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The Farewell: My E210 Corolla Hatchback is officially gone

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This is the final goodbye to the Fujibo4. The 2020 Toyota Corolla Hatchback CVT has been a great car, until a recent turn of events involving the Torque Converter failure

Well welcome guys well here we are um so this is probably going to be the last video that we’ll see of the corolla hatchback um as you guys haven’t heard if you’re following the channel uh the cvt corolla transmission took a doo-doo at 20 000 miles um now this was uh a big milestone for me personally because well one it was my first brand new car two it was

Actually the first car that i actually took out to do driver education with nasa and uh ever since i got into that last year i’ve been hooked so ever since then this car you know has been through a few events um in addition it’s my first evt so i’ve always heard horror stories about cbts but i was like well if anyone’s gonna do a cvt right it will be toyota

Right one would think so i know the 2019 models or well 2018 they introduced a k-120 cvt which was the the dcvt with a physical launch gear and then and then it switches over to the cvt system um and i think overall it has done pretty well they had a recall for the 2019 models which is when they first came out that’s expected and then the following models uh

To 2020 there was pro there was still a small batch but not enough for a recall but my car definitely fell under that um that failure so you know i think what happened on my car would have happened eventually just not at a late it would happen at a later time if i wasn’t doing drive education events um so basically uh what the recall was for 2019 was that uh

You know the torque converters were failing so um something is something with the transmission causes the torque converter to fail i don’t know what it is because i’m not an engineer but as far as doing my research what i found is um you know uh the 2020 models they actually have a new or a 2021 started a new transmission part number so whatever they did they

Fixed it because i have not personally hurt anyone with the 2020 model 2021 model or newer with a cvt issues or failure so they definitely fixed it but in my case you know i did reach out you know i started the page and i talked with four other owners all with 2020s all with hatchbacks all the cvts and they all had the same exact symptoms the car going into limp

Mode stalling out while you’re driving at a high speed you know cruise control just cuts off go into limp mode and um yeah and that’s pretty much happened to me so it sucks so i you know when i went to the other obviously told them what happened and i did disclose that it happened during a driver education event because i was like didn’t think i was in the wrong

Because driver education is not competitive not racing so i was like yeah i mean they’re not gonna deny because of that and they did that was the reason why they denied it because it was with a nasa event um on top of that i even had a a letter uh to even state that i was not competing or racing in any way but that still did not matter um even so i went through uh

Two dealerships the first dealership just went off what the first dealership said they didn’t do anything no further investigation on that point they’re really based off what i said so if i did not tell them that my car would have been covered in a warranty simple as that so my mistake i guess um but still a little sour but you know you learn from that you know i

Mean it’s just things that you learn in life uh so the the last thing i could do was to file a um you know make a case with the the national center for dispute settlement or is it national dispute settlement center for i don’t always get it mixed up anyways i did a documents only hearing and what happens is what a document’s only hearing is like your whole case

Is all presented based off document evidence so during this time i did so much research on this thing uh i you know speaking with different other owners with the same issues documenting that looking up the part numbers showing how the part numbers are different and you know after uh 30 day goes by um uh they made a decision and the decision was that even though i

Proved it was a manufactured defect and i was not misusing the car i did not provide enough evidence that i had paid the transmission shop in full for reimbursement which i did but i’ve spent so much time in research focusing and just trying to prove my point that what happened was not my fault as far as like how i was driving the vehicle and you can even watch

My hyperdrive session um and you know i was just driving like well i’m not beating on a ragging on it because well one it’s my primary car i’m not gonna drive it like a race car because it’s not a race car i’m driving it to have fun with it so the only difference literally uh is if you’re driving on like like tail of the dragon you’re driving on back roads and

Accelerating it’s a non and safe environment whereas if you’re doing driverification you’re in a safe controlled environment driving your car in a fun spiritual way how you want to because there’s no competition um so that sucks so anyway so once they made that decision uh it’s i would say july now so i finally took it to a transmission shop local shop island

