The CAR WIZARD shares 6 Super Reliable vehicles under 0K

The CAR WIZARD 🧙‍♂️ presents a new BTNT in his on going series, this video shares SIX super reliable cars, trucks or SUV’s priced under $10,000.

Welcome back to the wizards backyard again this time we’re going to do a video on six cars that are no-brainer buys you should just buy them if you’re looking for a car let’s get started recently i’ve been getting a lot of questions about which car a person should buy whether it be trucks suvs this and that and i’m going to list six cars that from experience and

Seeing them in and out of shops and also knowing people that have owned them that would be a no-brainer buy and what i mean by that is as long as it’s been up kept good service has not been wrecked it’s not a flood car obviously those kinds of cars you shouldn’t buy those but if those things have been met it’s a good condition car then these cars are cars you can

Buy with confidence it’s just like should i buy this car and i would say yes i don’t even need to talk about it anymore you should buy that car that’s what we’re talking about today also the cars i’ll be listing today are up to ten thousand dollars i’m not talking about a fifty nine thousand dollar brand new car i’m talking about up to ten thousand dollars you’re

Looking for a family car suv a truck but you’ve got five ten thousand that you can spend that’s exactly what we’re looking at today so without further ado we’ll start off with car number one two thousand to 2005 buick lesabre now you guys knew i was going to say that you guys know i’m an advocate for the buick lesabre you already know that but these have the 3.8

V6 in automatic transmission they easily get 30 miles per gallon on the highway almost as good as a honda accord or something like that they’re extremely extremely reliable and when they do break because every car in the world is going to break these are very much less likely to break but when they do the parts are cheap they’re plentiful and they’re very easy

To work on if you take a buick lesabre to your local mechanic he’s not going to have a fit of rage i don’t work on those or get all pissed off he’s going to be like oh yeah bring it in i can easily fix that for you these cars are known to last three to four hundred thousand miles i have serviced several in the 400 000 mile range and they’re still going now i’ll

Bet they’ve replaced parts over the years a control arm a starter an alternator water pump struts things like that those are normal wear and tear items but the car is still on the road getting 30 miles per gallon you can expect to pay around two to five thousand dollars for one of these maybe a little more if it’s like immaculate low mileage but that’s definitely

A good family car that’s not going to break the bank to buy it nor to maintain it these are known to have the little coolant elbows that are underneath the alternator or start to leak the original ones are plastic once you replace these with the metal upgrades it’s nothing to even think about ever again it’s very easy to replace these they do have some intake

Gasket leaks here or there but again it’s not hard to replace these i can almost replace them blindfolded it’s not a big deal but it’s very rare that that happens so on to the next one so if you’re in the market for a half ton truck and you’re looking at the prices and you’re like me you’re like 98 grand for a truck oh hell no i ain’t paying that trust me guys i’ve

Looked at that and it’s just shocking but if you have 10 grand 5 to 10 grand there are some trucks out there that are still going to be good trucks and do the work for you that is the 99 to 2006 chevy silverado or the gmc sierra either one would be fine now you notice i don’t go past the 2006 range because when you get into 0789 we started to get into the garbage

Active fuel management we all know that those are trash and when they fail it grenades the engine it can grenade the engine once those problems are fixed you can upgrade them to a dod delete it’s kind of what it’s called the afm delete then they’re just as reliable as the older models but it just makes sense just to get the older model these have the 4.8 or the

5.3 ls based v8 no they’re not an ls engine but they are heavily based on the ls engine they’re called the vortec 5.3 or 4.8 the six liters you could get them in special edition trucks or in three quarter tons but we’re just talking about the budget half ton truck these can’t have a manual transmission or you can get them in automatic 4×4 two-wheel drive those

Are up to you what you’re looking for what you’re needing but any of them would be good again the common theme on all of these are the parts are plentiful readily available they’re cheap to purchase relatively cheap compared to high-end cars and the ls-based v8 is so easy to work on i mean it’s another one of those that i can work on blindfolded there’s usually

A lot of room around it they’re not ultra complicated it is so so it’s nice it’s nice that it’s so easy to work on a lot of people that are somewhat mechanically inclined can fix these themselves and save a lot of money these have decent towing hauling obviously if you’re going to seriously tow heavy you’re going to need a one ton or something like that you don’t

Need to look at half tons but it can tow a car it can tow a small camper or it can tow a small trailer or this or that no problem with that there are literally and i mean literally millions of these trucks on the road and a lot of them still on the road so even if you had to cheap out and get salvage yard parts they’re everywhere guys they’re all over the place

And again these are the five to ten thousand dollar range you can get a two wheel drive 4.8 half ton 7 500 bucks eight grand sometimes ten just depending on the condition if you jump into four by four extended cab and you may pay a little over 10 but it’s going to be roughly in that range just like the ss silverado you guys just saw a video on i got it for five

Grand and i got my five grand back from the little accident from the delivery driver but there are deals to be had unfortunately the salt has gotten to that one and it’s just really wrecked the thing the engine and transmission though 190 000 miles and they themselves operate like they’re brand new if you’re looking for a midsize suv 2004 to 2009 lexus rx 350.

