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The All-New, All-Electric EQB SUV | Mercedes-Benz Cars UK

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Discover the all-electric compact SUV with up to seven seats.

A brand new fully electric suv designed with practicality and versatility at its core for busy and active family lifestyles this is the mercedes-benz eqb if you’re looking for a fully electric suv with up to seven seats as standard then look no further whether you need to transport the kids the dog the luggage or all three the eqv can fit them all its adaptable

Space comes with three rows of seating and four isofix child seat points to keep your little ones secure and with all seven seats in use there is still plenty of room for overnight bags for larger items simply fold down the second and third rows for a generous 1710 liters of boot space the eqb really does offer the ultimate in space comfort and flexibility getting

Out and about is now simpler than ever using a rapid charging speed of 100 kilowatts you can charge the eqb from 10 to 80 in around 30 minutes and with an all-electric range of up to 257 miles when fully charged whether you’re planning a trip to brighton or bruges the eqb can take you there in comfort and style to make your journeys as carefree as possible the eqb

Also comes with three years free mercedes me charge subscription so there is no need to download multiple apps each time you charge simply register your car and payment method with mercedes me and enjoy access to over 50 000 charging points across the uk and by using the mercedes me app or mbux multimedia system you can locate the precise location availability

And price of charging stations nearest to you throughout your journey on top of all of this in the first year customers receive discounted charging fees to the ionity network giving you access to its rapid charges for significant savings and speed of charging to make your choice as simple as possible the eqb is available in two model lines amg line and amg line

Premium which both come highly equipped as standard the amg line premium which we have here features 19-inch amg alloy wheels two led light bars advanced sound system with 10 speakers panoramic glass sunroof wireless smartphone charging and dynamica a microfiber that feels like suede and is 100 recyclable both model lines feature mbux the mercedes-benz

Multimedia system with voice and touch control but for those who want even more interactivity the amg line premium has the optional mbux interior assistant providing gesture control tailored to your needs for example by moving my hand i can turn on the radio or even open the sunroof moving from features to performance the eqb comes with dual electric motors and

A choice of either 228 or 292 horsepower offering plenty of power for wherever your journey may take you in addition 4matic all-wheel drive comes as standard across both model lines providing all-weather capability sustainability is at the heart of the eqb and that’s why all mercedes-benz cars now and in the future will abide by the irma standard for responsible

Mining this simply means all the elements used in the electric vehicle batteries will be sourced responsibly from registered mines and mercedes-benz is also committed to green charging an initiative that promotes the use of electricity from renewable energies when charging your eqb at a mercedes me charge charging point you won’t always know if the electricity is

From a renewable source so to compensate for this mercedes-benz replace the equivalent electricity that you use back into the national grid using electricity they know is from renewable sources and further reducing the eqb’s carbon footprint most importantly the eqb produces no emissions on the road as well as benefits for the environment customers are eligible

For a 100 discount on the congestion charge with zero road tax and two percent benefiting kind tax you can be confident that from the first designs to the first drive the eqb has sustainability in mind the seven seat all-electric eqb truly is a practical and versatile family suv you

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The All-New, All-Electric EQB SUV | Mercedes-Benz Cars UK By Mercedes-Benz Cars UK