The Hidden Easter Eggs Youll Find in the New Porsche Taycan All-Electric Base


Isn’t it so weird being so quiet this is cool wow all right all right break mark this is a little getting used to oh wait it’s probably a police magnet though it could be so little cool things we touch base a little bit about the outside of the design the back of the vehicle is kind of where all the really cool little hidden so you didn’t show me where the

Truck is so if you look see the porsche the color other things this actually is um did you see that the color matches it looks like glass blue glass so this actually will deploy at highway speed so it’s got a little wing that pops up and then trying to figure out how to get in the trunk here you have to have the key god all these questions i think you can get

It without the key you can’t cheat here’s the key what do you mean you get in the trunk you want me to get in the trunk not physically what are you talking about cheated what is it supposed to do is it this button right here so yes for the back we’re gonna do it the other way so you can see there’s more way than one okay okay nice sorry i did get my sunglass

It’s a little hot in here and then same thing tap that button to close cool and at night we’ll get some really cool night shots for it with this and thai yeah i want to see that like it’s so beautiful at night okay all right assuming this one has a frunk it does have a front now i want you to try something do me a favor and lock it lock the car lock the car

Okay okay it is locked and you know it’s locked because it beeped twice and the door handles are now flush okay yeah see if we can get this to work this is a trick i hate these tricks what did you do i turned around for a second okay i have the key yeah in my hand yeah i’m not touching the key to do anything with it yeah get out wow that is can you fit a

Yoga mat in there yeah or any hidden shopping bags yes i can i can i can fit a number in there it goes pretty deep actually you can fit a nice size shopping cart so just like we talked about in the tesla video washer fluid and this one does have for the brake reservoir you’re never going to have to worry about the brakes yeah you’re never doing that but wash

Your fluid again depends on how many times you use it okay but this in regards to any fluid including oil including gas is the only float you have to worry about in this vehicle the washer fluid that’s it okay cool very cool i want to try the hand thing give me this okay if you get on the first try it took me it took me it’s still a little finicky i maybe i

Haven’t perfected it yet really first try okay i give it i’ll give it up to you okay let’s go i’m ready are you propping at the mouth to drive yeah yeah all right are you gonna you’re gonna tell me some more stuff no let’s get her on the road you don’t even know the car’s on them yeah it’s so weird like is it on is it it’s it here we go 45 miles no i’m just

Kidding oh so as you’re completely now aware the car is much wider than what you’re used to really yep um and what you’re feeling unfortunately the brake is a little different it’s a byproduct of the aftermarket wheels that are on this vehicle so you hear it a little bit you feel a little bit being a little bit different yeah are you sure you don’t get a break

Or something no you’re good it’s completely off but once you get up to speed it’ll roll itself away see how it goes away yeah it’s just because the wheel is much larger diameter smooth whoa you can tell my foot is not even on the gas nope it’s like it’s just it’s not a gas it’s like an on or off it’s driving itself basically

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The Hidden Easter Eggs You'll Find in the New Porsche Taycan All-Electric Base By Blue Gorilla Digital