These things are all over the place they are somewhat stylish they look nice and they are bullet proof bulletproof i mean they are bulletproof video bob just bought him a newer model a little bit newer than 09 and he knows the secret here he knows they are dead reliable and they’re very comfortable and very nice as everyone probably already knows alexis is a higher

End version of a toyota which means you’re getting the toyota quality these can have a 3.3 v6 or a 3.5 v6 easily 30 miles per gallon on the highway there’s all-wheel drive options available they do have some third row seating these are the kinds of cars that you buy when you just don’t want to mess with being under the hood you’re not a mechanic you don’t want to

Think about mechanic things you just want a car you can drive to your doctor’s appointment go to work and it’s not always broken all the time this is where we’re getting at here this is the lexus rx350 that is where you should go if you’re looking for a reliable suv a mid-sized one now if you go over the 09 range the price really starts to tack on fast you can

Get up to fifteen twenty thousand dollars fast and maybe that’s fine with you you could spend that but there are a lot of the older model rx series out there that are five ten grand that are still got tons of life left in them and if you’ve got a house full of rowdy children and you’re worried about getting a brand new car because they might destroy the interior

Again you didn’t spend a whole lot it’s going to be dead reliable and if they get cheeto fingers all over the place it’s really not that big of a deal you didn’t spend 80 grand on it you only spent eight grand on it the next one is 1998 to 2012 ford crown victoria now i know these cars are kind of a grandpa car i know they’re not very cool and we all know that for

A long time they were cop cars they stopped making them in 2012 so the cops aren’t using those anymore but for the longest i can remember in the 2000s if you saw a cop it was a crown vic these cars are the epitome of bulletproof they are dead reliable ford really hit the nail on the head they really hit the bullseye here when they build a car that was reliable

Comfortable and easy to maintain they have a 4.6 v8 they’re automatic transmission they’re not as fuel efficient as some of the ones we just listed you’re probably going to get around 25 on the highway not 30 because it’s a v8 parts are very plentiful and very cheap this is the ford 4.6 modular v8 these things have been around for quite a while and they just go

And go and go again another vehicle that gets three to four hundred thousand miles of life out of it i’ve seen several of them that have just been beat up especially cop cars they’ve been run racket and they still got 300 000 miles out of it just make sure you don’t buy a cop car because it’s very likely that they’ve had a rough life they’ve been flying down the

Road running through dirt roads potholes they’ve been through a lot so keep that in mind if you’re looking at one of those this is called the panther platform it’s also the lincoln town car mercury grand marquis there’s several vehicles that used this platform but it is one of the best if not the best platform that ford motor company has ever made in the history

Of their company and yes you can get one of those others a lincoln town car or a grand marquis you will get the same engine the same reliability just depends on what your budget is they’re going to cost a little more but if you need a family car or four-door car that rides comfortable you don’t want a tin can for a car you want something that’s got some substance

To it a crown vic is definitely the ticket it’s definitely a no-brainer buy and again five to ten thousand dollar range and you’ll get a really nice one the next car you guys will definitely agree with me is 1996 to the year 2000 lexus ls 400 these are getting old they’re 23 years old now for the a 2000. but they are that reliable there’s so many still on the road

They are literally tanks they are built beyond extremely reliable they are so good very very good these have a 4 liter v8 and they’re automatic transmission very comfortable the parts are plentiful because there was lots of them made the parts are a little bit more expensive because it’s a toyota basically but still they’re out there and they’re such a nice car

These have world renowned level of reliability most people on the entire earth know about the ls400 and they know how good it really is you’re not going to get 30 miles per gallon on the highway with these because it’s a v8 you’re looking at 25 27 on the highway something like that the interior is really what you should be looking at on these just to make sure

It’s not been decimated or beat up or smoked in or something like that you want to make sure it’s in good shape and the reason why i chose 96 to 2000 because this is obd2 where if you have a check engine light your local parts store can still read the code for free and you might be able to fix a car yourself if it’s fairly cheap if we get back to 1992 93 because

