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The Exclusive Mercedes-Benz Maybach GLS 600

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For all those who attach the greatest importance to luxurious independence. The Mercedes Benz Maybach GLS 600 4MATIC. Exclusively available at The Elite Cars.

Hi guys i hope you are all well today i am so happy to be bringing you a full insight on the absolutely unique and fantastic mercedes-benz gls 600 maybach so so guys limousine-esque high-roller luxury suvs aren’t really new to the market however what mercedes-benz has produced here with this maybach is a trendsetter this thing is exclusive and luxurious

This thing is in direct competition with your bentegas and your colonials and it really stands out but being a maybach it’s going to have the performance so this is a four liter v8 twin turbo producing 550 brake horsepower with 538 foot pounder torque so guys the surprising thing is with this as as well as it being a four liter v8 producing so much brake horse

About 550 it’s actually a hybrid it’s been supplemented with a 48 volt electric system as well so it’s going to give you that immediate portion up as big and as luxurious and as much stuff this car has in it it will actually get you from north to 100 in just 4.8 seconds that is phenomenal performance considering the size of this car you know by just looking

At this gls 600 that it is a maybach it looks so different and so unique to any of the mercedes you’re going to see on the road i mean from the front end to this massive beautiful looking grill with the all famous trident hair on the hood as well which is always a very nice touch and as we go around to the side here you’re gonna see the multi-beam laser lights

But the show stopper i personally think on this car is a 23-inch chrome multi-spoke maybach wheels and as you run down the side of the body all the way down to the end come let me show you you are going to see the world famous maybach symbol imprinted right here on the back so everybody knows that this is a thing of beauty welcome to the cabin of the gls 600

Maybach honestly guys i feel like i’m sitting first class on the finest airline in the world this thing is so luxurious it’s got acres of legroom and headspace so much light is coming through the dashboard the door cells the roof the seats it’s just wrapped in the finest of nappa leather we’ve got real wood inserts running throughout the whole of the car with

This absolutely stunning pinstripe effect just adding that little bit more that little bit extra touch of clasp so guys this has been a maybach you know the infotainment is going to be second to none we’ve got a 12.3 inch infotainment system seamlessly merging into the digital display clusters and this thing can play your movies it can control your mood lighting

And also the main thing is which i absolutely love is the burmeister 27 speaker surround sound system if you’re sitting in the front if you’re sitting at the back it is amazing we’ve also got a fragrance diffuser built into the car and it smells good in here this place is like a sensory oasis this is the best place to be after having a hard day of being filthy

Rich now the normal gls is a three seeded offer our maybacher is a two zero fare because you’ve got this center console running right up the middle which wraps around to the back and here you’ve got storage for your drinks hot or cold you’ve got a wireless phone charger you’ve got a spot here for your tablet as well for you to control your settings here in the

Back and further back here it comes through guys let me show you you’ve got again the wood with the pinstriping you pop this down pop this down and we’ve got a cooler right back here for your champagne or whatever tickles your fancy and you can also call your glasses back here as well this is such a beautiful place to be but let me show you one more thing so

I’m sitting here and i want to relax oh what’s the maybe doing oh it’s lifting look at that guys full massage reclining seats with different settings depending upon how you want to be massaged and you’re sitting back here relaxing looking through this huge panoramic roof all the ambient lighting 20 sun sound system oh it’s beautiful guys i love being back here

It’s so chilled it’s such a nice place to be but as always you know we can bring this to your front door no matter where you are in the world through our logistical global partners but in the meantime if you’ve got any questions any queries you want any further details if you want a full virtual tour on this mercedes-benz drop us a dm give us a call give us a

Whatsapp give us an email guys whatever works for you we’re here for you any questions any queries let us know speak to you soon guys thank you so much

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The Exclusive Mercedes-Benz Maybach GLS 600 By The Elite Cars Showroom