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The brakes suddenly stopped working on my 2023 Chevy Bolt EV (1LT – Canada)

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Was driving my new 2023 Chevy Bolt EV 1LT in Canada. Brakes stopped working suddenly. Regenerative braking continued to work. Car at dealership for assessment now.

All right so i’ve been driving for a few seconds here and uh service esc comes up this light comes on along with this and now i’m gonna push the brake i’m pushing the brake hard nothing’s happening i’m barely able to stop this is me pushing full full full throttle on the guy on the brake so the only way for me to really brake right now is to put the one one

Pedal driving on and let that do the braking for me that’s the only way for me to stop while these two lights are on so i’m taking it to the service department right now and i shouldn’t be videoing while i’m driving so maybe i’ll cut out some of this audio but yeah so the only way for me to stop right now is to have the one pedal driving on and uh a couple of

Lights are on right now the uh the second to bottom light is on the right side previously the third light from the bottom was on the traction control one so let me try braking again yep braking works again but uh last time i was driving i did the same thing where it cut back in and then it cut back out again so going straight to the dealership right now just

Picked up yesterday it’s got about four kilometers three kilometers on when i picked it up so 2023 bull tv break just stopped working out of the blue it’s a pretty average day outside today um like low 20s right now in celsius eight o’clock in the morning just driving through st thomas ontario canada but uh yeah that was pretty sudden didn’t happen yesterday when

I picked it up um didn’t plug it in charge last night or anything like that so it’s got a full charge to the dealership but uh yeah so i’m just turning towards the dealership now we’ll see what uh depth like i said the one one pedal driving the only thing sort of stopping the car for me right now so okay there it is again light came on traction control service

Esc still got the one one pedal driving on so it’s going to break for me but if i turn the one pedal off and i go full brake three two one brake fully braking right now like fully and it’s just coasting along so definitely drive with care one pedal back on see the light’s gone again brake again braking works but coming up to an intersection there’s no idea if

The break’s gonna work or not coming up to the lights it’s working now but once those lights come on again it’s gonna stop working so it’s a one pedal driving thank goodness it’s turning it’s not on sport mode there’s nothing traction control isn’t manually off there’s nothing else peculiar about it right now so i’ll probably have them take the car and figure

Out what’s going on with it obviously this is a pretty serious issue pulling up this bro now oh it’s on again see watch me get in the driveway here parking lot and hit something because i can’t brake okay let’s try and turn the one gentle one one pedal off again let’s see if i can see can’t break can’t break at all i’m like pushing full throttle all right we’re

In the parking lot now the dealership let’s go straight to the service department and hopefully we can stop the car in there oh look it’s gone again so the brakes will work now but uh yeah service service service let’s take a look this is a known issue

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The brakes suddenly stopped working on my 2023 Chevy Bolt EV (1LT – Canada) By Bob Dhillon