The Build | The Near Death Experience of the M2 Ghost Crazy BMW M2 BUILD

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For this episode of the build were in charlotte north carolina home of the panthers pork barbecue charlotte motor speedway and i’m sure a ton of other things that i’m missing but i wanted to meet up with matt and see his m2 in person i wanted to know what was going on underneath the hood i want to see all the little details that he put all the time and to make

And so i mean honestly i think we just got to check out the car let’s go see it alright guys welcome to the build today we have matt and the m2 or the m2 ghost right you got a name name for it there’s a story behind it it’s it’s definitely a unique car there’s a lot going on with this car it’s got everything from appearance to suspension to the interior –

I mean it’s really a well-done car but it’s also there’s so much like little refinement you walk around you notice kind of something new every time you go around it but anyway matt thanks for thanks for meeting up with us i know we came to you but thank you guys i mean i had to see the car so so this has a name right this car is not just you know you’ve kind of

Made the name a little bit famous but like the car is m2 ghost what’s what’s the name behind that so long story short i had an m2 before this and i it was my dream car i had modified it a little bit had downpipe intake wheels springs and i i was convinced i was never gonna have another car at one point i realized i need to have the fenders rolled so i was on my

Way to getting the fenders rolled and one of the tires was filleted by the side of the fender so that ended up in the car bouncing off curve going through tree and when i stopped i look down i see a fire coming off the floor it was like an electrical fire it was a small little blue flame i tried putting it out with the floor map in the back and it started to spread

So i’m thinking paul walker i just hop out of the car yeah yeah yeah it never hit the gas tank luckily so it wasn’t like a big explosion but it was just kind of like a sad thing to see but first thing i thought was really lucky to be walking out of this is a really well-made car so then when the tow truck driver comes up the wrecker i guess he was pulling out all

His gear and i walked up and introduced myself and he asked who i was and i said i’m that’s my car and he lost all the blood in his face he got you know goose bumps and he gave me one of those looks like you don’t you don’t see often out of somebody unless they’re really you know kind of shaken and he said you’re a you’re a ghost man i i don’t know if you’re real

Or not because i’ve been doing this 12 years and you shouldn’t be alive right now i’m looking for the body bag this is just you don’t see that much fire and see the person just walk away the ghosts theme itself follows over also because of a koenigsegg i used to follow sobs and yeah koenigsegg itself is like a swedish brand so the ghost symbol is a swedish theme

From it’s an old fighter squadron things and go stronger so i have one of the stickers on the car is actually from the on excite the original template because they’re all about swedish prod trying to spread and keep that going so i named this car that goes because it’s a memory of the old car this car is created because the old car doesn’t exist anymore but i kind

Of had a chance to redo it and as horrible as that wreck was as lucky as i was to get out of it i would do it again you know i’d lose the old car i would go a new perspective on life yeah absolutely because every day is a gift and i definitely didn’t have that perspective before and this is a dream come true on more than one level so it really makes it a lot more

Meaningful so that’s why it’s called there goes all right the first thing that pops out of me other than wheels the wide-body the wide-body is definitely a different look than a lot of wide bodies i’ve seen what’s going on with the actual hardware that you have mountains so normally with wide bodies i’ve seen when they rivet the car there’s holes going throughout

The piece so that they’re attached these are bolted but they’re bolted from behind yeah and there are carbon fiber structure so there’s a hollow space in between the seam cool so they had to cut out the fender liner go in shape these bolt them from behind same with this piece it’s named with that so these are carbon fiber that have been painted up and white and

Then masked off and then they had to reshape the fender liner to make room for the wheels and the tires and the wider stance and everything so it’s all functional it’s really strong let’s first talk about i think that the part that everyone’s know about the seats there are recaro sports or cs and they’re put together by a guy named ricardo max on instagram he does

