one of the best in its class first there’s the iforce max hybrid electric powertrain which made its debut in the high-end tundra pickup as an alternative to the truck’s standard 3.5 liter v6 gas engine it provides a sequoia with 437 horsepower and 583 pound-feet of torque a

Pretty astounding level of power thanks to its electric motor assist all trims safe for the trd pro which comes standard with four-wheel drive setting power through a 10-speed automatic gearbox to the rear wheels foil drive is optional on all the other trims as a result of all this power acceleration is ferocious and instantaneous anytime you need it accompanied

By a snarling rumbling that’s partially real and partly produced by the audio system there’s no disputing the results regardless of the audio validity there is sufficient power for passing maneuvers and motorway on-ramps yet the vehicle feels docile and pleasant when transporting children to the supermarket rather than speed boats to the dock the remainder of

The driving experience is not hampered by poor fuel economy the ride is great and is exceptionally well damped and well controlled even over uneven and broken asphalt the standard for today’s full-size suvs the steering’s quite light and rather unpleasant the brakes are powerful and constant and despite some body roll and pitching and fast movements the sequoia

Offers an outstanding driving experience that is sure to impress on both crosstown commutes and long interstate drives surprisingly this great control is achieved despite toyota replacing the independent rear suspension of the previous generation truck with a solid multi-link axle it certainly improves sequoia’s towing capacity and reduces development expenses

But at the expense of cargo space meanwhile we notice that only two percent of our viewers are subscribed so please make sure you subscribe to our channel if you don’t want to miss juicy ev news and how that’s awesome hal lavish is the interior let’s take a look sequoia has both successes and failures in this domain the exterior size of the truck does not appear

To be reflected within the front seats are roomy and comfy but the dashboard’s tall and blocky the center console is brought in quite invasive and the windshield is short giving the cabin a claustrophobic bunker-like sensation rather than the spaciousness one would expect the second row has ample hip and leg room however the third row does not yes the packaging

Is to blame the sliding function of the row is supported by both the rear axle that lifts the cargo floor and the hybrid system’s battery pack it also stops the seats from folding completely flat indeed the sequoia lacks a flat cargo floor making even a trip to costco somewhat difficult the sequoia’s largest shortcomings its inability to transport large amounts

Of luggage or long things as there’s no incentive to purchase a full-size suv that cannot carry full-size adults inside the third row or even moderate freight both the expedition at tahoe have separate rear suspensions allowing for lower third row seating and either needs to worry with a hybrid battery pack thus they’re capable of transporting seven full-sized

Adults as opposed to only five adults and two children what do you think of the interior of the 2023 sequoia is it appealing to you let us know in the comments below top notch shapes and materials there’s a lot to admire about the sequoias cabin if you don’t place a premium on third row and cargo rooms compared to the outgoing model the distinctions are night

And day the material quality has taken a tremendous leap forward with even the limited trim level exhibiting a substantial improvement there’s also distinct distinctions among trim levels the luxurious capstone model features genuine wood trim given that the sequoia is a premium product it begins with higher quality components than the tundra pickup it is

Built on and this is evident beginning with the digital gauge cluster there are nonetheless still some questionable components it’s dense with multiple readouts gauges and meters yet it’s baffling dull especially in broad sunshine the expedition’s digital gauge cluster is comparably large bright and incredibly easy to read with none of the toyota’s eye straining

Features all sequois are equipped with a touch screen in the center console with an 8-inch system in the lowest sr5 trim and organic 14 inch system in all subsequent trims the sr5 offers an optional bigger display that is well worth the extra cost the 14-inch toyota audio multimedia system is vastly superior to the previous toyota in tune system including

Crisp visuals vivid displays and a great deal more functionality it lacks a home button that displays several operations which makes it rather difficult to operate this means that you can only view one function at a time on a large screen and even then there’s not much to look at unless you’re on the navigation screen additionally the system is cloud-based

Necessitating a data connection for effective operation toyota’s brand new multimedia system appears to be inferior to that of ford jeep and hyundai or kia despite being brand new now here’s the main thing pricing it appears that full-size suvs are included and the base price of the new 2023 sequoia including the destination charge is 59 895 compared to the

Base price of the 2022 model this represents a substantial increase of roughly 8000 dollars my test vehicle a limited 44 equipped with a quality jbl audio system and a few other options cost approximately seventy two thousand dollars this is a big price for a car without a premium name but it’s comparable to the prices of full-size suvs from ford chevrolet gmc

Jeep and nissan this is the type of car you like and need sticker shock should not prevent you from purchasing one it’s par for the course of modern society ultimately the new 2023 sequoia is a vast advance over the previous model as it offers more space more amenities more power and more capabilities more of everything that previous sequoia owners appreciated

Similar to the previous sequoia the suv’s design and packaging are flawed preventing it from being the finest in its class if you disregard its flaws the sequoia is an excellent option but if you desire a full-size suv that can do everything the sequoia does as well as it without sacrificing cargo in third row room you have other alternatives so that’s all

For today what do you think of the new 2023 toyota sequoia if you believe it is just great then why not let’s go places with it until then please like the video and subscribe to our channel to get the latest updates from the ev world and thanks for watching

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