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The Craziest Nissan Altima Drivers

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The Nissan Altima since the dawn of social media has gained a bad reputation. With stereotypes such as bad taste in modification, swerving through traffic, and giving ZERO hecks – the Nissan Altima is the car that just doesn’t seem to go away. However today we try and solve the mystery of how Nissan Altima’s get in all the wrong places. BIG.ALTIMA.ENERGY here.

A poem roses are red violets are blue on today’s commute an ultima is coming for you tailgating in the left lane driving terribly with no shame how did the ultima get on the roof ultima’s have a terrible reputation let me show you the proof what the is up with nissan ultibus how come every single time i see one on the road it’s battered bruised destroyed and

At the same time they have some of the craziest stereotypes in the car community and one of my favorite facebook pages on the internet is big ultima energy and believe it or not at the nissan z reveal i had the audacity to share this facebook page with the higher ups at nissan but if you own an ultima and you are watching this video please leave it in the

Description below why you think this is the case of how these things happen also before we get started i want to thank everybody for coming out to my last drift event my next one is june 11th at lanier speedway for that dude and blues just drifted with a live stunt show drift games unlimited driving all day long so if you want to come and drift you can do it

Whenever you want throughout the day no sessions and we have a figure eight course if you would like to learn how to drift it’s fun for the whole family fun for spectators the last one was a huge success so thank you all so much for coming and without further ado let’s go in the depths of big ultima energy i mean just look at this art that’s their cover page

It’s so amazing okay let’s go through here okay police chase whoa where is the oh it’s in virginia of course it’s in virginia well now we know why the speed laws are so bad in virginia ultima’s big ultimate energy passing on a double yellow i’m sure we’ve all seen that okay this one i kind of like it i’m not gonna lie if if i had to see a modified ultima with

Some bright colors and stuff this isn’t the most offensive i rented my car out on its third trip and this is how i got it back oh my god look at this the grill damage here the scratches the how how one job dude oh my god one drive-through trip and this is what happens i mean they went like in a gravel road somewhere like how do you manage my man put my face

On his car lights i’m in love gotta see your woman every time you open the door so somebody tried to pull the fast and furious literally just going in happening now stunt driver racing another unload view stunt driver in a beige ultima oh my god introducing altimas in places where they don’t belong by calvin how did you get this on the roof like how did you

Even manage oh my god look this is a double whammy you have a i think an old maxima or ultima and then just whatever happened there you’re just at your swim meet just doing your freestyle or just having a nice morning getting some laps in and then a wild ultima appears oh yeah what fine art this is like just and it just gets better like how how do you do that i

Mean that explains the rental from earlier oh like okay when i think of a nissan altima or like a clapped out ultimate this is what i think of and there’s just no shame like just driving around town with absolutely no shame like i don’t care i don’t need to go to the body shop this is a classic um okay wait how did you even get there so did you think this was a

Road here but how do you think a subway station is well the world just may never know not the other one no like one he’s just mad and upset and made a mistake when you’re doing both let’s see that again that’s bae right there bae big ultimate energy all right underglow what is that no no no no even wait wait pause enhance enhance even the water bottle

Or water cup has the fake diamonds on it i ain’t say oh look at the shifter that you know what’s really tragic oh it’s on the outside too oh my god they put it on the wheels too every piece of trim oh my god like remember those pit my ride episodes i would make about pimp my ride like this honestly feels like it like where taste is just gone out the window

Oh my god so much such the weight no even the windshield wipers imagine you hit the wipers and those just all fly off like you’re driving down the road they just all fly off you can’t see that’s impressive like you know what’s really sad about these really weird things that people do or really tacky things people do that’s a ton of effort that’s a lot of effort

To do that insane oh their car’s on fire oh my god did he just did he just just walk away okay they’re going probably at least 40 or 50 and maybe slower than that but still like oh my god he just what a boss dude i’m i’m not even mad at that one that was an emergency and he handled it well but what happened to the car did it just drive off and then they have

The audacity to weave through traffic still even after their accident they never learn their lesson it seems like what like what is this like how do you manage how do you manage like going like five miles an hour to walmart parking lot and you’re like i like this stop sign big optima energy optima optima batteries great batteries the nissan altima the epitome

Of somebody saying i’m a good driver and you never want to ride passenger with them just in the wilderness like on today’s episode of animal planet we see a wild ultima oh that’s impressive like the fact they were able to freaking beach this thing right on the frame like especially right here i have no idea how they managed to even get over the rock parking

Zone it’s definitely a parking zone well done the single steely up front where that’s supposed to just get you home or get you to a shop not supposed to be daily driven on a donut is not supposed to be daily driven on oh my god how how i don’t my brain hurts anyway i’m curves on curves on curbs that seems to be it man no he’s putting diesel in his ultima you

Know what at least we won’t be sideswiping anybody to anytime soon oh my god like i shouldn’t be laughing but look at this just not paying attention not even like there’s no way they’re even looking up oh my god oh like no get out of the car call a tow truck or ask somebody for help that’s what you do oh my god like is there an is there a driving academy

For bad bad ultimate energy or like is there an art school with bad taste like that’s what i’m getting here smile that damn smile an ultima okay you have to admit this is not common with other platforms what is it about the ultima this kid’s got big ultimate energy already uh oh swerving lanes okay we got a cam from a bike which is always interesting oh my

Gosh holy sh pay attention guys this has been the special edition of big ultima energy if you’d like me to do other videos with other car stereotypes or more big ultimate energy let me know in the comment section below thank you guys so much for watching i appreciate everybody dropping by and also in the comment section below put the craziest thing you’ve

Ever seen of a nissan altima thank you guys so much for watching i upload on tuesdays thursdays and sundays and i will see you guys next time take it easy have a wonderful day goodbye big announcement super proud to announce my first ever merch collection over at with designs i’m super proud of so for my first ever collection make sure to head

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