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The Car Youll Love ..10 Years From Now // 2022 Subaru WRX Review

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Quite possibly the last WRX as we know it. It’s actually really good too!

Hello people on the other side of the screen do your favorite pretend scientist in a cheap amazon lab coat sarah here with the all new 2022 wrx today i’m going to get this thing up on the lift we’re going to analyze how this thing is constructed nerd out in the tech specs see what makes the fifth generation different than the previous 4th gen and then get it

Out in the road and give it the beans and that right there is the rear bumper that gave so many people on the internet grief because it’s not painted global market car has a provision for a rear fog light it wouldn’t be a wrx if its styling wasn’t hated when it first came out 10 years now everyone’s gonna love this thing stainless steel mufflers quad tip and

They’re real the mid pipe also stainless looks shockingly familiar to the previous gen these lower control arms i’m almost certain are identical to the previous gen diverex forester and brz the 22wrx utilizes a double wishbone rear suspension there are some minor little tweaks and changes that i can see just from looking underneath here the rear anti-sway bar

Mounting location is different now up here on the subframe instead of a little vertical tab that used to come downward it measures in at approximately 19 millimeters i think that’s about the same unfortunately the adaptive dampers from the gt spec are not available on a six-speed manual car the rear diff still a r160 viscous type unit i believe this is exactly

The same as the previous gen wrx finned aluminium diff cover you can tell by the way that it is this all new vb victor bravo chassis wrx is only available as a sedan in the united states and this limited trim weighs in at 3 390 pounds kind of in the middle of the model lineup with the base model being just over 3 200 pounds plastic under cladding and then it

Goes to the hairy cardboard nonsense it’s got hieroglyphics on it got a two-piece driveshaft other piece is up above this heat shield little center carrier bearing and this is where the exhaust system starts to have major changes it pretty much is unrecognizable from the fa20 power wrx’s once you get up here by the cat i found this super interesting how they

Do the two rear cross members and the rear transmission mount also these massive flat braces that go to the front subframe and the underside of the car on either side hello as far as the transmissions go this one like i said is equipped with a six-speed manual split case and open diff similar to the last generation however now it has revised third fourth and

Fifth gear with shorter ratios it is noticeable when you drive it compared to the past gen as well and you can still get this with a linear tronic cvt although subaru renamed it the spt to try to fool people into thinking it was something special in the front you have a mcpherson strut style suspension with aluminium lower control arms it says subaru stamped on

It front anti-sway bar measuring in at approximately 22 millimeter got a little bit of a steel skid plate right here protecting the exhaust manifold you can see a bit of the oil pan right there down pipe is completely exposed it’s got some actual functional ducting right here for cooling you can see the top side of it it’s kind of like a chamber built into there

Also it looks like subaru decided not to use active grille shutters right here in the front bumper time for that breaking test now i’m behind me ready not bad just a hair above what i was expecting it’s got good clamping force but stopping distance wise kind of average what i was thinking it was going to do that breaking was just accomplished thanks to a set

Of 315 millimeter or 12.4 inch front rotors with a two piston floating caliper there is no available option for brembo brakes on this new generation the wheels on this limited trim are an 18 by eight and a half they’re not forged they’re cast alloy and they are wrapped in a set of two 45-40 dunlop sport max gt 600 alpha tires out back you have a 11.4 inch or 290

Millimeter rear rotor with a single pot caliper however the eyesight equipped models have a larger 11.8 inch or millimeter rear rotor so that’s a cheap easy upgrade from the factory if you got a six-speed manual non-eyesight equipped car and you want to put bigger brakes in the rear parts bin as far as the wheel and tire goes it’s the same as up front in the name

Of science i am now going to give this thing the beans first off need to conduct a bowl stirring assessment good really good and this limited trim has suede alcantara covered seats that are heated and they’re actually very comfortable i like these seats you can get recaros on the gt trim also but again you can only get the cvt with the gt as far as drive modes

Go there are none this does not have s i drive which many people are familiar with in subaru products i do have traction control that i can put into track mode by pressing it once or hold it down and it fully defeats it all right let’s see what this thing can do ready there we go perfect man that red line comes up quick on you yeah good not bad on

Paper it’s not as quick as the previous one but it still feels strong hood struts good job subaru that is impressive how much that hood actually opens it gives you tons of room to work on under the hood of the all-new wrx is the fa24f which is a 2.4 liter direct injected turbocharged all-aluminium dual overhead cam horizontally opposed 4-cylinder that produces

271 horsepower at 5600 rpm and 258 pound-feet of torque from 2000 to 5200 rpm just at a close glance one of the new features i appreciate the most is the fact that the intercooler now has plastic end tanks which should greatly reduce heat soak considering it’s sitting directly above this flat 4 engine also the throttle body that looks kind of different now and

The plastic intake manifolds got these little ridges on there the charge pipe over here looks very familiar compared to the outback and legacy xt it’s got this soft squishy shin pad looking material to help reduce heat soak also a flexible cup link in the middle and of course it still has a functional hood scoop to direct air at that intercooler right here oil

Filter is still located in the same place which makes oil changes super simple the fill caps right next to it too digging in a little bit deeper on this fa24f it shares very little at all with the previous generation fa20dit this one has a 94 by 86 millimeter board stroke up from 86 by 86 a 10.6 to 1 compression ratio it still has almost the same turbo still

