The HIDDEN Tesla stock advantage

Tesla stock is unique. In this video I explain one hidden Tesla stock advantage that is not talked much about. It has something to do with innovation and Tesla stock not being penalized when Elon Musk does certain things – watch the video to find out more.

Here’s the hidden unspoken tesla stock advantage but i don’t see it talked about almost at all very very rarely and it comes to this think about apple and think if tim cook came out on stage and said from today on the most important product that apple will work on will be apples we will grow apples we will focus all of companies resources to this most important

Most delicious and best apples in the whole world and we will bet the whole company on it think about it if that happened the backlash would be absolutely insane it would not be good for the stock price on the contrast elon musk comes out and says that he’s betting the whole company on full self-driving and everyone says good retail investors they buy tesla stock

Because they believe in full self-driving when elon musk comes out and buys solarcity everyone also when it comes to retail investors they love it and now even more mainstream analysts are more on board than that if you saw the previous video more analysts now more than 50 of analysts on wall street say to buy tesla stock and not just wall street just tesla stock

Analysts many of us did not see that one coming and of course now earlier this year in the beginning of this year elon musk said on the earnings call that tesla bot is going to be is actually the most important product that tesla is working on right now that is a big deal there’s no other company that can really make such a big transition i mean how think about

This how ridiculous would it be for example a ceo of toyota to come out and say i am betting the whole company on electrification can you believe that the ceo of toyota still says that he is not betting the company on electrification because he wants to be quote unquote different i know what you’re saying you’re saying there’s no way that is true but check this out

Mrs cnbc article uh just came out a few days ago and it says despite criticism toyota ceo last week doubled down on his strategy to continue investing in a range of electrified vehicles instead of going all in on electric cars and trucks fiona believes adoption of evs will be slower than many think and that gas banning regulations will be difficult to accomplish

For me playing to then also means doing things differently if it says what i meant ding thinks that others make question but that we believe will put us in the thinner circle the longest interestingly the dealer meeting in las vegas was titled playing to then oh boy at toyota we like to keep our head down and not talk about our success well actually that’s very

Good because in the future but success is not looking very bright for toyota so our companies really struggled with any kind of major transition or major innovation even companies that should be number one such as toyota i mean they were working on prius in early 2000s you would think they would be one of the first ones to work on electrifying the industry or gm

That literally got rid of their evs decades ago this sounds a lot like kodak that invented digital photography and they kept that away and then went bankrupt that sounds a lot like that but the tesla it’s very different because elon musk can keep coming up with new products new ideas basically new startups within the company without actually getting penalized

For that any other company like my hilarious example of apple growing apples if they make this crazy major transition that doesn’t seem to really be obviously very clearly connected and easily understood on a level that it would be understood even by tesla stock shorts um such company says apple we cannot make those crazy transitions but and if they did the

Stock would be penalized but elon musk can house startups within tesla without being penalized now the stock is down this week but it’s not because of ai day i believe it’s because of deliveries and many people now think that there is a problem with delivery such as for example chicken gina singapore released this video saying that the demand is softening that

There’s a demand issue and for tesla if there is an actual demand issue that would be disastrous so i think that’s why the stock is down because they think there’s a demand issue i really don’t believe that i just made a video 11 reasons why there is no demand problem for tesla you can watch it if you haven’t yet it’s a good video then we look at s p 500 and how

Long companies stay in s p 500 when we compare that today compared to how long companies would stay in the index you know 50 years ago or just a few decades ago it’s shrinking the time is less and less and less and less and less so the real tesla stock advantage that i see is why would you want to own s p 500 when you know a lot of those companies will be getting

Out of there because they just fail well then you can own tesla that does not get penalized when they do a startup within the company and they can pull it off successfully over and over and over and over and over again and that is i believe the real hidden tesla stock advantage is that tesla can pivot over and over and over and over and over again think about just

This alone the cyber truck imagine if any other car company that is already established came out with that and they said we’re gonna bet a big portion of our company on this product what reaction do you think it would help to the stock it would be a blood back i think they would call what is going on with the ceo did she lose his mind or her we’re getting out

Of a stock not so much with tesla so elon musk has a lot of room for innovation and doing new things that other companies just simply do not because when they do that they get penalized and also elon musk build tesla the the culture of innovation and if someone is not innovating basically eventually they get fired and that’s how he gets a lot of innovation so he

Incentivizes innovation and he makes sure that there is huge penalties for failing to innovate um but not so so much of a penalty if you try to innovate and you fail and this is the reality of what you need to do to keep growing fast see how to completely reinvent yourself or your company it was one thing for me to go you know from zero to a million in net worth

And then a completely different thing to go from a million to 10 i had to completely reinvent myself basically now there are many other reasons to own tesla stock this is just one that i don’t see talked much about there are 48 reasons that i made a video about why i only own tesla stock in my stock portfolio that’s the only stock it’s right here watch this right

Now my name is matt posius and i’ll see you there thank you so much for watching

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The HIDDEN Tesla stock advantage By Matt Pocius on Tesla Stock \u0026 Money