Transmission so a huge shout out to john there he did he did great um we went through a process with that the first transmission that came in they were about to install it and it was damaged there’s a hole in the side of it so it must have broke during shipping so we had to send that back two weeks go by i finally get transmission number two that comes in and

That was throwing a k solenoid code so then we had to send that back so there’s no way to test these transmissions until it’s actually fully in a car so it just it really sucks and it’s a it’s a gamble um so we had to send that one back once we sent transmission number two back i had to wait almost another six weeks until the third one finally came in um and

Because we had to return the second one get the refund once we got the refund then we you know john was you know had the source and find another working transmission we finally found one a week later they tested it everything was working and then they actually had to take it out because it was still in the car so they did confirm it was working so that was good so

Once we once they took it out it took a little while to get to us but it finally got here and then um and it just it’s just been crazy so a few days go by i get in you know i would say we’re on week uh week five i i hear the transmissions coming and it finally gets here um you know we get alerts on our phone too so when i was getting codes for the transmission

I would get health alerts so when he installed transmission number three um i started health the car came back online and i saw the health alerts show up i was like oh crap it’s still showing the codes i got a little worried and then i refreshed it five minutes later and they were gone so i was like oh okay i think i think we’re in the green but it was late it

Was like 5 30 so i knew he was closing up and i didn’t want to bother him because i’ve been emailing him back and forth and he’s always been very responsive you know at john island transmissions and um the next morning he emails me so i test drove the car everything’s great so so i finally picked it up which was actually last week from today and um and the car has

Actually been traded in so the stressful part is this car was traded in the end of july and it’s when i got the gr86 this is the next my next build now so um and uh you know so basically i was able to drive this around while this was still in the shop game fixed but now the crunch time was on me i needed to get make sure they got this car in working condition so

Um got it back everything’s working great i’ve cleaned it up it’s kind of sad to see it go because i’ve had a lot of good memories with it and the actions the cvt actually did uh actually very well for surprisingly you know it went through four uh track days so you’re talking about a full track day is four classes four sessions on track we were talking about 15 to

20 minutes a piece and uh and this car did very well never not a clue that the transmission was even on its way out and which is why i just you know i was like okay great this is going to be a car i keep long term and i can just you know take it out to events whenever i feel like it and and then hyperdrive comes up and that’s what happens but uh other than that

It’s gonna be uh sad to see it go and it’s been a great journey and there’s still plenty of videos on this that i’ve archived and you know that’s the whole purpose of this channel is to kind of document you know my experience with the cars that i deal with and share any knowledge i can and then hopefully someone can take that and improve on it or you know or help

Help them give them ideas on their personal build um but uh but yeah so this is the the next chapter so i’m actually very excited for uh the gr86 build um and you know it’s actually i’ve had my first sponsor which is cami speed so huge shout out to cami speed um and i’m looking forward to share the build with you guys uh with cami speed as well um so that’s

Going to be fun but in the meantime it’s just good farewell to the corolla and all the good memories we had and also the very bad one that we’ve had um but hopefully it goes to your new owner and it’s great and i hope they enjoy it and um you know thank you guys for you sticking with me through this crap too and hopefully your your cars are okay but um you know

I feel like each track they do is the equivalent of driving like maybe 10 000 miles or so so four track days that was about 40 000 miles worth of uh driving mileage so so if these cars start popping around 40 50 later on then at least i have a document of what kind of happens if it is failing so um but anyways thank you guys again for listening i hope you all are

Doing well um but yeah just help me wish goodbye to this beautiful thing i still love this car mainly the styling i love the style regular gas and it’s got good you know good storage room in a car it’s it’s been all around great car and i still do recommend it so it’s just sad to see it go but uh um you know moving on you know um dyson guys and we’ll see you on

The next video thank you foreign foreign thank you foreign

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The Farewell: My E210 Corolla Hatchback is officially gone! By Fujibo Heavy