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The BEST Diesel Truck EVER? 2018 Chevrolet Silverado 3500

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Today, I go over the all new 2018 Chevrolet 3500! This particular truck has the Duramax engine with the Allison transmission! Is this Chevy the best truck for towing?

Hey everyone it’s ben hardy here and today we’re looking at the all-new 2018 chevy 3500 and this one has the bad-boy engine in it that’s right the 6.6 liter duramax but let’s just get right into the video partying under the hood we have that 6.6 liter turbo diesel v8 that puts out 445 horsepower 910 pound-feet of torque and that goes through the allison transmission

Which is a six-speed automatic transmission we finish up front we can see that kind of like more square looking front end that chevy’s now famous for in well this one actually has is this nice big hood scoop which makes it look a lot sporty and everything and it just gives it a very aggressive look overall in the front now coming around back the first thing

You notice is that massive exhaust pipe for the diesel engine you’re still gonna get those parking sensors in the rear and the backup camera right here and then the bed that unlocks and locks to the truck and i just love how that bed falls down slowly and this one does have the optional bedliner that you can get and then you do have a little hole for a 5th wheel

Gooseneck that you can get in the bed and then that rear sliding window back there truck is equipped with the wrong start so you just got to lock it hold the remote start button and listen to that bad boy start right up which if you notice it’s actually pretty quiet i’m gonna run back if we look at the back here we can see this nice leather trim with the wood trim

As well you can see these nice leather seats with the white contrast stitching you got usb ports back there little 12-volt and just like 2500 these seats do fold up but you do get these little cubbies in this specific trim in this is a high country so you can have even more storage and kind of make everything in little compartments and everything and if you can

See as well legroom and everything is plentiful back here go up front it’s just a traditional lock and unlock does know keyless entry does have the bose sound system you’re gonna get all your window controls and everything your mirror controls and all that the window locks you got your light controls here the shifter for the different drive modes two wheel drive

Four wheel drive forward low your trailer brake controls and all that and then do get your seat controls down there by stefan heights really high like i’ve said in pretty much every other truck i’d recommend getting side steps but to start up the duramax just got to put the key in here and then twist it and obviously this truck side he warmed up doesn’t need the

Diesel preheat but obvious you do the normal diesel preheat function and then you just start it right up you’re gonna get your cruise control buttons right here it’s got the if you look here the forward collision warning heated steering wheel you get here onstar over there actually but you got all your voice commands and everything in the little panel to scroll to

The middle here for all the information on the vehicle then you never want to have you got your speedometer over there you got your tech ometer over there and then you do have that big touchscreen in the middle which gives you all the function and everything that anything you could ever want to use your volume controls your menu control dual zone climate does have

Those heated seats where you can just have the heating on the top and the bottom or just the top air-conditioned seats as well on this one you’re all mega sally climate controls down there and then over here your memory pedals electronic stability control cab like parking sensors you got your lane departure assist and then you got your exhaust brake because this

One is a diesel still got that nice dual glovebox in here and then that nice leather trim and everything all throughout come with an optional sunroof which is really nice you know and then you got your onstar controls and everything and then if we put the truck in a reverse so that’s over into reverse pop-up with that nice backup camera that has all the trajectory

Lines so that it can help you to go up to a trailer or anything like that and make it backing up and everything a lot easier set off in the all-new 2018 chevy 3500 and like i said this is the high country trim so it’s the more luxury barren that stuff like all the leather trim on the dash loves sharing real leather seats and everything it’s really nice really good

Quality stuff in here and this one is the diesel engine um like i said in that video on the 2500 you can get a 6 liter gas engine that has 365 horsepower about 380 pound feet of torque but this is the engine that everyone talks about with the chevy’s this is the transmission everyone talks about the chevy’s that duramax paired with the allison and it’s just because

It’s so powerful and the other thing is that this is mentioned in transmission option are they’re so reliable as well and talked about it for years about the reliability of both the transmission and the engine and it’s something that’s not very common with thought truck brands necessarily never have a good engine or transmission not both in chevy’s done a wonderful

Thing having you know both our engine and transmission should be very reliable if we’re gonna talk about a truck we’re gonna be talking about ride quality and ride quality on this truck is gonna be a quite a bit bumpier than on that 2500 that i drove and so it’s not nearly as smooth but you know what you’re giving up in ride quality you are getting in the actual

Capacity of the payload because this isn’t one ton so it’s gonna have a higher payload than the 2500 so you definitely do benefit from that stiffer ride quality by getting a bigger payload so if you have heavier trailers or need the whole lot more stuff and this trucks gonna be a better fit for you interior material wise it’s all really nice there’s a ton of

Features in it and everything and so everything’s really nice to touch his love you know padding and everything the wood trim definitely makes it feel a lot more luxurious and everything there’s just so much storage space everywhere i mean this huge anything together choose console and everything and you got this you got more storage space down there and everything

So it’s definitely a very usable truck and you’ve got so much space which is something that’s really nice and what i love about trucks they just have all this storage space everywhere back onto that engine sound wise it actually sounds really good obviously it sounds like a decent but it’s not loud at all it’s actually surprisingly pretty quiet to be completely

Honest which really surprised most diesel engines are a little bit louder but i mean this engine is super quiet everything so it definitely makes this truck feel a bit more luxurious because you don’t just happen diesel rumbling in it while you’re driving so i mean you don’t have a big diesel rumble when you’re driving so it makes it a lot more comfortable and a

Lot more and they’re applying everything to drive and all that so we’re about to gain the interstate here just getting some – highway speeds to see how it drives there and so you know obviously test out that matt hundred pound feet of torque because i do imagine this truck is gonna be pretty quick with as much torque as much power as it has but do a little bit of

Acceleration here and i mean you just you just absolutely just ride on this surge of torque and it just keeps you moving and moving and move and i mean i barely went over 2,000 rpms there and the truck just kind of moves it’s just amazing how powerful this truck is wrap things up we’re gonna see fashion-wise on this like i said if you need that higher payload

Capacity then you know definitely go for the one tied over the 3/4 because it’s gonna give you more payload and if you need to tow more than you know the duramax is gonna be the route to go if you if you need that higher towing capacity i believe if you get this in a dually configuration with 3,500 then you actually are able to tow up till 8 it’s like somewhere

Around 30,000 pounds which is just absolutely ridiculous and so this is definitely the truck to go for if towing is a necessity for you but if not then you know go for that 6 oh gas motor and you know save the money over the diesel engine but but yeah it’s a fact it’s an absolutely fantastic truck to go for it i would i would def i would highly recommend this you

Know keep this truck in mind when you’re choosing which heavy-duty one time mate you’re planning on getting there we have it everyone the all-new 2018 chevy 3500 thank you so much for watching if you liked the video please leave a like if you’re stopping in for the first time please subscribe please comment down below what you thought and i will see all of you in that next video

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The BEST Diesel Truck EVER?! 2018 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 By Ben Hardy