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The Ford F150 Lightning: Forbidden Fruit Youd Like

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As you might know, Nikki is based in the U.S. – And that means she sometimes gets to test out vehicles that might not make it to New Zealand.

We’re here at the portland international auto show it’s very quiet but that’s because it’s currently 6 20 in the morning and the whole team got up at 3 30 to get here so that we could film before the crowds arrived and i’m here with the ford f-150 lightning specifically the f-150 lightning xlt let’s check it out we’re going to have a quick tour of the vehicle

And no i’m not allowed to drive it sadness like the ford mustang marquee which is ford’s other electric vehicle the charge port door sits ahead of the a-pillar on the driver’s side you’ve got ac and dc charging capabilities as standard however how quickly the vehicle will charge on ac power is determined by whether you have a standard range or an extended

Range battery pack the extended range pack actually has twin ac chargers on board whereas the standard range only has one additionally while both the extended and standard range versions of the f-150 lightning are capable of charging at up to 150 kilowatts on the road from a dc quick charge station you can actually charge a little bit more quickly using the

F-150 lightning extended range that’s because the f-150 lightning extended range has a larger battery pack and because of the physics of how batteries work it can charge to 80 a little bit more quickly than the standard range and of course you do get more range with the extended range when you compared to the standard range aside from that charge port front and

Center on the front wing there’s a dummy one on the other side the rest of the f-150 lightning looks pretty standard it’s not going to stand out much in the crowd it’s even got the same keypad combination so that if you want to leave your keys behind you can gain access to the vehicle using the keypad start your vehicle and drive off if you’ve ever spent any time

Behind the wheel of the f-150 the interior of the f-150 lightning is very familiar now this being an xlt gets the landscape touchscreen display that is found on the lower trim models if you opt for the lariat or higher you’ll gain access to the same portrait display that’s found in the mustang mark e even with this display though it’s still very impressive

There’s a lot of screen real estate more than there is in my car one of the big features of the f-150 lightning across the board is the workspace that’s been made available inside the truck now this is a standard feature on all current model gear f-150s whether they are the lightning or whether they’re the hybrid or whether they’re just a regular gasoline

Version you press this button next to the gear shifter the gear shifter moves down and then you have a work table available now i don’t believe that this fold out workspace is available in the entry level pro version but xlt and up you get this lovely workspace you can put a laptop edit video on the road eat your lunch or just have a space to put stuff the

Number of times where i’ve been trying to film outside in cold weather and i just wanted a space to work on a camera or something like that it’s going to be pretty invaluable and yes disclaimer we have ordered one of these we’re waiting for our f-150 lightning order to be fulfilled we actually ordered the f-150 lariat which is the next trim level up from this

But it will have this rather silly but also incredibly nifty feature there’s also storage space down here absolutely cavernous where you can store all of your valuables out of sight you can also get this as an optional lockable storage area if you are somebody who likes to carry things that might easily get stolen or things that might be dangerous like guns

You could have a lockable storage area there but that’s an optional extra up front you’ve got an ac power socket here that’s capable of putting out not 15 amps like your standard household outlet but 20 amps you also have 12 volts here you have other power outlets for the rear of the truck but then you also have some in the bed and you also have some up front

In the super mega hyper power frank or whatever they call it everything else feels very standard for your regular ford f-150 pickup higher trim versions have adjustable pedals power adjustable seats it’s cloth in this version it’s leather in the higher trims but it feels very familiar i’ve spent some time behind the wheel of gasoline f150s and it doesn’t

Feel out of place everything is within easy reach and my favorite one is that extra cubby hole right there as i said earlier there is power in the rear for rear seat passengers but there’s also a lot of space both for passengers and or cargo you can actually fold the rear seats up which is great if you want to carry something that is tall but you don’t want

To put in the back of the truck but if you pull this lever you can fold the seats back down and then you literally have a huge amount of space i’m five foot eight the front seat is where i would normally be sat i’ve literally got huge amounts of space just to put my feet out even in the middle i’ve still got plenty of room and you can comfortably get three

Medium-sized adults in the back without any problems at all there’s plenty of head room and i don’t feel cramped the f-150 lightning wouldn’t be a pickup without a pickup bed and that’s what you have here this is a standard crew cab pickup bed length obviously you can extend it by putting the tailgate down and like the rest of ford’s f-150 family you have this

Handy dandy collapsible stem that allows you to get in to the back of the truck if you need to to put it away you slide that down you fold that away you put the step away and off you go importantly if you have the higher end version of this truck it has a power lower and power raised feature but the thing everybody wants to see are the power sockets there

In the standard range version of the f-150 lightning you get seven kilowatts of pro power output on the higher range longer range variants you get up to 9.7 kilowatts of pro power off-ball power there are a huge number of selling points to this truck obviously the pro power on board the ability to power your home in an emergency if you have the appropriate

Charging infrastructure at your house but then of course there’s this the mega hyper power frunk it is huge it’s bigger than the trunk of my chevrolet bolt ev and it’s power lift so it lifts up and lifts down on its own this is a show truck so we didn’t actually get it to power lift up because the truck is turned off but you do get to see just how huge this

Front trunk is and i’ll jump down and show you the signature lights in one second and of course back to the front for the end of our tour because this is an xlt it does have this signature light strip it also has the signature light strip in the tail gate but if you have a pro version you don’t get this it looks much more like a regular f-150 so there you have

It that’s the f-150 lightning i don’t know if this is coming to new zealand yet but there are some really cool utes on the way including one that gavin recently drove so check out the link below from ldv he had a great time thanks for joining me i’ll be back soon with more great content but until then day take care

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The Ford F150 Lightning: Forbidden Fruit You'd Like By Ecotricity NZ