An amazing job the bills for amg he builds for audi he goes from anything you want it’s ends up being a lot cheaper than some of the options employee and performance options but so i’m a little bit taller i didn’t realize it until i had some really long drugs for some bad weather i didn’t have enough back support and also i once i went from most of these having

The seats be about six inches lower i can see i guess the way most people can see now under driving and it’s so much nicer i feel like like a normal sized person driving i’m going into the accent carbon fiber trim is that though um from some is some isn’t so it’s kind of a mixture bmw has their in performance line so this is the in performance led steering wheel

With alcantara and carbon fibre that’s got the shift points on it it’s got some information like coolant temp water temps that you can’t get on the into normally there are on other in law so it’s kind of an essential thing if you’re modifying an m2 i think the rear of the car i know at some point there was like a little fender bender or something that screwed

Up the rear end but it seems like every time you get in some little part it gives you the excuse to modify it some a different way right you guys try to make lemonade anytime you can um so i got rear-ended by semi-truck and lucked out because the oem trunk and was more expensive than an agency power carbon fiber trunk so i went that direction i love the 46 csl

That’s always been my it sort of looks similar to that and that was the real trick is getting that duckbill and then i had the mask off certain areas so that it would look like it was fitted with pardon pieces not so overwhelming this carbon sort of match the rest of the car but i loved it agency power did such a great job on it on import payton body painted it and

It doesn’t look like it’s made of carbon fibers what about the rear bumper bumper it’s the socceroo bumper they do add on a bumper extensions they’re carbon fiber from psm again they bolt to the bumper and then bolt to the actual vendor extension again then underneath there’s a diffuser two three piece diffuser that psm makes that side i had too many favourite

Parts of the car that’s one of my favorite part yes it makes one that’s a little bit more aggressive than the bmw it’s they were able to fit it without having to trim the tray or anything yeah i think dining is the only exhaust they found that they installed any of these kits that they didn’t have to like cut out the whole diffuser so you can see underneath it’s a

Nice like aerodynamic flat piece going all the way back in alright guys i know you guys want to know about the suspension the engine the exhaust some of the fun parts but we’re actually going to wait to show you guys those we’re going a little shop a little bit later in this and that way we can get it up we can actually show you what’s going on underneath the car

Get a little more detail of what’s actually going on for now we’re gonna head out take a little drive see how this thing sounds and we’ll check that game with you guys at the next part running on the eastside my dream ride what you’re gonna do shorty wanna come into the screen what we actually talked about the engine the suspension just what’s going on

Underneath the car we get the car to lift here and we’re actually at dynamic auto tune in north carolina we got matt of course you guys met him earlier but matt it’s nice seeing you again yeah it’s been a really long time since yesterday but tell me a little bit about what dynamic auto tune has done for this car dynamic auto tune basically they were integral in the

Whole journey for creating this car i mentioned yesterday that this car is kind of like in memory of my old one yeah so i had some ideas about where i wanted to go they made it happen okay so the front end is comprised of a couple different components companies the psm portion they have the bumper extensions here carbon fiber that continues on from the kit in the

Fender pieces they have these teeth pieces coming over to the center piece which is made for if you have to have a license plate like out in california you can attach that there this is a psm lip and then this is an apr splitter underneath to extend the lip also help support it that’s what these adjustable rods are for the lip itself is more aesthetic but it helps

With air flow as well then we have the ind they make the carbon fiber grills we have here and then the oss headlights probably my favorite part of the front oss built them with carbon fiber housing inside they have double oled rings they have the m tricolor stripes highlighted inside here then they have what they call their x eyes i only got half an x so the blue

Portion inside there it’s actually based on that exiting concept and they can make anything you need oss kind of like psm they’re craftsmen shop guy who owns the place does everything and so as much of this car as i can i have done by hands-on craftsmanship just that’s the kind of thing i like to do i’m sure everyone wants to know about what you have known on with

