The Base Porsche 718 Cayman Ep 8 The 2.0 Engine, the manual, the winter and stuff I dont like

What is it like to live with the 300 hp 2.0 flat-four engine?

Here on forever manual. my name is mike petrovsky.  quick disclaimer. within next few minutes of this  video you may see other people driving my car.  so i had to ask my friends for a favor  what a surprise, they didn’t say no. i bet you wouldn’t refuse either. i was foremost interested  in its engine’s performance. and then everyone went

Straight  to the praising the chassis. question — does this two-liter boxer-motor   the engine produces decent amount of boost  thanks to basically the same turbocharger,   so the car not only makes  plenty of mid-range torque,   but it also has a funny slightly old-school turbo  you actually don’t need rev it that

High,  but anyway… the most exciting part is to get  it’s not a kick really, but  once the boost is there,   when it’s already rolling the 718  is definitely faster than the 981 cayman and the mid-range acceleration is probably even  i saw my car pulling from the slow  you just need a bit of time  to get it going really. in case

Of uncertainty in which is which  there is a link to the engineering explained  in short the boost threshold is  an engine rpm level where the   and the turbo lag is a delay  when above boost threshold   people tend to use the therm ‘turbo lag’ for  but i want my explanation to be precise, because the turbo lag for example at

Higher rpms   is reasonable throughout the range  especially in the sport mode. the boost threshold is so high, that it  makes such a thing as blistering takeoff   it was reading nothing close  to factory claimed 5.4 seconds   yeah, if the grip is any good — and it usually is  you’ll destroy the clutch sooner  than

You’ll get a decent time. straight line acceleration from standing  but then nobody buys manual porsche for  as soon as the engine reaches 2500  rpm the pace is generally there. but getting there from standing  still requires patience. and even more so if you want to accelerate, let’s  the car always needs a couple of  seconds to build up

The boost. i was surprised when it struggled  to take off almost as badly. primary buys you better top-end performance  being a more serious machine the s  is slightly quieter, more humble. the base model tries to sound angry as it’s more  what fascinates me is how naturally the  base 718 fits into the urban environment   as the 2020

Study conducted  by tom tom navigation shows,   there is not much space to rev the engine  within city limits. so most of the time   in addition to using more  responsive throttle mapping,   to help maintain the boost while  the next gear is being selected. in a relaxed manner without  falling out of the torque range.

And a slightly higher idle speed at 1000 rpm   the car doesn’t need to be  particularly loud around here either. nevertheless it sounds nice enough  to fulfill the urge for a roar these moments are usually too  you should know that it sounds  differently from inside than outside. the intake, the turbo, the auxiliaries, the   and

Even if the artificial sound generator is on  it just covers all the interesting  details you may hear without it. you get caught by surprise listening to  you just don’t hear your car this  way even with the windows down. so, yeah, the two-liter 718 does make a decent  the way it barks upon the cold start is joyful  by the way i heard

That the porsche sports exhaust  and i had mine already changed under the  and it still rattles every time  when closes briefly at 2000 rpm. but there is no real analog  for it in the modern days. anyway… whilst lacking the sound  which allows you to lay a quick path through  no need for high revs. shift  more often, fly quietly.

The long-geared manual transmission  changes the experience entirely. the secret of happy city driving lies in your  a gear you wouldn’t normally  consider using for overtaking. because it goes up to 80 kph —  it’s almost 50 miles an hour! well, considering that it’s the only  the first went up to 150 back  then, over 90 miles an hour.

I mean of course you can do  an entire lap of the racetrack   but the fourth, fifth and the sixth —  i would prefer the top gear to have  taller ratio since the engine has to run   like they must to spend an  entire life on the second. look! i’m cruising on sixth doing just 80.   i’ve got the gt4 short shifter 

Installed as an experiment. the point is that the shifter and the gearbox are  and this particular setup feels like a sweet  shorter throws of a gt4 with lighter  engagement actions of the base 718. and the self-centering spring is also slightly  as well as the general wobbliness  of the shifter less noticeable. yet i absolutely recommend

The gt4 short shifter   actually the only non-gt cars that  have it from the factory are t models. by the way after everything what i’ve done   i mean still the base one gives  you more freedom speccing your car. but as long as you keep the t  basic, it really stands out. okay, but is there anything  i don’t like about my car?

Although the clutch bites almost at the bottom,   this time however they tried to make the   i don’t mind that either. but  there is a flip side to that coin. the counter-force which provides you with feedback  to a level, in fact, that makes feedback  you might think you’ve let it go  completely, but you haven’t just yet.

And i stall it sometimes —  even after 10 months of using. because the shitty hold function  isn’t always on when you need it. on the one hand it’s challenging because   the second item in the list of things i  this dual-zone climate control is not one of  i have to adjust both the temperature  it is far from being effective 

In the hot summer unless you   something that just doesn’t occur on a hot day  by the flow-generated noise you can tell that the  but if you let it pass you by, it  when it’s raining the windshield  gets misted quite frequently. but on a day like this all  you need is to stay warm,   it warms up quickly — which  is very

Convenient compared to   the cayman has more treats to warm  up your heart during the cold season. it’s not only becomes quieter  and rides more comfortably,   yeah, soft tyre compound makes  the cayman to understeer more   but if it is right, then it adds some yaw momentum  and with the manual car you have a little bit 

Because you always can disengage the clutch  which is quite crucial at  the beginning of the slip. in fact the transformation is so appealing,   i know that the winter driving may  affect the resale value in a bad way. however keeping the balance while  even the acceleration gets funnier  gets deformed every time  when you increase

The torque. i can take it to the track  and really push it to the   just remind yourself that  there is a chinese version so this one may be the cheapest  but definitely not the slowest. and i came to the conclusion that  i just got lucky with this car. i have bought the porsche  which is perfectly suited i hope getting familiar with

My experience will  if you want to hear more about the base 718,  thank you very much for watching  this and i’ll see you next time.

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The Base Porsche 718 Cayman Ep 8 — The 2.0 Engine, the manual, the winter and stuff I don't like By Forever Manual