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In today’s video we check out one of the best cars in the new update that you can buy in terms of looks, speed, and overall drive quality. Enjoy the video and comment what your thoughts are on this below.

Howdy everybody welcome back to a brand new greenville video and in today’s video we are going to be going over what i believe is uh possibly one of the best cars in game not only for uh looks but also per four performance reasons which i know a lot of you like because uh you know i hear a lot of people talk about different sleeper cars and i assume like sleeper

From what i know means like any car i don’t think it has to be a specific genre so uh i’m gonna call it a sleeper but uh you know you can take that how you want but if you do enjoy the video drop a like subscribe if you’re new and comment down below your thoughts on the card down below but let’s go ahead and check it out the car i am referring to today is the oh

I’m way closer than i actually thought the 2023 toyota rav4 prime um so fun fact irl this is actually one of toyota’s fastest models 0 to 60 in 5.4 seconds which for a little crossover suv pretty good and uh in game it is a very good as well so not only do you get a um a very well looking um suv that comes in a wide variety of colors but it also has a special blue

One that i actually quite like don’t tell me it’s getting overcast really way to kill the mood weather sunny oh i spelled that wrong weather sunny okay anyways um like i was saying it comes in this nice blue color and it’s overall a very good looking uh little crossover here but uh and one of the main selling points here is what i’m trying to give is um the speed

Now if you guys aren’t aware this is a hybrid the prime is the plug-in hybrid version we know how uh toyota always does the hybrids as well here is all this is basically like the top top of the line trim so you’ve got uh you know all led lighting all around and back here as well very nice uh looking all right i think it’s turning sunny again finally so we can go

Ahead and continue on with this review so uh like i was saying this car is relatively quick now i’m not saying this thing’s gonna be beating lamborghinis or anything but uh overall like off the line it is pretty good as you know greenville now has that new hybrid system so it’s not always running hybrid it also has the other engine kick in at 70 miles an hour so

If i go ahead and give a demonstration here when you floor it first of all you gain speed pretty quick until around 40 to 50 miles an hour as you see it starts to slow down but you’re still going pretty quick and then once that once you hit the 70 miles an hour and the other motor kicks in you go flying you go from 70 to 125 very quickly and um you know that’s

Pretty good because uh you know obviously off the line is very important um so well firstly that braking was really good um that’s another great thing i have to say about this car um the braking is amazing if we just go ahead i’ll give a demonstration one more time because that wasn’t really the feature i was showing off right now if we get up to 125 and i just

Slam on the brakes that’s a very good but like i was saying off the line gets up to speed very quick shifts through all the quote-unquote gears very quickly and then you get around like 50 60 you slow down a bit um and that would give your opponent time to catch up but once you hit the 70 miles an hour and that other motor kicks on it’s like they get their catch

Up and then you got it and then you get even more power because uh you know then you’ve got not only the hybrid engine working but the front engine working so it means this thing a girl crazy um but overall this is just a great car um you’ve got like the roof uh rails up here it’s good looking you can i mean you can get any car in any color so i can’t really say

That but this is like a signature color for the uh the hybrid um the prime is a plug-in hybrid so i do believe i’ll go check in a minute but i do believe you take this to a charger i could be wrong um it does have gas as well um because you know obviously plug-in hybrid it still has the gas engine but yeah it’s overall it’s got great handling and just really no

Complaints about it um aside from like the fact that it is a rav4 like you know rav4 is like a very typical stereo well not stereotypical sorry it’s just your very average car you see out on the road but the prime is actually you know like i said it is one of a toyota’s fastest models irl so uh let’s see how this thing charges up because i’ve never actually done

It um click on here no so i do think you actually have to go get put gas in it for those of you who are like i don’t want to pay for gas it’s a video game man we get 700 a minute in this game or 700 a mile on this game cost me 22 bucks to put five gallons calm down that costs like a lot more where i live anyways um so like i was saying it’s a great car to drive

Around um not only that but it’s great for role play you know this car ain’t gonna be banned in any role play servers um like it’s a rav4 is the most role play car you can drive um it’s got four one two three fours four seats of five including the driver but uh obviously that one will always be taken and uh yeah you know personally one of my favorite cars in this

Update uh very aggressive looking if you may as well but uh yeah there is basically the review um highly recommend this car to anyone looking for anything like quick and uh you know kind of on the quiet side or i wouldn’t say like quiet as in a noise level but like you know not a flashy car if you may but that is going to go ahead and wrap it up here so guys i

Did enjoy do make sure to drop a like and subscribe to the channel if you are new comment down below what’s your thoughts on this car are down in the description below make sure to follow all my social medias which are all up on screen now and join the discord server down in the description below but until the next video see you guys all then

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