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All right so when the g80 first came up first of all what is happening guys welcome back to the channel today this we’re doing a last minute video because this thing just got uh it just got leaked the g87 m2 just got leaked for usually i’m the guy to be like it’s got potential just wait see it on the road to wait till it’s modified it’s gonna look better oh man

It looks so bizarre it looks so bizarre dude like what are we doing with the grills what’s going on right here what is that what is that oh man i will say the color it’s like a golf blue color’s freaking sick love the color but this is not this ain’t it it just does not look good in my opinion the g80 and the g82 like those were cars that when i saw them in person

And even when they first got announced i was like ah just wait let’s see how they look in person like you never quite know and there were things about it that i really like like i really liked the rear end of the g80 right off from the jump i thought it was a little lexisey but over time after seeing them i was like it’s a good looking car and you can make them look

Really good especially with like the vorsteiner grills and all the stuff that came out those cars look amazing but dude the g87 m2 like i’m looking at it bro and i’m just like this it when everyone is saying it’s trash right off the jump i’m usually the one who’s like just wait it might be just gotta see it in person it’s got potential i’m concerned for the g87 after

Seeing it online the front isn’t like a a zero out of ten it’s like a three out of 10 for me the the grill down here i just think looks horrible these lines in here it looks like it’s just filled in with plastic i know that these are sensors and everything right here but it just looks weird it just looks so weird so the thing that i really liked about the f87 m2 is

When it had like the fangs you know that came down on the sides of the those looked so good they were so specific to the design of the m2 and i hate that those are now gone and i would love to see this carry along in paint color rather than black looks super strange like buck teeth having this all blacked out um the headlights i kind of knew what was going to happen

Based off of like the m240s i don’t hate them i don’t love them i still think they’d be better with two of those rather than one oh man but the grill is horrible it was almost as if they were gonna go with the bigger grills and then they heard or saw all of the negative feedback and they were like well maybe we’ll just keep the top portion and cut out the bottom

Portion but they just look weird they look so uh unproportionate to the car wide they look way too chunky for this car ah man this really bums me up because you guys might not know but i was way waiting for the g87 to be announced to come out and uh dude i am so bummed out because i don’t know if i want this car anymore and i know it’s gonna handle well it’s gonna

Perform well and all of that but looks are a big part of buying a car no matter what people say looks are a huge factor so the front three four out of ten don’t a hundred percent despise it certainly don’t love it the first g80 that i saw that i liked was in black the reason i liked it probably was because a lot of these goofy features were hidden like the grill

And all of that so i feel like in black the m2 would probably look a lot better if i got it i would have to go for a black because i just think these look they look so weird now they look so weird with all of the black accents that just don’t fit the car damn dude and at the m240 that i was gonna get or might still get i was gonna get in black because i just thought

It looked the best in black it looks i will say look at the fenders dude this thing is going to be wide wide it’s going to be an oversized load i dig that mirrors look a lot like the g80 no difference there carbon roof maybe maybe that would be dope i think it is right yeah it’s definitely carbon roof so that’s sick the fact that we’re getting a carbon fiber roof

On the g87s is dope as hell um moving down to the side so the side profile the front looks cool the front looks okay coming out from the fender into the side skirt all right i’m with that i’m with that when you go to the rear though this looks kind of weird to me how the side skirt goes up really high like that almost as if it were like a piece of ppf looks odd

Again i’d get it in black so it would just all mesh in together which is unfortunate because like i feel like i’m buying a color of the car to just make it all look like one continuous design but i would get it in black that’s what i would do it’s definitely a carbon fiber roof which is sick all right man rear end is where rear end is where i draw the line hate it

Not a fan and i don’t know correct me if i’m wrong like maybe it’s just because i’m looking at it on a computer and i don’t see it in person but these lines right here these really hard bumper lines that go that are all color matched and then you have the black down here it looks so goofy i see the old m2 in this i see the old f87 with those those rear reflectors

In that area and how that that all works with the bumper but now that we’ve taken the chunk out with the black diffuser like they did on the g80s and whatnot it’s just weird it just looks so goofy it looks so out of place and a lot of times i’m like well maybe it’s just because i’m not used to it i try to convince myself like maybe it’s just because i’m not used to

It and i need to see it in person because you know when you see a car in person you’re kind of taking all of the body lines and its entire shape into consideration when critiquing the overall design and aesthetics of the car but oh man it’s gonna have there’s gonna have to be a lot happening in person for it to make up for this rear end the bumper looks like it’s

Smaller thinner than the top of the trunk line which is so weird trunks have always been smaller than like the rear bumper because like the rear hips and the bumper has always like gone out and been bigger on these cars been more aggressive than the trunk itself but today i’m looking at a trunk that looks like it takes up more real estate than anything on the back

Of the car i mean if that m2 badge was not there in the corner this thing would just be a giant ocean of golf blue truck yeah man it’s a bit disappointing i don’t know what do you guys think dude what do you guys think this was literally just leaked like this just happened let’s see what people are saying is that really it i hate to say it but i’m not liking the

