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The Best Color For The Ford Bronco

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Looking at different color Ford Broncos.

Hey everyone welcome back to the channel we’re about to head over to the ford dealership i’ve seen some four broncos um that they have lined up out there and we’re going to take a look and just check out the different colors of them so stay tuned and we’ll be headed right over there so check it out they have multiple colors you see they have like a peach looking

Color uh all white with the black roof you have the orange they have like a dark blue at the end um looks almost black but when you walk up on it it is blue but check it out this one is nice it’s fully loaded you have your um push bar on the front or half a push bar at least put your big wheels on here good year check out the rims now leave down in the comment

Section below which one would you pick check out this one right here this one doesn’t have the push bar and it has a different bumper on the front now if you checked out my other video on when i first did the bronco on the channel there was a two-door one like this the badlands at the winch on the front and everything pretty cool color right here and this is the

Other one that’s the dark blue almost look black but this one is a 20 21 the other ones are 20 22. look at that paint this one has a winch on the front this one doesn’t have um as big as wheels on it have the leather interior very nice interior this one is used 4×4 outer bank so three of them have the soft top the one on the end down there the peach color

One has the hard top which i would prefer the hardtop now i have the 2022 fort ranger so after seeing these i was thinking about should i trade the ranger in on like the uh like the peach color one is like around 60 000 i believe not sure what it is after markups and taxes i don’t know it’s gonna be something i think about um i only have the ranger a few months

Now but i don’t know these broncos are looking pretty good soft top and the only thing i don’t like about the bronco is the um it doesn’t have it doesn’t tow as much as the ranger does it’s the wild track edition check out your lights light bar on the top i like the decal on the hood of the orange one outer banks on this one but this one is real nice i like

This when i was to trade the ranger and i would definitely get this one right here i like the hard top not a fan of the soft just case had to decide to keep the vehicle a long time you don’t have to worry about the um top needing to be serviced or getting the rips or holes in it just spare time in the back look at that with the matching rim that is nice let me

Know what you guys think which one would you pick if you’re new to the channel make sure you hit that subscribe button i do vehicles like this all the time on the channel so make sure you hit that subscribe like the video leave a comment down below share the video also you can follow me on instagram i post pictures all the time

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The Best Color For The Ford Bronco By Street Cruising 101