The Audi TT RS Coup

The Audi drive select driving dynamics system allows the driver to control the quattro drive system and other components, such as steering, seven-speed S tronic, exhaust flaps, and engine characteristics.

Exclusive audi tt rs code by chronic edition celebrates innovative design and dynamics high performance the market launch of the audi t drs coupe by conic edition limited to 100 units in europe will celebrate the success story of a quarter century for the audi tt coupe with its clean lines this sports car has been an inspiration the world over since its premiere in

1998 due to its pure driving pleasure and feuristic design language the rs version impresses with its special five-cylinder performance and a sound that gets under your skin the limited edition audi tt rs coup iconic edition combines these emotional characteristics and accentuates them with sporty design elements both in the exterior and interior timeless through

Time the tt has been audi’s design icon for almost a quarter of a century now the audi tt rs coupe iconic edition is continuing the trend into the future a fast sports car with new innovations whilst retaining the typical ttrs properties design and dynamics the name of the audi tt rs coup iconic edition says it all says sebastian graham’s managing director of

Audi sport gmbh the addition model is reminiscent of the iconic tt design language which at the same time stands for courage and elegance in uncompromising form thanks to the exclusive exterior and interior highlights the much-loved performance of our ultimate sports coupe with its multiple award-winning five-cylinder engine is not only palpable but also visible

To fans his special edition audi tt rs coupe iconic edition confidently meets the high expectations set by its aesthetics the aura specific nardo gray finish sets the right tone for the exclusive and athletic demands of the special model this elegant shade of gray was named after the legendary italian race track vista dinardo where audi rs models also rack up

Their first test kilometers as one of the most popular individual finishes with customers it ensures an optimal first impression the ios model also confidently wears the inlay in the side skirt in glossy black whilst the audi rings the ttrs model designation on the front and rear as well as the casings of the exterior mirrors applied this materiality consistently

The sophisticated edition specific 20-inch glossy black alloy wheels with a seven arm design and matching black brake calipers continue the design language down to the last detail partially frosted rear triangular windows with the exclusive iconic edition lettering complete the striking dark look of the coop right down to the rear the interior of the ttrs coupe

Iconic edition is characterized by exclusivity and attention to detail here too the dark color scheme of the exterior remains the central motif which is further accentuated by the deliberate use of accents from audi exclusive components the rs sport seats are two-tone with fine napa side panels in jet gray and center panels in black alcantara along with honeycomb

Stitching and calendula yellow exclusive iconic edition embroidery is embedded in the black alcantara at shoulder height the black floor mats are finished with rs embroidery in calendula yellow whilst the door armrest and center console are also in jet gray and decorated with contrast stitching and calendula yellow just like the black cowl of the audi virtual

Cockpit customers are reaching for black alcantra on the door panels and the rs sports leather steering wheel with calendula yellow marking at 12 o’clock it’s all about individuality on the selector lever the numbered badge makes each of the 100 vehicles in this special edition unique while the moody ambient light creates an atmosphere in the interior the bang and

A lesson premium sound system with 3d sound enables a rich sound audible experience the ttrs coupe iconic edition relies on audi sports proven 2.5 tfsi engine with 294 kilowatts and maximum torque of 480 newton meters numerous successes in motorsports make it one of audi’s most compelling powertrains as is typical of the ttrs its power goes via a 7-speed s-tronic

To the permanent all-wheel quattro drive an electro hydraulically controlled multi-plate clutch which debuted in 1998 as part of the audi tt distributes all-wheel power freely between the front and rear axles the audi drives select driving dynamic system allows the driver to control the quattro drive system and other components such as steering 7-speed estronic

Exhaust flaps and engine characteristics the audi tt rs coupe iconic edition reaches a top speed of 280 kilometers per hour this compact sports car sprints from a standstill to 100 kilometers per hour in just 3.7 seconds

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