The All-New Electric Grand Cherokee 4XE

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Great content and you’re gonna get free cash now about a year ago we made the announcement we had an announcement video up on youtube about the all-new grand cherokee 4xe but unfortunately due to the issues that are currently plaguing the audio industry right now everything has slowed significantly so we are finally happy uh that we have added our first one touchdown

We’ve actually had quite a few touchdowns so if you are interested after viewing this video please make sure to give us a call they are going to go very very fast so give us a call um but today we’re going to be reviewing this summit now this summit is featured in the gorgeous baltic gray with the tupelo uh interior on the seats and the black it is stunning so we’re

Going to be showing that off today but today i’m going to give you a background on the 4xe system charging and we’re gonna go take a look at all the beautifulness that is this summit so let’s get to it i know you’ve been waiting so first things first uh the grand cherokee itself the all-new grand cherokee is offered uh now officially offered in a 3.6 liter v6 as

Its only option for the fully gas vehicle now that being said that is probably a true indicator on where things are going right now because everybody wants to get away from the heavy gas guzzlers and we’re moving into this hybrid and then obviously full ev which is uh coming down the road that stalantis has announced but this is a perfect segue if you’re looking

To get into the um get into the eevee world while still having that cushion of gas behind you the 4×8 equips your jeep with a 2-liter turbo engine like the wrangler 4b and features an atkinson cycle combustion system which uses a reduced air and fuel mixture to ensure fuel efficiency it primarily serves as a generator to charge the 400 volt 17 kilowatt lithium

Ion battery and helps assist the electric drive motors to push out more power to the wheels during acceleration now some of you may be concerned with the battery do not be you are backed by an eight year 160 000 km warranty so you’re going to have that peace of mind the power inverter module combines the battery pack and the ac and dc converter into one singular

Unit this is actually housed in a steel box that’s in front of the battery pack the dc current from the high voltage battery pack is converted to an alternating current or ac to power the electric motors delivering instant torque for a precise powerfully controlled driving experience and removing the need to build up engine rpms to get movement the grand cherokee

4×8 has a combined range of over 700 kilometers and gives you about 4.1 liters per 100 kilometers with the hybrid technology now this is going to pump out 375 horsepower and 470 foot-pounds of torque now according to canada’s enter guide you’re going to be saving roughly over a thousand dollars compared to the v6 system so the hybrid system does in fact help with

Your fuel consumption and if you do it properly you can find yourself barely ever fueling up now obviously this is based on a consistent usage of the hybrid system which gives you about 40 kilometers of electric range speaking of which let’s get into charging the charge port is located on the left cowl just under your mirror here on the driver’s side and with a

Push of a button you can open it to reveal what’s called the j1772 which is pretty much a standard charging port for north america when plugged in the led lamp by the port will indicate the charging status by blinking blue to show a charge has been scheduled when green when it’s charging and solid green when it’s fully charged up now in addition to that charge port

Light you’re actually going to get led lights right up top your instrument cluster here on the inside so when you are far away and you want to get a gander i just said gander oh my god and you want to get in and you want to get a look at um at your charging status every blue light is approximately 20 of charging so when you take a look from far away you can get a

Good idea about where you’re at and let’s actually talk about the charging but you can get level one charging which your vehicle comes equipped with which is amazing this is the cutest little thing here so uh your spare tire is actually underneath here and it wedges so perfectly right beside it so when you lift up here you can see it edges right in the corner there

It fits so nicely now this is a level one charger so inside that pack you’re gonna find you’re charging for your level one so this can be on a standard 110 uh household outlet that you can use this to uh just to plug in and plug in your car while accomplishing a full charge would take about 12 hours on your household plug ideally after you come home from your day

Plugging in your vehicle would become like second nature to ensure you wake up to a full charge now a lot of people would say that this isn’t really practical which is why we move on to level two charging now level two charging uh is down on a 240 volt so the best visual i can give you is think about your dryer your stove plug that giant plug there that’s what this

Could be charged on now you need to install this with a certified electrician which is so easy to find these days and one of the benefits is you’ll get obviously the benefits of the charging with under about two hours so for a full charge you’re looking about two hours uh and one of the other benefits is by retrofitting your house to have this set up you’re gonna

Add to your resale value because with the way the world’s going with everything electric everything uh with hybrids and then going to electric uh having that in your home would really benefit for the future now you’re probably already familiar with level 2 chargers because you’re starting to see them pop up everywhere most of the time they’re at plazas grocery stores

Malls all those things so that’s why when people say 40 kilometers what’s that there are charging stations everywhere so a good thumb rule of thumb is if you have your places that you frequent and there is charging say for example you’re going grocery shopping it’s perfect you walk around for an hour that’s half the charge that you’re gonna get just from doing

Your daily grocery shopping so if you plan it out accordingly if you there’s tons of different apps like chargepoint different different apps that you can use to find these charging stations to really amplify and really maximize your your range another way to maintain ev range comes backed by the 8-speed e-flight ebt automatic transmission which has been modified

With an electric motor to replace the torque converter the motor provides regenerative braking to charge your battery on the go by turning kinetic energy into electric you’ll find when driving as you lift your foot off the accelerator the vehicle will automatically slow as opposed to using the brakes to ease to a stop this can also help improve the brake life and

Wear and tear on the pads and rotors as you use ev mode which won’t be as hard alright now that we’ve covered the 4xe portion let’s talk about the summit itself now the summit is the highest trim that you can get on the all-new grand cherokee line now technically you can get the summit reserve but for the most part you’re just looking at aesthetic differences which

Include 21 inch wheels deluxe headliner ventilated seats for the second row but for the most part the summit itself becomes fully equipped with everything you need you’ll get a full safety suite with adaptive cruise control surround view camera system traffic sign recognition and blind spot monitoring enjoy heated seats in the front and the rear and ventilated

Seats in the front with driver seat back massage you’ll also get a command view dual pane panoramic sunroof and a 10.25 inch instrument cluster and a 10.1 inch touchscreen with uconnect 5. there are a few optional groups you can add on though which include the luxury tech group will give you a wireless charging pad and second row manual window shades the 19 speaker

Harman kardon sound system you can add on and of course the front passenger interactive display well that’s it there you go it’s finally touched down it’s here but you want to purchase it for yourself so make sure that you give us a call contact us today to reserve your all-new grand cherokee 4×8 and remember nobody beats a deal from deal

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The All-New Electric Grand Cherokee 4XE! By PEEL CHRYSLER FIAT