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The best EV and EV Stock?? | RIVN | Rivian R1T/R1S |8/17/2022

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Rivian’s Q2 production & sales number

Hey my youtube friends welcome back when raven appealed it was absolutely crazy riven stock traded as high as 179 dollars that makes riven the third or the fourth largest automaker in the entire auto industry that was absolutely crazy for just the ipo company that barely makes hundreds of vehicles at that time there were lots of hypes about raven raven has a really

Great product to say the least the riven rt is really a truly amazing product and also amazon was batting heavily and was investing heavily on raven they asked the riven to produce that over 100 thousand of their delivery lands so at the very beginning riven already has a very decent amount of altars and also the broader market during that time was really really

Nice compared to what we have right now so that’s all of those factors combined together make the super hyped raven stock but over the month because like the situation of the general of the broader market as well as people’s hives and expectations become like realistic more realistic riven’s stock price is not like super doing super well over the past few months

To the point it traded at as low as just the 19 as it’s like all-time low that was like 80 to 90 percent drop from its all-time high of 179 dollars so how is ribbon doing right now in terms of auto company uh what’s this new products that are rvn r1s doing what is the r t doing in this video let’s find out more about raven so first of all ribbon just released its

Q2 2022 q2 production and sales number raven has outperformed the two previous quarters this ev maker increased the vehicle production by 72 percent compared to 2022 q1 and the sales amounted to 4467 units i mean it’s not a lot but arabian is making progress and compared with it’s like closest the competitor lucid in terms of their like developing stage raven

Actually selling and producing much more than lucid and they also gave us a pretty nice outlook even though ribbon just manufactured and produced a little less than 7000 vehicles for the entire year and sold 5694 vehicles the company still hopes to sell 25 000 vehicles by the end of 2022. for some auto companies for some ev makers the the restrictions comes from

Two ends the production and the demands sometimes even though this even maker is struggling with the production but the demands also need some attention to like what we mentioned about exponent and neo in our previous videos but the good news for a raven is there is no such issue the demand issue for ribbon at least for now so as of may the 9th the pre-orders of

The r1t and r1s in the u.s and canada exceeds 90 000 units and interestingly raven has also a backholder of 100 thousand amazon tracks and vehicles that have not met yet so added together that’s almost a 200 000 backlog orders for everything raven can produce so to meet the demand raven’s output volume must keep rising towards considerably higher levels until the

Ev maker has enough materials or employees though there is no telling whether production will increase again ever since the r t and r rns of ribbon have come out it receives tons of good reviews and it has a lot of advantages compared with the conventional car makers i’ve seen so many like good comments good reviews from all the popular and famous youtubers the auto

Youtubers gave raven thumbs up and was surprised that raven can make the first its first vehicle so right the arvante as a pickup truck just have so many like quirks and features and so so many innovations i mean even in the peacock field there are a lot of competitors competitions from like the traditional big names building from scratch sometimes is good thing

For raven because riven does not have that many burdens like the the dealership network sometimes a dealership like a big dealership network can be a good thing but sometimes it’s just it’s not so great and tesla has proven that no dealership also works for car makers at the very beginning riven has emphasized its software usability from all the review videos

I checked the navigation the responsiveness of the software and the ability to over the air update the software is really amazing it’s not something that i think a lot of conventional car makers can even compete with recently riven has ota this ota update adds tire pressure status to the driver display as well as long list of other improvements such as enhanced

Infotainment system usability and stability improved regeneration at a high battery state of charging improved dc fast charging curve at low temperatures enhance the cabin climate production that’s really amazing uh even though i’m not sure if like all vehicle controllers can be over the air updated like what tesla can do to its fleet but from this update list

I see at least the battery controller can be updated from the all the air up upgrade which is again not something that a lot of conventional vehicle makers can do and what i really like about tesla and what i think tesla and other like new ev startups has advantages is the autonomous driving system and ribbon provides its own driver plus system and as long as

I have one hand slightly touching the wheel i can feel as i try and pull left or right the steering wheel torque fights against me it’s clearly engaged so i can’t really comment on the depth of the system but it certainly appears to be functioning as intended and seems solid to me i for this type of driving i would definitely be comfortable making a long trip

Fighting rush hour traffic what have you it’s a nice system from the reviews i think this is a really useful and solid feature i just i just think vehicle makers like ribbon and tesla and other like neo exponent they’re so ahead in terms of autonomous driving and speaking of the potential of the production which can drive the stock price up high is that um we know

Riven is still trying to meet its 25 000 unit production goal this year but it’s nowhere near what the current arabian plant in normal illinois is capable of raven is hoping that in the year 2023 the production can reach more than six figures next year it says that the plant is capable of 150 000 per year but that 200 thousand per year might also be possible so

Ribbon is also facing a lot of challenges there’s no doubt about that raven benefits from being the first company to provide the all-electric pickup truck but rebels are on the horizon uh name a few like the cyber truck from tesla which is i think will be the biggest challenger sometime next year or the year after next year when cybertron comes out i think when

Cybertron comes out it will be in large volume it will have a jump start and start the like the production rate will be very high considering the protection capability and all the gigafactories from tesla of course there are challenges but raven in my opinion has a really great product and also i see a kind of clear plan for them to execute from here and i do see

A much brighter future for arabian for me personally i’m a huge fan of new stock and excellent stock but i also think there are so many risks for now for new and exponent even though they’re in a like relatively more mature state than raven but because of the u.s china relation challenge and also like the listening risk of all the chinese listed u.s stocks all

The u.s listed chinese stocks it’s a safer and potentially more returning bat for reason than many of the other chinese stocks at this moment okay so raven is looking good it’s looking great 19 per share is definitely a goal for raven now it’s like 39 it’s little it’s much higher than its lowest point but i think there are still potential and if the stock goes

Down from here that might be some good opportunity to niche up some and to like build the shares over the time um so considering the technology advantages considering the production considering the product itself i think raven has very good opportunity and it’s just a good company i can see people driving ravens to pick up trucks and suv around us very soon and

And i can definitely see more and more people buying ravens r t and r s and driving them around us so um looking good for this company and looking good for their products all right that’s everything i want to talk about raven in this video if you like this kind of content please like this video and subscribe this channel i see you next time

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The best EV and EV Stock?? | RIVN | Rivian R1T/R1S |8/17/2022 By Travis Daily