The #Flying #Spur #Speed W12 2023 completes #Bentleys new portfolio

The #FlyingSpur #Speed W12 2023 completes #Bentley’s new portfolio

Bentley motors is rounding out its new grand tours portfolio with the flying spur speed which focuses on the best driving experience of the bentley flying spur luxury sedans the aesthetics of the styling specification complement the flying spur speed’s peerless capabilities ensuring that bentley’s new performance model looks as stunning as it is to drive crafted by

Hand in high gloss carbon fiber to exact tolerances following an extensive development program the styling specification includes a front bumper splitter side skirts with metallic bentley badges rear diffuser and boot lid spoiler the black line specification provides a contemporary alternative where most of the bright work on the exterior of the car is replaced

With black wear helping to create an even more powerful road presence for the peerless flying spur the exterior brightwear incorporated in the black line specification includes the iconic flying the mascot radiator vanes matrix grilles side window surrounds and lower door and rear bumper blades the front and rear light bezels door handles wing vents and the

Exhaust outlets also receive the same distinguished darkened treatment the launch of the flying spur speed completes the model range and reflects the existing continental gt and bentega range the flying spur speed is the ultimate performance car and along with the flying spur mulliner is the model of choice if a customer desires a w12 powered flying spur with

The standard flying spur w12 discontinued production in may this year the flying spur speed sits above the s model and boasts an additional 85 horsepower and 130 newton meters of torque delivering an improvement from 0.4 seconds to 60 miles per hour at a top speed boost up to 207 miles per hour reaffirms its dominant position with electronic all-wheel steering

Brake tuned torque adjusting technology and bentley dynamic ride as standard agility matches the performance of the 6.0 liter twin turbo w12 626 engine horsepower the flying spur speeds powertrain produces 635 ps and 900 newton meters 664 pound ft of torque accelerating the car to zero to 60 miles per hour in 3.7 seconds 100 kilometers per hour in 3.8 seconds and

On to a top speed of 207 miles per hour 333 kilometers per hour the flying spur uses the same 8-speed zf dual clutch transmission as the continental gt for smooth and refined acceleration quicker gear shifts and improved fuel economy faster gear shifts are achieved by pre-selecting the next gear shortening the interruption of torque to the wheels and so improving

Performance maximum speed is reached in sixth gear with the overdrive gears 7th and 8th used for economic grand touring the flying spur speed has a clutched system which delivers drive to the rear axle depending on the road conditions and wheel slip it will then automatically send drive to the front axle as required as an active all-wheel drive system therefore

Turn in response is also improved the front end of the flying spur feels much lighter and changes direction almost at the speed of thought the understeer effect experienced with fixed all-wheel drive is virtually eliminated making the car feel more balanced overall torque distribution varies according to the selected drive dynamics mode in comfort and bentley

Modes the system will send up to 480 newton meters of torque to the front axle to offer greater grip and drivability in sport the system limits the available torque to the front axle to 280 newton meters maintaining a higher torque level at the rear for a more dynamic feel torque is also managed across each axle by a torque vectoring by brake system the flying

Spur speed inspires confidence through its handling ability and balanced dynamic precision this is predominantly due to the advanced active all-wheel drive electric all-wheel steering and bentley dynamic ride the speed’s familiar exterior styling cues are evident with the dark finish for the front grille headlights and taillights and the signature speed badging

On the lower wings the unique 22 inch speed wheel is standard with finishes including dark gloss black and silver paint a second optional 22 inch sport design wheel is also available in gloss black or pale roger satin flying spur speed also includes gem encrusted fuel and fuel filler caps to increase the performance focused presence even further bentley’s styling

Specifications carbon fiber front splitter side skirts rear diffuser and subtle boot lid spoiler and boot lid spoiler the black line technique is still available as an option with an unmatched balance of performance and luxury the interior of the cabin features a new unique color scheme that includes the use of dinamica for all occupant touch points bentley uses

Dinamica pure the difference from regular dinamica namely it is made from 73 percent recycled polyester interior color choices increase from five to fifteen leather colors with piano black veneer as standard and crown cut walnut dark stained or walnut or dark fiddle back eucalyptus as no cost alternatives you

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