The first test of the 4×4 Sprinter Van, off-road

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This is a mercedes sprinter van but it’s not just any mercedes sprinter van it’s a mercedes sprinter van that can do this grim what’s wrong with your voice i’ve got really bad throat infection this particular sprint and four before is the 5/16 model that means this particular sprinter fall before is the 5/16 model that means it’s got compact the crazy thing i thought

It was a 5/16 oh sena yeah pretty though that bit of green lane is but really show you how capable the sprinter fall before actually is me to go somewhere better i think millbrook so we’re on the way to mel brooks my voice is considerably better so while we’re on the motorway thought i’d take the opportunity to tell you what it’s like on the road i have to say

It is remarkably civilized it really does drive like any other sprinter you’re obviously sat a bit higher with the extra ground clearance and the off row tires on this one booth wrote quite a bit of noise but otherwise it feels exactly the same there’s no more body roll the steering feels a bit same it is a little bit heavier but it’s still good and precise now

You were saying earlier that these are still built on the normal sprint’s and production line so it’s not a conversion so because it’s built on the sprinter production line it’s got the same lead time when you order your new sprinter and also you get the same warranty on the same service as any sprinter and if way it was an issue you can always go for the five-ton

Version i support more people more wires probably do well we’re almost at millbrook and i have to say i’m really looking for with the same what this thing can do we’re at millbrook proving ground one of my favorite places it’s a beautiful day my voice is back and we’ve got the sprint support before to see what it can really do rob here is going to show me the

Right last to the sandhill yeah just keep to the left and go bed ah okay hey dixie’s long very big nail that’s nice and retin keeping your wheel straight that’s astonishing this is a van i think twice about doing this and a land rover mine man so you think you’re three and a half ton van you can even have a 4×4 sprinter which is a five ton that yeah up there we

Go girls off there yeah let’s keep it moving just keep it moving keep it moving keep it moving keep it moving delayed stuff get moving ha ha ha keep it moving keep it moving that’s pretty incredible if it you can’t say it’s just a van can you know now this does have electronic traction control doesn’t it that’s correct yeah so you can use it on the road even when

It’s in four-wheel drive you don’t get any wind up between the axles right and you don’t do any damage to your transmission so you can see that this is fitted with the optional some guide for yes thrashing control stops wheel spinning on the brake sats kermit sends the power to whichever wheels got my degree so the wheel starts spinning it breaks up wheel so it

Transfers the power through the differential into the wheel which has got grip right all nice and small use a bit of bricks as we go down in and then just now these look pretty sharp you wouldn’t create something this long with being able to get over them necessarily but not a problem today’s has 10 centimeters of ground clearance it’s a hundred millimeters more

Than this standard two-wheel drive so it’s 4 inches higher than a standard tour drive sprint is about to go everyone 200 in total probably a little bit more than that and then you can turn to the right of this steep hill on these hills you really count on the traction control burning is quite remarkable what we’ll do we’ll cut across now and go over the log run

Signal here is to keep your wheels straight and just keep it moving that’s it so just keep it moving just keep it moving that’s why that duck again that’s more articulation than you’d reckon it has yeah mm-hmm so you could have dsr as an optional extra on this which is new hill descent control but this hasn’t got it but there’s no problem just use your brakes yeah

Full anti-lock braking system well i’ve got the brakes on a bit yeah doesn’t seem to be even threatening to lock so they’ll go off our next hill three-quarters of the way up this hill will be turning to the right now no no no using things you keep it going keep it going no that’s about as slow as you can as soon as you can really slow i want to leave you on the

Angle go on linda lee loudly no way this is impossible no don’t like this don’t like this is at all want this to be over you can pick your blackberry’s well this glass is incredible the breaks as it come over here i don’t think something this is all and it must be thick and the ten feet so you would think it hold an angle like that that’s incredible so now we’ve

Got a real challenge in hill so it’s a very steep hill it’s very badly rotted so you need a bit of momentum to get out of this keep it going come back on core ramen ramen gone ramen gone is well keeping your hope these things only ours what is it a hundred and sixty horse i thought these are lovely yeah it’s not even the most powerful one is it it doesn’t know but

It’s a biturbo engine which gives excellent efficiency so your play of law down power yeah so we’ve got a little bit of a hill to go down now little bit over here little bit of a hell i don’t think the only understating yes just a bit there just a bit now see i know i can’t see the drop off it was just me well that’s not a hill that’s falling off the edge of the

World so really slow that’s all we don’t ditch by less yeah count every blade of grass as i don’t know they like this no no i don’t like it i then lightly at cross angle but this is no no no well it’s doing it doing it feels like i’m counting the abs isn’t clear but oh yeah that feels absolutely fine billion how easy is that astonishing it’s a fancy bit of water

Though oh okay we’ve got a 500 millimeter wading depth so right on listen quite 500 millimeters here tommy that was a bit of a killer so really slow into the water until you get up to the full depth and then power and then really slow really slow really slow okay and drive it now kinda just felt like a bit of a puddle yeah so this is really testing this is now

Secret news keep your wheel straight and just keep it moving ah i see so axle articulation is key i just wait you do your yourself steve got himself stuck so when i disco your fails to get over it don’t exactly know with confidence you just got to take a three and a half ton van that’s a lot longer a lot wasn’t as much ground clearance no poor axle articulation right

I’ll just ring up my steering that’s it spinning up just keep it going i’ll keep it moving keep it moving keep it moving for moving saw going look more power more power for more keep it going going keep it going to do it ready for when keep it going keep it going keep it going keep it going keep it going keep it going because you’re cool you’re the man you’re the

Other man yes yes how good was that yeah well that woke me up i think this would be a good time to point out that the steering’s really accurate it makes that a lot easier than that might otherwise but it is such an easy vehicle to drive like this one fitted with an automatic gearbox yeah so there are many commercials which is fitting automatic gearbox very well

Suited it is to this vehicle oh yeah it’s right in and it does make this kind of stuff a lot easier i mean some traditionalists might prefer the control of dealing with their own gears but but you cannot be unimpressed or without kenya well ah rob that is pretty astonishing taking it a brand some ransom obstacles i’d feel a bit if you’re about taking a landrover

Round and this just sailed through i mean i don’t know if there’s anything you can really compare it to because i don’t think there’s any other four-wheel-drive vans on the market at least not this capable and it’s certainly a lot more capacious a lot more versatile than like a land rover defender which has gone out of production now anyway or a dual cab pickup

So i think if this is what you need you really can’t that there’s there’s absolutely nothing like i mean fact if you don’t need something like this have one anyway because it’s an absolute laughs it’s incredible that’s the sprinters haul before i am astonished it’s brilliant on rose it’s one of the most capable things i’ve ever driven off-road but to be honest

I’m ever so slightly in love with it i kind of really want one thanks rob that’s it from millbrook

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The first test of the 4×4 Sprinter Van, off-road By onlymotors