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The Aston Martin DB11 V12 is a PERFECT GT Car | REVIEW

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The Aston Martin DB11 is arguably the best GT car on the market! With a 600 horsepower V12, stunning looks, and very capable performance, it is an incredible bargain in 2022.

Is the aston martin db11 the best gt car today we’re gonna take it out for a drive and find out this is a 2018 db11 finished in jet black metallic coming from the db9 quite a big departure in terms of styling still a gorgeous car though of course aston martin’s are always guaranteed to be lookers you get a 600 horsepower twin turbo v12 sitting in the db11 as you

Would expect it is a wonderful place to be much more modern look over the db9 was starting to get pretty outdated somewhat controversial maybe not so loved center console area though i will say it’s not nearly as messy as like the vantage just like the attention to detail like even just in the seats here like everything just looks very premium and special and not

Many other car manufacturers have stitching quite like this the front logo is finished in like this really sick like forged carbon kind of squared off steering wheel not a huge fan but very nice feeling paddles one thing that’s a little uh completely unnecessary i would say is this button here don’t know why you need a button for that i don’t know why you can’t

Just pull it back it’s not that hard i guess people complain about using very minimal force to push back a uh anyways plenty of headroom plenty of leg if you are a taller person there’s plenty of room and that is key for a gt car hello what’s going on so right now we’re starting off in gt mode it’s comfort setting essentially automatic mode currently it’s just

Very subtle shifts are smooth everything feels very normal this is nice it’s just nice nice rides quite well it’s not of course as plush as like a bentley i could easily drive this every day seats are really comfy not only do they look really good but they they feel great yeah super soft leather plug yes super super soft leather dummy sauce i sleep on that uh

Auto starts really in a v12 this being comfortable in gt mode’s kind of a given like it rides great part of what makes a gt car gt car is the fact that it can do all these things right it can be a long distance cruiser you can crush continents in it in a very elegant civilized manner cocooned in luxury comfort all that good stuff but the push of a button you can

Simply change it into a much more sporty experience that’s what this car delivers i think better than anything else sport sport plus okay oh oh settle down there we’re not there yet we’re gonna be in sport first so now we are in sport mode middle of the road setting shifting ourselves immediately the exhaust is a bit louder opened up not as loud as it will be in

Sport plus but it is a bit louder gear changes are a little bit more immediate your normal stuff that you would expect right everything gets a little bit more tightened up steering just a little bit faster as she moves was that full that was full doesn’t sound very turbocharged 600 horsepower 900 000 pounds not as much as you would think actually 3 900 pounds

Huh that is yeah exactly huh it’s not as bad as like some of the old ass yeah well over 4 000 pounds so they’ve really trimmed down the weight and you really couldn’t tell anywhere from the outside but you can definitely tell from driving this car does not feel that heavy oh wow i like that i can get behind that it is a pretty linear power band no turbo lag at

All get 516 foot-pounds of torque this it definitely has more pull than the vanquish that we reviewed zero to 60 in three and a half seconds top speed 200 miles an hour i feel like astons are cars that people kind of respect more so than like other exotics like ferrari lambo unfortunately people might view you a certain way maybe might get a little jealous if

You’re in an aston martin i feel like yeah i feel like no one’s gonna be hating on you yeah you do have your suspension settings as well i appreciate when cars have this because a lot of times in exotics you’re kind of just stuck with you know if you want the sporty driving you’re going to have to have the sports suspension as well there’s no you can’t customize

That’s why mclarens are nice they have that feature this has that as well but yeah you do have an eight-speed zf automatic transmission transmission has been used in many cars over the past few years it is a great transmission not as quick as a dual clutch definitely better than like an older single clutch and then the older ass revs to 7000 rpm and it’s got some

Torque i mean this thing pulls super wide power band seems like i mean from any rpm it just pulls unlike the new v8 vantage this motor is actually designed and built by aston martin which i love the steering i will say it doesn’t have a whole lot of feel to it or feedback i mean i’m not expecting that much by any for any modern cars because everything’s electric

Power steering now the ride is still not too bad even in sport plus mode everything in sport plus mode it is not bad at all a couple cops there a couple cops there keep it cool keep it cool keep it cool we are in anastas so we’re probably not gonna drop too much attention he probably goes i like that guy turning is definitely pretty immediate i mean like i said

It this car is not nearly as heavy as you would expect and it feels quite delicate i would say in the corners with everything in sport plus mode the shifts are definitely a bit punchier but quicker they don’t surge as much i still find this pretty comfy you can definitely feel it is quite a bit stiffer especially now if you put it into gt mode yeah it soaks up

The bumps a lot better the db9 never really encouraged you to drive quickly this does it’s 85. this car is just way more capable and adaptive than the db9 a little more of a dual personality to it i’d say there’s just more you can do in this car so compared to the competition bentley continental gt mclaren gt i still think this is a better overall as a gt car

This is a better overall package i think the bentley well it definitely rides even smoother than this because it’s just the bentley it just has that plush ride it does weigh more it doesn’t have as sporty elements to it i think that is more just strictly like a luxury cruiser mclaren gt is the most sporty of the three but because of that maybe it’s not as comfy

Outright balance between comfort sporty driving elegance this is the goldilocks i think this is the best brakes it’s pedal feel quite good aston’s have done pretty well brakes this car when it was new i mean aston’s they do tend to tank this car when it was new you know between 220 and 250 000 range on the used market they’re an absolute steal i think i mean

This car for a hundred and fifty thousand dollars that’s yeah i’ll bite aston martin owners they they’re very self-aware about how their cars perform like they’re not going to buy a car like this and go i’m going to go take on some f8s yeah some some 488s and some huracans like you’re gonna get absolutely smacked like they know their car is not the fastest but

What they do know their car looks better than yours there’s a chance that it sounds better as well and everyone likes them and they can be in the car more of the time because it’s so comfy and because it just has these qualities if you buy an f8 or like a mclaren you might be kind of like well that doesn’t perform like i thought it would or that doesn’t this car

Just simply is comfortable rides nice sounds good objectively looks good yeah looks are subjective with aston martin they are objectively good looking you either think it’s beautiful or you’re wrong this specific db11 is i think the meanest db11 i’ve ever seen most of them are like silver or white which are nice colors and they’re classy colors it’s nice to just

See a blacked out db11 you know ask them they’re almost like lotus buyers too like people who buy a lotus like a true car person they know what they’re getting themselves into this is like a lotus to the negative first like it’s the exact inverse of everything a lotus is but the type of person that buys this is very similar to the type of person that buys a lotus

Visibility it’s not amazing but it’s it’s decent it’s not bad interior quality i mean everything is leather stitching this crazy pattern here on the doors i don’t love like the layout i guess of like the screen just stuck on it’s very mercedes and it does it does use older mercedes software compared to the old volvo that was in the old cars it’s a lot better one

Thing about astons that i always loved is they always look so elegant and sort of tame you’re just simply not expecting this type of noise to come out of the exhaust it’s like a non-car person who saw and asked them to be like oh like like how does it sound i’m pretty quiet thank you guys so much for watching if you liked the video give it a thumbs up subscribe to

My channel down below and i will see you guys in the next one

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The Aston Martin DB11 V12 is a PERFECT GT Car | REVIEW By Cassian and Cars