They had ls400s back then 94 or 95. this is pre-obd2 and it’s going to be a little bit harder to read the codes but 96 to 2000 is really this sweet spot these are a very highly desirable car if you do find one you’re not going to get it for two grand it’s going to be five to ten and most likely near 10 because everybody wants one they also have very cool styling

I think they look amazing so definitely they knocked it out of the park with the ls400 you can’t go wrong with that one the sixth and final one is the 2001 to 2007 toyota highlander now this is kind of a crossover small in between small and medium suv and it is a very very good suv my own father owns one he asked me years ago what kind of car he should buy he’s

Looking for a little suv i said go get a highlander you will thank me later and he did years later he thanked me he said he said i’m getting to the stage in life i’m getting older i don’t have time to constantly be finagling under the hood trying to fix stuff there’s a coolant leak this work this is broke that’s broke he said i don’t have time for that anymore and

This car has served me so well it always starts it always runs and it’s not leaking a drop nowhere mrs wizard’s sister actually had a highlander hybrid for a while and it had tons of miles on it and it’s been passed down through the family already the only thing they had to do to it was a timing belt and it’s because mrs wizard told her you better do it before it

Breaks and she did it but it’s been a trooper for them as well these can have a 2.4 4-cylinder three liter 3.3 v6 there’s different options through the years and different packages that you can choose but they’re all going to be a good choice these can get 25 to 30 miles per gallon highway they’re very fuel efficient they have third row seating and i can’t stress

Enough they’re bulletproof they really are bulletproof easily 300 000 miles out of one of these that’s just no question about that and they look pretty nice they look well made they look stylish somewhat stylish no it’s not a bentley bentega or something obviously but it is very nice for the price which is going to be again five to ten thousand dollars for an older

Model one any of the six cars i just listed if they’ve been maintained if they’ve been serviced have not been wrecked not been flooded obviously you guys need to checked out on any car they are a no-brainer by yes you should go buy one of those six you don’t even have to ask me i’m telling you right now please go out and buy one of those you won’t regret it but make

Sure to check the interior out make sure it’s been taken care of it’s not been shredded and i had kids tear it up or literally pets urinating in it or something like that make sure that’s clean as well but i thought about this recently with all the questions i’ve got what kind of car should i buy or not buy and usually they’re in the five to ten thousand range i

Decided to do a video six cars you don’t even have to ask me you don’t even have to check in with me yes you should go buy one of these cars but i haven’t forgot about you guys in the exotic car crowd there’s one bonus 1999 to 2004 ferrari 360. this is a no-brainer buy if it’s been serviced and maintained not a flood car obviously all those things these have a

3.6 v8 they’re not going to be five to ten thousand dollars they’re going to be 70 80 100 somewhere around in that range but you don’t have to pull the engine out to do the timing belt services on these you pull the seats out and there’s a panel behind them and you can do the full belt service in the car they’re extremely easy to work on the parts are not cheap

But no ferrari parts are going to be cheap and the car is going to live at your house not at my shop it’s not going to be in the shop all the time broken these have amazing styling amazing sound amazing handling they do everything so well the sound is just unreal it’s beautiful the car is beautiful and they don’t cost 450 thousand dollars to go buy one these are

Actually comfortable to drive everyone that i’ve worked on i go and drive and it’s like this is nice the seats are comfortable it doesn’t ride harsh i’ve gone over railroad tracks it’s comfortable it’s fast it’s beautiful and it’s cheaper than a c8 corvette which the corvette is trying to mimic the ferrari i’m not a real advocate of the c8 corvettes they haven’t

Grown on me i don’t they don’t really spark anything inside of me i don’t really get off on those i guess too much but for less money you can have the real thing a ferrari a 360 and the ferrari is way cooler you pull up in a c8 most people are going to be like eh hey cool car man whatever but if you pull up in a ferrari you’re gonna have a crowd you’re gonna have

People taking selfies with your car you have people wanting to talk to you about your car it’s going to spark conversation interest people are going to be like that is a sweet car which is probably not going to happen with a c8 so hopefully this video can help you guys out when purchasing a family car or an exotic car if you’re curious what kind of tools i use in my

Shop to fix a lot of cars just like i just listed you check my amazon affiliates link in the description below we get a small cut and really appreciate it and make sure to hit the subscribe button because our project is supposed to be delivered this week and if it is you guys are going to see it coming up pretty soon make sure to hit the subscribe button thanks for watching foreign

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