The Brand New Mazda CX 50 will curtains the popular CX 5

Mazda is adamant that the two similarly priced SUVs appeal to different audiences and, as such, don’t capitalize on each other’s sales. However, some industry insiders seem to disagree with the Hiroshima-based brand. Speaking to Automotive News, AutoPacific’s president reckons the CX-5 won’t be around for much longer.

The brand new mazda cx-50 will curtains the popular cx-5 the car maker says the two serve completely different buyers but industry experts aren’t convinced one second before we start the video kindly subscribe to this channel that will motivate us to make more videos like this your support is very important for us only you can help us to reach the next milestone

Now let’s get started if you’re in the market for a compact suv you could do a lot worse than a mazda the cx-5 is not only a svelte looking crossover but a solidly built one too what’s more with a starting msrp of twenty six thousand two hundred and fifty dollars it represents ridiculously good value but if it’s a touch two demure for your tastes mazda will be all

Too happy to point you in the direction of the cx-50 it’s undeniably handsome with rugged styling add-ons and superior off-roading capabilities mazda is adamant that the two similarly priced suvs appeal to different audiences and as such don’t capitalize on each other’s sales however some industry insiders seem to disagree with the hiroshima based brand speaking

To automotive news auto pacific’s president reckons the cx-5 won’t be around for much longer mazda is spinning it as having two models in the same segment for different buyers it’s just like what happened when they introduced the cx-30 the cx-3 stuck around a couple of years and then was gone said ed kim mazda has just refreshed the cx-5 so we’re guessing it won’t

Disappear as quickly as the admittedly long in the tooth cx 3 did at first the cx-30 was positioned as a slightly larger more refined alternative to the cx-3 now it’s the brand’s entry-level crossover kim’s opinion is seconded by ivan drury of edmonds who believes the cx-5 may be around for up to three years after cx 50 sales pick up however cutting the cx-5

From the lineup also poses another problem the popular crossover managed to muster strong sales last year with mazda shifting one hundred and sixty eight thousand examples interestingly the cx-50 faces a production cap of one hundred and fifty thousand units per annum the car maker has said cx-5 sales would be even more successful if the brand has more inventory

But noted the cx-50 will remove some pressure from its more road biased sibling if you were a customer it would make no sense to pick the cx-5 over the c x fifty unless you got a discount added drury it gets trickier when you look at the respective pricing yes the cx-5 offers phenomenal value but the more desirable cx 50 is priced not much higher at twenty six

Thousand eight hundred dollars for the extra outlay you get more rugged styling and an arguably more modern interior things are only set to get trickier for mazda with the introduction of the upcoming cx 70 and cx 90 models with ambitions to rebrand itself as a luxury car maker does the cx-5 have a place in an increasingly premium lineup the aforementioned cx 90

Will serve as the company’s halo model in the usa and therefore supplant the aging cx-9 as talented as it may be it would make sense for the cx-5 to be pushed out of the family it would certainly be a pity as the cx-5 is a delightful car to drive daily and not everybody wants the rugged styling afforded by the cx-50 still from a business perspective it would make

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The Brand New Mazda CX 50 will curtains the popular CX 5 By RVS MOTO HUB