The wheels higher i went with a bbs 88 and had a hybrid made mix between the bbs 88 and the rta das only they have a polished silver lip i had a friend powder coat black so it’s got the gloss black lip the center still satin toyo tires the proxies are triple-a tars in the front i’m going with 265 by 30s the backs 325 by 30 wheel size itself the front’s ten and a

Half minus seven foot offset the back is 12 and a half and plus five for the offset the having the wider wheel really made a big big difference over the last car that i drove over the factory set up on just so much more track ability okay see we’ve got the kw bub sport three-way adjustable coilovers those are basically to make up for the wider stance can adjust

The rate give us the height and you can adjust the distance it travels really helpful when you’re widening things so that chassis doesn’t break on top of that i have hybrid air air cups air cups are a rather new invention the purpose is so that when you have coil overs for performance use and you have a low front end you need to be able to not have the front end

Get ripped off driving around town basically a compressor system on/off you can lift the front end of the car about five inches up when you need to but you still have full performance of the coil overs and it doesn’t mess with the way it’s gonna handle on the track you come back behind here there are fall line adjustable end links for the sway bars and that allows

You to adjust further the geometry set up underneath basically keep that wider stance from bending flexing things without having issues here i have the full line mono ball which it’s a system that’s found on other cars like rally cars on mitsubishi evo it changes this system from the one way pivot to a ball pivot joint big big difference in the car handling

Wise changes the car moves from the boat to a snake we just ride it further back here we also have vkw club sports for the rear separate reservoirs as well through adjustable these are fräulein motorsports adjustable control arms they are working on the upper control arms right now they just had this set so i’m gonna be getting those as soon as i can again this

Is to help compensate for the wider track when you have adjustable coilovers and only just so much so having the control arms adjustable it allows everything to be put better into place so that the car performs the way you want it to not just looking like a white body it actually drives like one i’m glad to hear that because i feel like a lot of times wide bodies

Are very just like slap it on and no one does any compensation for the fact you’re going away y-yeah when i was building the car before i planned any kind of performance i had body kit in mine and suspension on performance was the last thing on the list i just wanted to make sure that vendor wasn’t gonna cut tire again and more importantly performance as in engine

Engine yeah i’m sorry like uh i guess go fast bits but i i went to ind they had their black friday sale i went pretty nuts um basically just to make adjustable geometry underneath the car when matt came to us and wanted you know reliable horsepower we chose dinan so we went down in stage three which is a bigger turbo upgrade you kinda come over here this aren’t his

Turbos but it’s thirty percent bigger than factory the turbines everything they gives you 30% more airflow so that would give you right around 100 more horsepower ninety foot-pounds of torque just from dining it alone incorporated with that you have your dual core intercooler this keeps everything cooler you know so obviously on those hot days um it’s just like a

Human body so you want you want to keep everything cooler you know so it’s not heat soaking with that said he’s got the big turbo upgrade with the 30% more airflow we did incorporate that with a fab speed catless downpipe we did the dine in from there all the way back it’s a free flow exhaust so it maximizes obviously that’s pushing air through it’s getting it out

The back with that said with the turbo and everything it gives you a great sound with a little bit of burble we still have to dine in tune on it um so he didn’t maximize the down pipes as much but he does want reliability and needless to say this isn’t a trailer queen he loves to drive this car so so up here matt loves his carbon fibre so does dining i’m sorry we

Went with a high flow carbon fiber intake he did go at the end and venturi engine cover – obviously enhance the carbon fiber with that so when we took it to the dyno it did not have the down pipes we did do 403 – the wheels with it and but the guy did say with the size of the tires in the back there’s about a 15 horsepower loss there with those tires so i’m gonna

Take it yeah i mean it’s not for – its 403 alright guys thanks for watching another episode of the build today we had the m2 ghost at dynamic auto-tune you guys got to see all underneath the car inside the car in the engine underneath you know virtually every part to this amazing car but anyways guys that’s going to conclude the episode thanks for watching

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The Build | The Near Death Experience of the M2 Ghost! Crazy BMW M2 BUILD By Driving Cody