Rear at all bumper didn’t didn’t look so boxy from the leaked pick see there was a leak pick um from the most pack i do like the front though wow so disappointing thanks for the picks is the car complete here no side badge fake hunt yada finally i’ve been waiting for this i’ve been waiting a long time i have to say my initial reaction is not good not good at all

That’s how i feel like i was waiting so long because i was ready to buy this car dude like no matter what i had to do even if i had to get rid of the gts like i really wanted to have the g87 m2 i saw a lot of the driving videos that people did and i was hyped dude big hyped on behind this car and today is completely the opposite and that’s that hasn’t happened to

Me a lot like most of the time i’m like well let’s give it a chance today i’m gonna move i like it the rear end looks like it was taken at an odd angle so i need to see it better i kind of agree with that i think that that’s why it looks so goofy to me it’s like higher up so makes the trunk look really big do you guys know do you see what i’m saying with that the

Lights and everything i fully expected that because of the m240 i already knew what those are going to look like i don’t love them i don’t hate them it’s like whatever but i was willing to deal with a lot of the design attributes that i didn’t love so much because of this car because it’s s58 because it’s the m2 because of how snappy we know this chassis is going

To be and like the driving reactions have been very good the interior is probably going to be baller as hell i was willing to deal with a certain amount of design aspect that i didn’t love but after seeing it today i don’t know dude is the front like atrocious to you guys this is my initial reaction you guys like i’m just giving it i literally just saw it that’s

Why i wanted to make this video because it’s fresh i haven’t had time to really take it in and this is just my initial reaction i feel like in black it would look good don’t you think in black everything would look actually really good i think the parts that i hate are because they are contrasting so much with the black and just the goofy lower grille and the top

Grills but i think in black this thing would actually look pretty hard sides interesting that there’s no vents or anything or side markers anymore i wonder if this is maybe not the final one but you would think that something would be there maybe not it’s kind of clean without it i don’t hate that i do like the lines they’re rather simplistic i think they look

Good this thing looks wide though and that i love i love the fact this thing’s gonna be wide but this back view dude what is up with this back view you guys got to help me man i don’t know i like it yeah does does beamer posts usually suspend a thread like this or will it be doing the front page bmw it’s on their on page so they’re promoting it i think the front

Looks much better than the renders the back looks a bit awkward could just be the angle color is what i expected from a spy shot yeah the color is cool i will say that golf blue is dope i just don’t think it works with the the grills and the lower uh fascia uh the front end looks better than expected the back end looks atrocious i don’t think the front end looks

Better than expected i was man i couldn’t snap a bad photo of my f80 that’s what i’m saying dude the f80s and the f-82s just look so good from every angle and i feel like they’re very proportionate and these new cars just look so unproportionate and i’ve warmed up the g80 i love the g80s you know what i would like to see the g87 and dravid the rabbits quickly

Become my favorite color from bmw it’s such a badass color dude oh it’s so good really had this car high on my list and the rear photo was deflating i am with you bro trey 100 i’m with you definitely going brooklyn gray i disagree a brooklyn gray is quickly become my least favorite bmw color i don’t know why maybe it’s just because i see it on every single bmw but

It’s a cool color it’s like naruto but i’ve kind of gotten over it to be honest with you i feel like the majority of the g8 cars that i see are brooklyn gray absolutely disgusting new being really desires sabotaging the brand pure automotive terrorism that is dramatic but i understand your sentiments never thought the m240 would look better than the m2 dude oh i

Kind of dude loki agree man i low-key agree i agree you need a simple darius but then at least it’s got a carbon fiber i’m telling you that is dope the fact that the g87 has a carbon by roof is sick really really happy that that made it into it uh i think the front looks good the back just looks off to me yeah see the wide arch is in the back they’re hard to see

In that photo with that angle and i feel like once we have better photos where we can see the rear quarters in the back it’s it’s going to be easier to to judge it um but i do agree looks like the m sport seats though too um let’s freaking hope not bro i really hope that we get the good seats like carbon buckets and stuff and options front bumper gives it less to

Find m65s i see that i can totally see that i see hate like i did for the g80 so how is nano’s opposite i i kind of had hopes for the g8 i was like no i’ll just give it some time we’ll see what people do to it and it turned out really good people are warming up to them some people just still hate them but um but the g87 man this this one’s gonna be tough for me to

Get over i’m not gonna go there’s like 12 pages on beamer post anyways you guys that is the leak um tell me what you guys think i’m i’m perplexed i don’t know what to say i want to see one in dravid gray or black dude i think in black it might look good the back is man the back is scaring me i’m hoping it’s just the angle i think it’s just a weird angle but the

Back has me nervous it looks weird the diffuser shape is really odd how it like goes out over here like angles out i don’t know you guys tell me what you think g87 m2 officially leaked golf blue kind of looks like it’s probably not the name of it but looks like a golf blue and uh yeah for your boy it would have to be black or like a darker color like dravid um

I do really i will say like i said before i love the width that’s going on here these this is going to be wide and we already know it this is going to be wide and stubby which is you know when it’s lower onto the ground it’s gonna look really good but yeah for me boys it’s gonna be black all day i’ll have to see it in person anyways guys tell me what you think

Drop those comments down below g87 m2 leaked are you in are you out should i trade in the gts i don’t know i don’t know see in the next one

Transcribed from video