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The audi q4 sportback e-tron and in 1 100 kilometers road trip the calculation started the moment i pulled away from the hilton munich airport hotel in the audi q4 sportback e-tron my destination was stuttgart 264 kilometers to the west along the a8 autobahn where tomorrow i’d be going for a ride in a mercedes eq eqe prototype but along the way i wanted to give

Audi’s latest ev a run along some quiet roads to see how it compared with the volkswagen id 0.3 and id 4 models with which it shares its platform and electric powertrain i quickly ruled out heading north to nuremberg and then cutting southwest back through the rolling baden-wattenberg hills to stuttgart that was a 475 kilometers route and the audi’s dash showed

That with a 98 percent charge in the battery its predicted range was 304 kilometers but if i headed to dono earth hooked left to nordlingen and then onto stuttgart i could still sample some fun roads total distance 305 kilometers that might work the process took me back more than 30 years to when calculating range and distance was a normal part of any longish

Drive outside australia’s capital cities i’d learned from bitter experience hustling my debts in 1600 through the back blocks of victoria on route from adelaide to the alpine rally one year that finding a servo open in a country town at 2am wasn’t a given then there was the night i coasted a vw combi down the great alpine road engine off the old girl leaning

In the corners like a sydney hobart yacht on a spinnaker run to arrive in bright with little more than fumes in the tank i’d also will the jaguar xj that had been running on empty for 60 kilometers through the maui sunset to make it to talem bend range anxiety it was a thing in australia long before electric vehicles stuttgart wasn’t my final destination in

The audi q4 sportback e-tron the day after my mercedes eqe ride i would be heading a further 228 kilometers west to hambach in france to see the factory where the new ineos grenadier was being built the day after that i had a 100 kilometers round trip to and from the abandoned coal mine where i was scheduled to take a prototype grenadier for an off-road test

Drive and finally there was the 460 kilometers run back to munich to get my plane to london all up more than 1 000 kilometers audi’s etron charging service card was tucked into the sun visor of the q4 sportback plug in at a charger tap the card and you’re good to go the audi people said but as i merged onto the a8 dialed up 130 kilometers per hour on the cruise

Control and headed for augsburg the only time in my life i’ve never driven as fast as traffic and conditions would allow on an unrestricted autobahn the calculations continued range and distance range and distance this wasn’t my first long trip in an ev back in 2018 i drove the then new jaguar i-pace almost 1 100 kilometers from london to berlin now that had

Been an adventure chargers were few and far between and most were slow old 22 kilowatts units that even if they worked didn’t always allow you to pay by credit card nor handshake with the jaguars onboard charging software it had taken five hours to complete the first charge of the trip a saga that had started with a string of busted or malfunctioning chargers it

Jabbed near the pancake flat belgian coast and finished at an audi dealer in ghent who just had a 50 kilowatts charger installed for the audi e-trons the jaguar had arrived with just 14 kilometers range remaining after i’d feather-footed it for 55 kilometers from jack in 1949 jeff had been the making of the jaguar xk-120 when a prototype had achieved just over

213 kilometers per hour on a closed section of the auto route near the town almost 70 years later jab had nearly broken the jaguar i pace a lot has changed since then germany has ev chargers all over the country what i didn’t know was how many would be easily accessible or available or how accurately the audi monitored its consumption rate and battery charge

Levels and could i trust the navigation system to get me to a charger when the car needed to top up range and distance i quickly learned the q4 sportback etron’s nav system not only tells you where you are and where you’re going but will also plan your journeys to take the most efficient route considering everything from road gradients to traffic density to

Ambient temperatures to the location and speed of chargers combined with active driver aids such as adaptive cruise control and lane keep assist the q4 like many modern cars takes a lot of the brain work out of a long distance drive providing that is you’re happy to go the way the car wants to go in the manner the car wants to get there when deciding to take

An interesting shortcut working off the saturn av map rather than using a root guidance system program to find the road of least resistance i found i had to manage the q4 sportback just like in the old days mentally calculating battery charge and range using the nav system to scout the locations of chargers and working out likely points of no return that would

Commit me to one route or the other it wasn’t just the shape of the roads i had to think about either it was the gradients too and the longer i drove the q4 sport back the more i understood how the environment affected its range range with ambient temperatures and wind direction all having a noticeable impact the audi q4 sportback e-tron is one of audi’s

Entry-level evs like the cheaper q4 e-tron it rolls on vw group’s high-volume low-cost meb electric vehicle platform my top spec prestige model boasted dual motors that produced a total of 220 kilowatts and 460 newton meters powered by an 82 kilowatt hours battery with a usable 76.6 kilowatt hours of energy storage that gave a wltp range of between 412 kilometers

And 488 kilometers it was a shock to spot drum brakes lurking behind the alloy rear wheels a visual reminder of the q4 sportback’s plebeian underpinnings despite the top-end mmi navigation and virtual cockpit systems led matrix headlights sonos audio system and augmented reality head-up display that are part and parcel of the prestige trim package the good

