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Whoa the genesis gv60 looks impressive hello oh hello nice to meet you how are you i’m great so i’ve heard that you’ll be taking a step by step to the gv60s infotainment system today i’m so excited can you briefly introduce yourself i’m paul i’m the head of the electronics tech unit i lead the entire group’s infotainment and electronic components

Development that of course includes today’s hero gv60 so we can say that you’re responsible for the interaction between the car’s brain and the driver i’m curious to know what this new car the gv60 means for genesis the gv60 is genesis first all-electric car in its dedicated platform ushering in a new era of electrification this model will be an

Icon of innovation in the way it changes the communication between the car and driver communication how so like this follow me did you open it with a smart key no i opened it with my face face how does it work the car recognizes your face to lock and unlock yes this is our new technology called face connect a near infrared camera is embedded in the

B-pillar allowing the gv60 to recognize the driver and help them inside just like facial recognition on a smartphone touch show your face unlock simple right wow then what if you close your eyes or make another facial expression not a problem it recognizes the outline of your face and features like your eyes ears nose and mouth does it also work in

Dark places like underground parking lots of course the infrared camera is designed to still recognize your face in dark places like dim parking lots or garages what happens if the owner uses the gv60 as a family car how many people can register for face connect face connect lets you register up to two people great it must be useful for people like me

Who are always losing their keys exactly there are a lot of times where you forget your keys but even in such situation i wanted to ensure that the driver could easily and safely use the car and if you use face connect to unlock the car it simultaneously adjusts the driver’s seat steering wheel position head-up display side mirrors and infotainment to

Your personalized settings personalized settings with just your face amazing we haven’t even gotten inside yet did shall we continue our conversation inside the car yes i’m excited can’t wait to see the interior the overall mood inside is very futuristic and this large display definitely stands out yes you’ll be even more surprised when i start the car

Really well i have to see it for myself could you start the car sure let’s use my finger finger no keys required yes all you have to do is put your finger on the sensor and step on the brake and press the start button it reads your fingerprint to adjust your personalized settings also lets you use genesis carpet when charging or parking and ballet mode

Too what a hassle free experience everything at the tip of your touch inside your seat exactly we always think about our driver’s convenience and what we could offer for the better what a thoughtful touch and this display it seems like a quite sensational innovation yes this is our ccic infotainment system apply for the first time to the gv60 sure for

The connected car integrated cockpit the navigation and cluster are connected in a panoramic display making it easy to see everything at a glance and it’s not just a screen we’ve also integrated the system together to maximize the content synchronization between the two displays it’s visually mind-blowing but what do you mean by synchronization simply

Put it means that information previously provided only in the navigation display is now available in cluster and head-up display too see for example here on the cluster we can see a map in the middle showing us directly where we are we can also adjust this display setting to ar navigation or adas view depending on the preference of the driver i never

Imagined that cluster could transform to serve such convenience there’s more when you flip the optical switch on the right side of the steering wheel you can see variety of information related to driving on the right side of the cluster this will allow you to not only get optimal real-time driving information but also access useful information such as

Phone calls media weather or sports games how about the head-up display that too provides diverse navigation contents like the cluster information of incoming calls media voice recognition and more the focus of ccic is all about providing comfort and usability giving sensational driving experience to our drivers it sure is the next generation infotainment

System now i’d like to ask you more about the graphic ui looking at the screen it seems a bit different from other genesis models actually not just a bit it’s completely different right great observation our copper design was first seen on the gv80 and gained recognition worldwide through the iaf design and red dot awards the copper design you see here

Is the result of careful deliberation on how to reflect the timeless value of genesis oh i see you really do get the futuristic and dynamic feeling of an eevee with this luxurious yet balanced color but i think the white theme might interfere with the view on night drives is it possible to set it darker of course you can set it to automatically change

From white to black at sunset or go into the settings and set it to black theme based on your personal preference i can feel how much you care about the customer and their personal preferences right yeah oh i have something fun to show you what is it when you’re driving do you ever have trouble setting up some of the features yeah i do there seems to

Be a lot of great stuff but sometimes i’m never sure where to find them like i’m lost look here with this 3d animation of the car instead of going from menu to menu you can intuitively adjust each setting super easy right wow is this 3d vr it does look very intuitive sure is the more we develop the infotainment system the more features there are which

Can easily overwhelm the user this is how we address that concern it looks so simple this is definitely essential for drivers let’s try changing the color of our ambient light what’s your favorite color um can you do red here’s fred whoa that’s nice very easy and time saving let’s continue our conversation on the road okay open all windows whoa

Impressive thank you our voice commands allow you to control your vehicle with just your voice such a useful feature especially while you’re focused on your drive yes that’s right close all windows another real smart feature is the navigation we wanted to make a navigation that our drivers can really trust and rely on it wasn’t easy to find optimal

Routes on unconnected cars but now all genesis models including the gv60 will provide best routes based on real-time traffic data received from countless number of cars and it will only get better from here it’s amazing to see big data being used for finding best routes i’m curious though since connected car services continue to evolve wouldn’t it be

Hard for the owner to manage it do they have to go to a service center to update the system that’s not a problem with over-the-air software updates the car automatically stays up to date with the latest maps and software and starting with the gv60 the car’s control system will also update this way over-the-air software updates it’s not just convenient

You really don’t need to worry about a thing when with gv60 you must test the sound system in gv60 actually i noticed the bang olufsen logo here as soon as i got in the car play a good driving song genesis and bang olufsen are they the perfect pair luxurious and beautiful delicate yet powerful two technologically advanced brands working together in

Harmony you can set the mood by tapping bang olufsen’s dedicated interface like this can you feel the difference definitely i can feel the difference is it because of the new sound system it sounds very clear and there’s no noise even where we’re driving oh that’s the ancr the noise cancelling technology unique to genesis the system reduces the level

Of road noise by creating sound at opposite face with microphones inside the car allowing you to enjoy a more refined vivid sound i assume you enjoy driving yes i’m always happy to drive down a great road like this and it also helps me get inspired with new ideas don’t people usually drive to clear their mind anyway the weather and music is perfect for

Drive out like today oh do i have something to show you whenever you’re in the mood just press the boost mode button here to experience the full fun of dynamic driving can you feel that power and torque what an amazing performance it looks like when you select boost mode the cluster changes as well did you do this intentionally of course we added the

Screen so you could also feel the fun of driving performance visually how about one more round of boost phone let’s go now shall we head back sure wait you didn’t plug in the charger you can charge the car wirelessly that’s right you can easily charge the gv60 with this wireless charging system i thought for sure that you would have to get out of the

Car and plug it in the gv60 really has endless possibilities you really made me want to go on a ride with gv60 would you like to drive yourself now i’ll show you something else that’s cool there’s more let me share the new digital key2 with you all right okay done with this iphone or apple watch you can now lock and unlock the car just by touching the

Door handle no tagging of the phone necessary at all really i may as well go ahead and try it for myself go ahead give it a try wow today is full of surprises life without actual car keys is not possible right this is another one of the gv60 strong suits considering all the various situations you may come across on a day-to-day basis from the moment we

Opened the door the gv60 never ceased to amaze me thank you for being here with me today to wrap it up is there anything else you’d like to say i hope that each technology will be a new experience of great value for you from the moment you step into the car we can’t wait for you to see how these technologies can inspire you and your everyday life thank

You for taking the time today to introduce us to the gv60 the car that truly communicates with drivers my pleasure now go enjoy your drive with the gv16 you

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The Genesis GV60 Walkthrough | GENESIS By Victoria Genesis