The GMC Hummer EV SUV vs The Rivian R1S

The GMC Hummer EV SUV vs The Rivian R1S

Hey guys welcome back here today we’re going to compare the gmc hummer e v suv to the reveal r1s so we’re going to talk about the pricing specs everything so um we’re gonna look at the first editions not these or we might as well just look at all so the gnc hummer ed edition one costs a thousand five uh 105 595. this costs the starting the launch edition that’s

Fully uh you know sold out cost 75 grand so we’re going to do usd 2inr okay guys look at the time it’s 1702 and it is 17-0 whatever so it was it was like for 17.1 to like wow i had this on the recording as i’m saying so uh that is dead then we’re gonna hear you guys another message so um that was just a message this has difference which does not

Make a difference i normally okay so um yeah so this is about uh 229 miles i would say let’s just see yeah let’s go back and it is moving is doing a lot of time 300 miles range plus so this has a definite 260 miles this is still in the mates for like uh 300 cross miles so let’s just take it as 305 306 miles so for like i think that’ll have like more range

Then i think i don’t want like you know okay so let’s just say that pretty much uh whatever it means to you r1s is ready if you want like a seven seater good sleek looking not that pop up popping um suv this is your partner if you want to look like you know a guy who’s from the future who’s on the moon this is your talk this this one the uh suv version

Of the harmony v which is the harmony video so this also has uh self-driving capabilities so it goes 0-60 in six point three point three seconds that goes in three three point five seconds or 0.5 difference the towing capacity of this is 7700 pounds this is okay i’m gonna deserve one that’s thousand five thousand country talk this has lowers uh this has the

Bose audio system that has a married trillion mediterranean pretty something like that it’s called uh so and uh hold on guys i’m looking for the okay so we want to see the turning capacity of this suv is if you’re looking for you know towing capacity and all okay so it is pretty much the same it’s on the quad motor this has uh three motors this is better

For power train then if you want to take it off road i would recommend this if you’re like a full-on camping guy it looks like a family suv but it is a pretty like you know campy side camera this looks really nice this another phone is designed this tablet it has vegan leather this is a man-made leather i will make the videos utility this is how the inside will

Look like wow and then you have this so this is like looks like a puzzle like where you can you know do that so because i have it has 12 ultrasonic so um yeah that’s it for today so hope you guys enjoyed so overall if you’re looking for like um is that video has 300 freaking views then comes the then comes the rainfast free f9 versus with 280 views

That’s 280 freaking views then review the win faster on good fast website has 268 views that’s insane then there is the that’s a shot that got 156 views in seven one month so this is when this is freaking insane by the amount of response that i’ve got an electric vehicle so yeah that

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