News is that unlike volkswagen the id interiors of which look unforgivably cheap audi can make modest plastics look upscale the grain stuff looks almost like leather and shiny stuff on the dash looks like metal even the piano black looks like it belongs on a piano left to its own devices in the default auto drive mode the audi does a lot of the thinking for

The driver anticipating speed restrictions and junctions automatically increasing the level of reagan as you approach them while prompting you to lift off the throttle to reduce speed and improve efficiency all while making sure you stay in the right lane i like to do my own thinking behind the wheel however so every time i climbed behind the wheel i disabled

The lane keeping assistance to stop red and green lines floating into my field of vision in the head-up display more importantly though this also killed the aggressive reactions through the steering wheel that made the audi feel truculent if i took a line it didn’t like the q4 sportback e-tron has three levels of lift-off regenerative braking low medium and

High as well as a coast mode all are controlled by the paddles on the steering wheel though confusingly the plus paddle means less reagan while the minus paddle gives you more to make the audi’s progress down the road feel more fluid i mostly left it in coast mode or the lowest level of reagan through the hills i also quickly learned that the best drive mode is

Dynamic this didn’t just make the audi feel sharper and more responsive it put me even more in charge reducing the interventions from the electronic nannies what it also revealed however is that despite its relatively stiff suspension the q4 sportback e-tron isn’t hugely dynamic there’s plenty of grip and decent thrust but little adjustability in the chassis

The audi feels lazy on turn in and understeers when you go to power slow in fast out fast in slow out it doesn’t matter what you try the q4 sportback e-tron remains stubbornly one-dimensional in its responses there’s not a ton of feedback through the steering and it doesn’t punch out of corners from the rear axle like some other dual motor evs i’ve driven like

Every meb platform car i’ve sampled so far the q4 sportback e-tron is competent but disappointingly dull i’m sure schloss flotchburg was a fascinating place back in the 12th century but today it’s just a handful of ruined walls atop a windblown hill i’m here because with the battery charged down to 32 after 170 kilometers of mainly autobahn and main road running

The audi is going to need more energy to get through the hills to stuttgart the nav system had immediately directed me to the nearest 150 kilowatts charger when asked it didn’t tell me that the charger was located just outside the gate of a factory in a drab village that seemed devoid of life and most critically any sign of a coffee shop i walked up to the ruined

Schloss because well there wasn’t much else to do it took precisely 48.23 minutes for the q4 sportback to suck down 45.39 kilowatt hours boosting the indicated range to 268 kilometers audi’s sat nav system would prove unerringly accurate over the next few days showing not only the location of chargers on the map but also whether they were high-speed chargers 150

Kilowatts or better and with a couple of taps on the menu whether they were free or not that allowed me to factor another element into my range and distance calculations time a peculiar characteristic of charging an evs battery is that the rate at which it will accept a charge slows especially once the state of charge exceeds 80 percent that and the fact that

Batteries aren’t happy being always recharged to 100 is the reason most ev experts suggest recharging from 10 to 80 is the most efficient both in terms of time spent at a standstill and long-term battery health i found the audi’s 400 v system meant waiting about 50 minutes for a 150 kilowatts charger to get the battery from 30 charged to 90 or charge oregon 40

Percent charge to 100 charge i proved the worth of a quick park and spark strategy and the potential of 350 kilowatts chargers when i plugged the audi into one near stuttgart and the battery’s state of charge zoomed from 11 to 48 in just 15 minutes adding 115 kilometers of range the equivalent of a long-range fuel tank on an ev is a big-ass battery unfortunately

Current ev battery technology is such that big means heavy the 212.7 kilowatt hours battery in the giant gmc hummer ev pickup recently launched in the us ways as much as a honda civic civic what’s more useful is a fast charge rate if the audi had an 800 v architecture like hyundai’s ioniq 5 and kia’s ev6 or audi’s own etron gt for that matter my time spent at

300 kilowatts or 350 kilowatts chargers would have effectively been halved efficiency over six days i put 250.7 kilowatts into the q4 sportback before finishing back at munich airport with an indicated 26 percent of battery charge remaining a quick back of the envelope calculation suggested the q4 sportback e-tron therefore used a total of 307.4 kilowatts to

Cover 1140 kilometers which translated to consumption of 27 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers that’s worse than the 17.9 kilowatt hours for 100 kilometers to 21.3 kilowatt hours 100 kilometers audi claims under wltp but to be fair i didn’t treat q4 sportback with kid gloves upping my cruising speed on the autobahn to 140 kilometers per hour to 145 kilometers per

Hour with a couple of bursts to verify the claimed 180 kilometers per hour top speed and hustling the car along winding country roads in germany and france it was cold too the mercury hovering around 5 degrees c with blustery headwinds on much of the journey west and the single most important thing i learned after one thousand one hundred and forty kilometers

In an electric vehicle infrastructure is everything germany has in just a few years built a charging infrastructure that makes it possible to drive an ev the length and breadth of the country yes germany has 70 times the population density of australia but australia has fewer major population centers and fewer roads connecting them in the context of previous

Australian national infrastructure projects it wouldn’t take much effort or investment to install a network of 350 kilowatts chargers at key intervals along the major highways connecting all our capital cities

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