Hey guys!

What’s going on everybody it’s me answer back again with another video uh as you can see i got my uh dream car here my rx3 and today we’re gonna be uh we’re gonna be making it loud yeah so i bought these secondary decade pipes my vehicle is fitted with uh two cats right in the middle there uh it sounds pretty good but i find that it just needs to be a little bit

Louder so i bought these things that just replace uh the cats so it should be really nice and loud all right guys well i need my sidekick dicko so i’m going to click him in whoa how are you doing quick there you go should we do it on site let’s do it do it sweet okay guys so this is a before shot so give it a rib to go okay guys so those are the cats right

There not not a big cat but still a restriction so um let’s remove them very good oh so they’re just slips so we should be able to just slip them back in no one needs to know where you’re going exactly we have um updated our budget we have now hired a cameraman as you would have seen the camera that’s an exhaust restriction so this is your catalytic converter

What it does is it gets all the bad gases turns it into co2 chucks another exhaust and it’s somewhat safer to breathe but who cares about them i’m not gonna throw well that was a little uh rev without the without the cats sounded pretty good but we got to keep it legal so let’s put these pipes on so 15. now there’s 13. i’m going to push them together oh

Okay this feels a lot like a normal work day man did you oh no you could do it very tight very good that actually looks real good very nice yeah clear clears all beautifully well yeah i love it not bad the best thing is you don’t have to take your car to someone to have it call you yeah and just let that go do it for me for free that’s what i do cool right

Awesome let’s start it let’s see what it sounds like eh yeah definitely yeah and this is a after shot so let’s hear it yes wow and um um i hope you liked our video today guys um like and subscribe do all that tell your mates tell mom tea cousins everyone oh they’re grandmother you definitely yeah yeah i’ve heard that something i think grandma’s

Quite like irish things yeah definitely pops and beans who knows share your grandma yeah show your grandma yeah she’ll like me so hopefully we’re going to do a um indicated delete on it at some stage because audi drivers don’t use their own yeah exactly i own an editing answer there’s no point i might as well delete them all jokes aside thanks for watching everyone

Uh this was a very exciting episode the car sounded awesome to begin with but now it just sounds amazing so yeah thank you for watching and we’ll see you next time see you guys see ya

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