A twin scroll with an equal length manifold which you saw earlier from under the car the turbo sits just right here in front of the engine it is the garrett mgt-22 although there’s a slight variation in the part number of this turbo in the previous generations turbo this runs at a peak 12 psi which is almost half of the fa-20 so it hardly needs any boost to

Make more power than the previous gen albeit just a little bit more power but it has a much more broad torque curve all right let’s take this thing for a rip this is one of those cars where numbers don’t tell the whole story when the new wrx debuted i saw the performance figures for it i was a little bit disappointed like oh it’s barely any more horsepower than

The last generation and it’s heavy but now after spending a week driving it especially on some roads like i’m on right now numbers don’t tell the whole story i see what subaru did here they made the actual driving experience of the car better they didn’t just focus on numbers and try to get more horsepower better 0 to 60 times it’s just torque everywhere the

Entire power band is torque you can leave it in just one year and enjoy it on a back road now a subaru wrx was actually my first brand new car that i ever owned i had a blob eye 2005 wrx i bought brand new the closer gear ratios now and third fourth and fifth are definitely noticeable and again it just improved the overall driving experience of this car this

New chassis is phenomenal absolutely phenomenal i thought the 11th gen civic si was good when i reviewed that this is just as enjoyable i feel especially when you’re taking off from a dead stop you got that all-wheel drive bite pulling you around a corner the exterior styling is what caused the most controversy of this car when it first debuted people didn’t

Like the fact that had all the black plastic cladding around the lower half of it and to me it made sense because when i think of subarus from the 80s and the early 90s they were machines they were all weather all road capable machines and that’s what i think of when i think of a wrx still a rally car and if i want to take this thing down a dirt road and send it

I don’t want to worry about the paint around my wheel wells getting absolutely destroyed you didn’t think i was gonna say that and not actually take it on a dirt road did you of course i’m gonna at least try this on a dirt road although i have to say uh this 18 inch wheel and 40 series tire is not well suited to these conditions it’s kind of like if you put

Rain boots on a mountain lion and then let it go in the wild i mean yeah it would still run and just look ridiculous in the process it’s still capable of it that’s like this thing right now i’m getting just a slight little taste in the smooth parts you can feel that taurus and center diff gives a perfect 50 50 distribution the cvt equipped cars are actually

A little bit rear biased doesn’t have that dc cd though like you get in the sti where you can control it yourself but still the infotainment system in here i feel is why a lot of people are going to turn their nose up at the base model just because the base model head unit it’s i don’t know it’s functional the harman kardon sound system and the limited model

Is on point the steering wheel feels pretty good i don’t really care for the fake carbon on it though rip it e-brake love that it still has one faux carbon fiber pass love these floor mats this is the first car i’ve ever seen with a plastic rear deck lid and i actually kind of like that because having fabric up here unless your windows are tinted it will fade

Super quick it’s definitely no lavorg or wrx sport wagon which we don’t get here in america but the back seat’s not bad my knees don’t touch the seat at all and it’s where i had it when i was driving and uh my head only hits right here on the very side as far as the trunk goes oh yeah plenty of room back there i’d still take a hatchback over sedan any day though

Which leads me to my last point the death of the sti which i feel was too early they should have given us an sti of this generation because this is probably the last generation of a real wrx and this platform is so good it deserves an sti variant honestly i don’t really have much desire for an electric sti just i’ve nothing against electric cars i’ve driven

Some that are great but that’s not what i’m looking for when i buy a subaru wrx that’s like breaking up with your girlfriend for an anime pillow sure it might be quieter but it’s not going to feel the same all right it’s time to give this wrx some scores now if you’ve never seen my reviews before i have multiple categories on a one two five scale one being

The worst the least horrible five being the greatest the easiest the best and uh it starts out with the bean score which i have to be outside to assess that so take it away outdoor sarah it’s getting a rating of 1.95 beans next is the cookie score it’s assessment of value and this limited trim at just over thirty seven thousand dollars is getting a rating of

My personal advice to you go for the base model six speed manual because at 30 grand i feel that’s a steal and you can always customize it yourself next is the mechanic scores assessment of how much of an ass pain something would be to work on one being terrible five being easy and this is getting a rating of i can’t stop swinging this thing so hard lastly is

The penguin scores assessment on how much i personally like a vehicle and this all new 5th gen wrx is getting a rating of oh my god i lost a finger oh please hold it’s good i have to put some glue in there though subaru failed big by not giving us a proper send off of the boxer engine with an sti variant of this car they killed it off too early this deserves a

Rifle send off because this is a great new platform and honestly i don’t know how subaru is going to stay relevant in the electrification world because what made them special and unique was boxer engines in longitudinal symmetrical all-wheel drive maybe subaru will pull something out of their ass and give us a completely unique different all-wheel drive electric

System that no other company is doing i would love to see that personally i think it’d be neat to have four electric motors one on each wheel but i don’t know it’ll never have that boxer engine anymore the heart and soul of what made a subaru a subaru anyway i hope you guys enjoyed this review and i will see you soon with another bye

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The Car You'll Love ..10 Years From Now // 2022 Subaru WRX Review By Sarah -n- Tuned