The fastest Porsche 911 ever made | Turbo S

The Porsche 911 has a turbo boost button but you only have 20 seconds to use it!

All right you guys i have this porsche key in my hands i’m super excited about this because this is the brand new 911 turbo s this is the key right here so it’s kind of in its shape of a porsche watch this tuck your fingers underneath it recognizes your fingers and then the handle pops out which is super cool what’s even cooler is how you lock this car you

Can either do it like this of course with the lock button on the key fob or you can do it like this so you just run your finger along the side of the handle and it tucks itself nicely in i love that visual feature because usually it’s the lights flashing or there’s a beat from the horn i love that you can walk away from this car knowing that it is now locked

In the front you have 20 inch wheels and then in the back you actually have 21 inch so the car is kind of like on a slant a little bit super sporty you’ve also got center lock wheels which is super cool now around the back guys you can see the width of this car it’s slightly wider than the standard 911 so it just gives us a little bit more presence on the road

And here this is how everyone behind you knows that you have the fastest car ever the only thing about porsche that kind of throws me is that if it didn’t have this badge on the back you wouldn’t exactly know what porsche it is it really irks me that you can have a two hundred thousand dollar car the same as a lamborghini but it kind of looks like every other

Porsche that’s that’s one downside for me about porsche you know open up the back this is all the access you get to your engine this is it you cannot see the engine that’s gonna melt anyway so i’m doing them a favor it’s hot i love tearing off these new stickers this is actually a 3.7 liter twin turbo flat six you guys but they’ve written 3.8 here on the

Back because they’ve actually rounded up it’s actually a 3.745 liter engine and instead of going 3.7 which it’s closer to they’ve rounded all the way up to 3.8 and stuck it there on the badge so whichever way you want to say it it’s around 3.75 liters all right let’s close it back up and here we go you’ve got your tiny little boot space however that does fit

To carry on suitcases which is all right that’s fine so there’s nothing exciting about that that’s standard however something really cool right now check this out the front splitter actually extends which is quite cool so not only does the rear spoiler move but the front does as well check this out all righty so this is the interior of the turbo s you guys

And it doesn’t have a start stop button which a lot of uh supercars now do have actually pretty much all of them have what it does have instead is this little toggle you see this here like it’s that’s so bizarre to me why isn’t there just a start stop button pull this around ignition comes on and one more and it’s on so as you can see this is a fixed display

Here to show it’s a it’s your rev meter basically you’ve got this part here and this part here on either side that will change modes just with this little toggle is how you change the display so watch this and then with this you can actually change the drive mode that you’re in with this toggle right here so you can just move this around to the right sport

Now the other thing is and i’ve never seen this in a car before you see how this is currently just a little box that you can store stuff in like your phone what you can do is just open up the glove box and here they have a porsche labeled cup holder and you just replace it so if you don’t want storage and you want a cup holder you just replace it with this how

Crazy look at that what is this hello tell me what you are no it’s being silent today this is your gear lever uh looks kind of odd a little bit i’m not sure about it i mean it’s it’s small it’s compact it’s all right i don’t know like you’ve got beautiful toggles now with crystal detailing and all of these gorgeous things and nice shapes and everything this

Is just there reverse you push forward and you’ve got a nice rear view camera it’s absolutely fine you can see everything you need to here we go so this is the open exhaust button this is actually optional the turbo s it starts at around 200 000 you guys and you do not get a sports exhaust as standard which is kind of crazy to me and this is also an optional

Extra you guys this is the front lift and oh i can feel that very quick it’s very quick that’s brilliant and it’s so easy to access so as you go over any kind of speed bumps that are a little bit too big pop that down no one behind you is going to be waiting let’s turn her on flick that flick again boom and toggle this around drive mode into sports plus you

Can hear that change the sound immediately and you want to hear it i love that it has gurgles nick’s not too impressed he’s behind the camera going that’s a face i’ve been driving this car today and i love that at gurgles and pops that’s another downfall for me about this car the turbo s it has the potential to sound incredible i understand this is more for

A daily drive so maybe they that’s why they’ve kind of toned it down a little bit however i still think if you’re going to pay that much money you want to kind of fear that much money coming from the engine all right let’s go for a drive it just feels so stiff as soon as you get in you’re like yeah this is such a sporty stiff feeling and it is so fast you guys

Zero to 100 in 2.7 seconds 2.7 seconds you guys what that’s faster than my mclaren 720s 640 horsepower that’s more horsepower than the lamborghini hurricane evo what you would never suspect it if you were looking at this car unless you know exactly what a 911 turbo s is and that’s kind of my issue with this car it needs to look more dramatic now what you can do

Is it has launch control and it’s one of the easiest cars to put into launch control all you do literally is you stop the car you put your left foot on the brake your right foot on the accelerator and you rev it to 5000 rpm and then it will say uh activated and off you go you take off that’s the launch control wow i really like this car wow this car is fast

It’s really fast you guys it’s really really fast in that conclusion i freaking love this car it’s amazing it is so fast it’s kind of practical with the back seats it’s got everything you need it’s even got launch control love love love the only thing for me is it could have a little bit more drama as in looks wise let’s judge it up a little bit and the sound

Could be a little bit more massive thank you to porsche middle east uh for giving me the chance to drive this beauty and uh yeah thank you to you guys for watching please subscribe to the supercar blondie family we are growing really quickly and we’ve got some amazing giveaways coming up this year happy 2021 and i’m out see y’all you

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