The BEST CHEAP Bluetooth Adapter for the 2nd Gen Lexus IS

In this episode of Marty Motoring, I talk about the best cheap bluetooth adapter solution to listen to music in the 2nd generation Lexus IS that doesn’t have streaming bluetooth.

So you have a second generation lexus is-250 or 350. it’s a 2006 seven or eight so it’s a little bit older and it doesn’t have built-in bluetooth now this also applies to the 2008 and 2009 lexus isf which i’m actually sitting in a 2008 lexus isf i’ve been using this cool little bluetooth adapter for years so let me show you what it is how it works how cheap it is

And kind of go over the options that are available for the second gen lexus is if you want to stream from your phone to the stereo so hello everybody welcome to marty motoring my name is martin if you’re new here i make a lot of videos on the second generation lexus is it’s a really great platform all around i just got this isf after having a regular 350 an older

One and using this same gadget and then i had a supercharged lexus is350 that was a little bit newer being a 2011 so it actually had built-in bluetooth but if you don’t have that and you have an older car like this 2008 isf and you want to be able to stream to the stereo well there’s a few different options now in 2006 in the usa north america lexus came out with

The second generation lexus is this isf is kind of the best version of that car being v8 and the 8-speed transmission but what was ahead of its time back then is now very outdated now this is touch screen it has navigation it has cd aux fm satellite radio this thing even plays dvds and has some really nice sound settings for its time like i said this is a 2008 and

It’s a little bit outdated so how do you stream bluetooth music to this now there’s a few options i’m going to show you the cheapest one that i have there are some other options out there the big one a lot of people do so that you can still use this screen is called the grom v line and it sits in your glove box it’s pretty much a secondary computer that gives you

Apple carplay and there’s some mixed reviews on it but it seems to work pretty well another option is to change this whole stereo out which i don’t know if i’m a fan of only because of the hvac controls in here and this is a japan made lexus made very specific unit to replace it with something chinese made that may not work as well i don’t know if i want to go that

Route it would be nice to have a bigger screen and car play but i’m still on the fence about that and i don’t know if i want to spend the money i’ve seen so many variations throughout my ownership of the lexus is platform there’s also some solutions that hide under this and give you factory bluetooth connection and those look like really promising i keep it simple

And let me show you how this thing is 30 bucks now this little thing is called the bezine bk01 i’ve been using this bluetooth adapter for years and it works really well i’ll have a link for it in the description below so you can grab it on amazon i’ve recommended it to a bunch of people throughout the years and they’ve all loved it for the price now what this does

It’s nothing special it uses the aux function on on the vehicle so when you go to audio aux unit is in play mode auxiliary so now we can come to the center console area we have this hooked up here and it sticks on various ways there’s a base that’s magnetic i just have it straight 3m down there so it doesn’t move and then i have the cable running through here and

It fits nicely now when we open up the center console you can see there’s a couple wires in here this kit is all connected together pretty much the aux cable from the unit goes in there and then that goes into the actual aux of the car this will clean up the channel and prevent any kind of weird sounds coming from the electronics of the car going through the audio

That’s what that does this little piece cancels those noises out and then the other one is just a usb plug for power so i have a dual plug here so i have my iphone charge cable and then the actual usb power cable of this unit so this all tucks nicely away in the center console and this is all you’re left with now the only downside to this is everything is controlled

From here volume will work on the steering wheel but next songs will not work you will need to use this because it’s aux based and that’s it so how this works is it’s connected to bluetooth it’s blue if it’s not connected it flashes blue and red this is a pause and answer and hang up button so it’s all three of those and then you have your next buttons and your

Microphone there for talking on the phone so say you don’t want to use the built-in system to talk on the phone bluetooth you can just use this and it works pretty well so let me demonstrate how i use this we’ll open up spotify so this is just something that came out recently and i’ve been listening to it so let’s just play that on here it’s a little heavier but

You can get an idea for how this works so if i hit play you’re getting good audio quality as best as this stereo can put out and if we want to pause it we just push that middle button boom and then next song and there you go your bluetooth is connected and there you go bluetooth is connected it sounds great and it’s all hooked up back in the bluetooth settings

In your actual phone settings this is called bk01 with the iphone you can set it as car stereo and rename it if you’d like so i could put this as lexus isf so with android it’ll be pretty similar i used to have an android phone but it’s been a couple years now this turns on and off with the car so if we turn the car off you can see the light goes out and then we

Turn the car on i’ll start the car you’ll hear a little there it is there’s a little bit of like a tone and boom it comes on and it’s ready to go it’s connected within seconds of starting the car we are listening to music so that was a quick look at the bluetooth adapter i’ve been using for years just in these older systems that don’t have built-in bluetooth so

If you have a second generation lexus is or a car that doesn’t have music bluetooth only has phone call bluetooth this is the way to get streaming music in your car for cheap without doing all kinds of other stuff and install this is the easiest way to plug and play and get some bluetooth streaming music so if you want one of these click the link in the description

Down below it’s the bk01 from beesign available on amazon super cheap nice bluetooth adapter sounds good works well and just works really nicely with the second gen is if you found this video helpful or enjoyed it definitely give it a thumbs up if you’re new to the channel and want to see more lexus content hit that subscribe button you can follow me on instagram

Marty motoring and ask me questions via messaging i want to say thank you for watching this video and as always keep those wheels turning thank you

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The BEST CHEAP Bluetooth Adapter for the 2nd Gen Lexus IS! By Marty Motoring